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Kilroy did have seat at the table but refused to drink the Kool-aid laced with piss

kilroymettsLong ago Kirloy did have a seat at the table and played nice. However, Kilroy refused to drink the Kool-Aid laced with piss! The systems wants parents to be puppets and look the other way when wrongheaded education agendas are being pushed, This photo is from 1999 one-year into DSTP!  You’re an unsung hero if you kiss ass and if you go across the grain your either misguided or an obstructionist. Transparency has always be the forefront of my mission. The recent events with H.B. #23 is a minor setback! But we’ll forge ahead and expose those who aren’t sincere about transparency.

Kilroy’s Delaware has some house cleaning to do like cleaning up Kilroy’s Blogroll. Some blogs are near dead or aren’t active enough to warrant being on the blogroll.

It’s been an interesting school year with teachers union crying about teacher evaluation process which has merit! However, they continue to refuse to put blame on Jack Markell and Matt Denn. But on the otherhand, the Delaware Republicans hasn’t been any comfort as they are in bed with Jack Markell and Race to The Top. If ever a time we needed a viable third-party now is the time. But Delawareans like the safety of a two-party system! The far right Delaware Republicans blow their horns about the overreach of government but when it comes to education they follow the directions coming from the love affair Pete and Jack have! Also, this year we’re seeing some movement on the Cesar Rodney gang. They’ve become more vocal about education reform concerns. They know the RTTT house of cards are about to fall, Markell has left the Delaware economy on autopilot while he plays education czar! Matt Denn is hang on the front bumper of the Markell wrong-way express! Don

Don’t worry Matt the teachers union will support you! I don’t blame them because the Delaware Republican Party has no one in the bullpen worthy or sharp enough! Delaware school children just will stay in the political crossfire and remain widgets in the Wall Street Ponzi scheme.

Someday perhaps this year I’ll find the courage to tell amazing story of Johnny can’t read. It’s a very very painful story to tell and needed the backdrop of some success.

Kilroy’s Delaware can be informative, twisted, entertaining and downright pitifully. I don’t see this as a game but rather a raw soapbox or virtual kitchen table where people can come together and let it out! I picked education with a twist of politics for a reason.

Kilroy’s Delaware has well over a million visits and over 4500 posts. Not the biggest game in town but consistent I hope! Though my grammar sucks to the max, I enjoy writing. I just hope before I get too odd a keel-over I’ll write that amazing story! I am a classic visual thinker and cursed being left-handed. And if you ever want to see something totally crazy come watch me bowl (haven’t been bowling in years) where I can bowl right-handed and left-handed and pretty much have the same score for each hand! My mother was pregnant when I was two and had a miscarriage ( yea yea I know Publius why couldn’t it of been me). I told my mother over the years I remember her asking me if I wanted and baby brother or sister! She told me that was impossible and I’d show her the exact spot in her house where we were standing as she reached down and took my hand to ask the question.  I honestly hope I can find that courage to tell the amazing story!

For the most part I hate blogging but watching the tracking software readouts I do have enough followers to continue.

From the Kilroy hippie archives; enjoy fellow old people :)

 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida = In the Garden of Eden ( I am sure this was a favorite of Mae West’s) Hey Publius, play this after a few Maker’s and coke!


Update 05/15/2013 7;00 p.m., HB#23 not on the House Agenda for tomorrow!  


Tomorrow is the last day before JFC Budget Markup Session. So if H.B. #23 isn’t on the House Agenda the bill and is pretty much DOA or rather a tactful Delaware House Speaker Desk Drawer Veto, He’ll release it at a point he knows it won’t have time to it make trough the senate education committee and senate vote.

JFC Budget Markup Session runs from May 21, 2013 to May 30 2013. That will leave 20 days of legislative session for this session. 

LT. Governor Matt Denn hid in the corner like a coward! Says he is all for better parental engagement but I guess that means baking cookies and doing fundraisers providing children and teachers some extras the Markell / Denn administration cut out of funding to support the Wall Street ponzi scheme!

Thanks Matt! Start saving $$$$ because we don’t forget who failed to stand by us and transparency! Other D’s and R’s are on the no return to office list also!  

Retired Colonial teacher plays the “cup of coffee a day”

The case for Colonial’s June 4 referendum; News Journal Letters to The Editor

I urge you to vote yes to the June 4 referendum, and ask that you encourage others to do the same. Remember that the average increase in taxes will be less than $5 per week. Surely the education of our students is worth as much as a pack of cigarettes, daily coffee and doughnut, or other minor luxury we enjoy

Kathy Tidball

New Castle

I love it’s “just a cup off coffee a day” line! And now someone throws in the donuts! Clueless retire teacher doesn’t understand the hardship many face due to losing their jobs and paying more for healthcare while others are tended to on state pensions with healthcare at a cost more affordable than what Obamacare will cost!  What about the impact a school tax increase will have on local businesses? Like they don’t pass the cost on? What about the Markell’s state budget cuts and redirected funding to local schools? Like they aren’t foced to cut back hours for employees or reduce their workforce to stay competitive?  Kathy, you’re just telling taxpayers to bend over and take it up the ass! And I guess your next letter will be local taxpayers must support funding Race to The Top with local money. Let’s make state employees and retirees pay more for their healthcare! God forbid the students will suffer!  

Colonial taxpayers, VOTE NO! We need to send a message to Governor Markell enough is enough! VOTE NO!