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Friday night oldies at Kilroy’s ;)

Would Markell and DE DOE REALLY pull a power-play and take-over Christina School District ?

The full withdraw of Christina school district from Race to The Top puts Delaware Governor Jack Markell behind the eight-ball.

CSD Super pretty much tactfully told Governor Markell to kiss his ass! Keep am eye-out for some political jockeying with Markell and Muphy  threatening a state takeover of Christina School District. I’d go ahead and shove CSD up their ass! 

Why not up the bar on being school and district union leaders re: teacher prep legisaltion

Toughened teacher preparation standards in Delaware win final approval Written by Nichole Dobo and Jonathan Starkey The News Journal May 16, 2013 11:26 PM

Delaware lawmakers gave final approval Thursday to a measure that aims to strengthen teacher preparation standards at the state’s colleges and universities, a proposal that was central to Gov. Jack Markell’s legislative agenda.

The changes, proposed in Markell’s State of the State address in January, passed 37-2 in the House. It passed the Senate earlier this month and now heads to Markell’s desk for his signature.

Looks like two state Senators are doing more work for teacher’s rights than than teachers union representatives.

Amendments failed Thursday to nix the GPA requirement and data reporting elements of the bill. Rep. John Kowalko, a Newark Democrat, said the bill represented the “height of legislative intrusion where we don’t belong. It prematurely eliminates students from entering into their chosen career path by legislating away their choices and options,” Kowalko said.

Rep. Paul Baumbach, also a Newark Democrat, said the bill placed undue burden on the state Department of Education by requiring the agency to oversee data on grads.

Wild man Kowalko! He puts it on the line for labor and labor sits on the sideline with their heads up their asses! 

The new regulations would not apply to colleges outside of Delaware, and those graduates remain eligible to work in the state if they pass certification exams. However, the largest supplier of teachers in Delaware are in-state colleges and universities, federal and state reports show.

So if you’re coming from within Delaware it’s one set of standards and from outside Delaware it’s another! In the end it comes down to the certification exams! Common Core Standard across state-lines for curriculum but not for teacher preparation!

What real cracks me up is these local school level union leaders who cry and whine about the unfairness of this legislation effecting Component 5 call it bad legislation! God forbid they criticize Governor Markell! That’s some kind of union no-no unless the mother-ship sends a signal! I guess there is a little Judas in all union leaders.

This legislation is flawed and misguided. Yet union leaders don’t want to risk being unliked by Jack Markell and his shadow-puppet Matt Denn. Rodel calls these two men of courage so what do that make those who can’t call it like they see it?

I’ll put money on the U of D growing stronger alliances with the few highly successful charter schools like Newark Charter in order to secure teaching positions for those graduating from the U of D teaching program. Remember when teacher get rated so do “in-state” universities and colleges! So what about Phoenix U the poor man’s college? What about Wilmington’s high poverty struggling Title 1 schools? Why teach at a school with such great challenges? OMG! Shit!  Teach for America won’t be rated under this plan as they are out of state teacher prep program! Tactful move Jack, I’ll hand you that. Baby Hoffa was too busy making smoothies to see that one coming.  

Way to go local union leaders! I guess we’ll start an anal, I mean annual Judas Banquet.