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Matt Denn likes playing the shell game with transparency #NetDe #edude

CSD’s Freedman tells DE DOE to tactfully kiss his ASS

Word has it Sec of Ed Markell Murphy is flipping tables at DE DOE! Word from an out-going DOE staff is CSD Super Freedman sent Murphy a letter withdrawing CSD for a hearing over the RTTT bullshit / teacher bonuses! Freedman is a wise man because, the cards are staked with a DE DOE review committee! Why waste legal fees and loss administrative productivity time =$$$ on a no-win bullshit process with a predetermined  outcome? So CSD says FU to the forth and final grant funding for Race to The Top aka the Wall Street ponzi scheme!

HB 23 must immediately be heard by the full House

Mind of Mr. Matthews

The blog post title says it all.

The facts as we know them:

  • HB 23 would mandate that all District school board meetings (both public and charter) would have to be recorded and posted on the District and/or school websites.
  • HB 23 was heard and voted out of committee on March 27.
  • It has yet to be scheduled for a floor vote by House leadership

What is going on here? This is a good government bill. Why are some factions against this bill? Kilroy and John Young have done a great job dissecting the opposition to this bill, even going so far as to highlight the reasonably cheap audio recording systems that could be purchased by districts/charters to implement this law.

Why is this bill being held up, Speaker Schwartzkopf?

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Reach Academy for Girls is off probation

Today we have good news! Reach Academy for Girls is finally off of probation!

It’s been a long two-years since Kilroy’s Delaware, Transparent Christina, Children, Educators First and some Pandora. Who all rallied to save Reach from closure!

Congratulations Reach! Now set the bar for other charters and be the first to record public sessions of school board meetings!

Student profiling I mean data tracking coming to Delaware

EdInsight Presentation – pdf version

This is the information that will be shared with the Smarter Balances Assessment consortium through out the United States and vendors.

Is it time to close Moyer or do we play the Pencader game?

New Maurice J. Moyer Academy Update on Deliverables May 16, 2013

Another Delaware Race to The Top DE DOE officials bails


Sara Kerr, Chief Performance Officer,  Delivery Unit, Race to the Top, resigning effective June 30, 2013.

State Board of Education member Hefferman knees superglued to the floor

Reading is essential to success in classroom by Pat Heffernan is a member of the Delaware State Board of Education; News Journal Delaware Voice

Reading is absolutely essential for success in school and in life, setting the foundation for access to and mastery of most other subject areas. Yet, according to the National Assessment on Educational Progress, only about 13 of Delaware students are proficient in reading. Why is this and what can be done about it?

Stop kissing Jack Markell’s ass Pat! All that Race to The Top money and we have high needs schools taking the class size cap waviers! Why waste money on teaching elementary children Chinese when we know less than 1% will go into the so called global economy and use it! And even it was 10% it’s still a waste of valuable resources! What can be done, I think John Young explains it all ,@DESTATEBOARDED MEMBER, PAT HEFFERNAN, WRITES LAZY AND DISINGENUOUS PIECE IN NEWS JOURNAL RE: SB51 #NETDE

One clear opportunity for improvement is to raise the bar on the quality and intensity of reading instruction in our Delaware classrooms. Through rigorous scientific research on brain activity, we know with certainty what are best practices for reading instruction and yet our teacher preparation programs are not required to teach these practices nor are exiting new teachers required to demonstrate mastery of these practices. This must change

You’re full of shit Pat! You don’t know Johnny can’t read! Brain activity OMG! I am not going any further here! Talk about disconnect! Pat you’re just looking for words to fill a blank page!

Educational research has found new ways to save young minds by helping them to become proficient readers; it is up to us to promote these new methods throughout the education system. Young lives depend on it. And so does the survival of public education.

Let’s go back to the old ways where teachers teach reading and give students books and reading assignments to take home with the expectation parents will support and reinforce the teacher’s work. Yes there are parent who can’t read themselves! Identify such needs and add intervention! However, Title 1 has been raided taking away from adding “reading specialist” and feed bullshit programs like Teach for America whom none are “reading specialist”. We need to develop programs that address reading needs by increasing “reading” time with students during the day.

The urgent task before us is for university faculty and the teaching community to work together to develop programs that can help assure that all teachers of reading have access to this knowledge.”

Code word for another task force !

In his State of the State address, Gov. Markell outlined proposals to further improve education in Delaware.

His state? Makes it sound so possessive as in like not the people’s state! 

This week, Senate Bill 51 introduced two important steps toward that goal: strengthening teacher preparation programs at our colleges and universities as well as more rigorous exit examinations

Well there you have it! Pat put this paragraph half way through his rants! This article is all about pushing Senate Bill 51! Hey Pat thanks for the support on H.B. #23! 

Pat explain to the class how you let DE DOE and Coach Murphy roll the state board under the bus re: Pencader! Children suffer when board looks the other way! Board suffer when members drop to their needs to service political agendas.

@DEStateBoardED member, Pat Heffernan, writes lazy and disingenuous piece in News Journal re: SB51 #netDE