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Your guess is as good as mine re: how many votes will be cast in Red Clay school board races

Not looking for projection of winners but rather number of votes cast in Red Clay school board elections. There are two board seats up for election, nominating districts A & D.  

My prediction for A (Bohom vs Tracy) is a total combined votes of 1172 votes cast and for D (Walters vs Woods) a total of 1132 votes cast. 

So what’s your guess? Hey Publius if you win I’ll see if Pandora is willing to give you a spanking! 

All guesses must be made by midnight tonight and remember get out and vote for real tomorrow! Good luck to all the candidates and no matter who wins we all must move forward and do our best working the winners!

DE DOE needs to investigate questionable board campaign E-mails to school E-mails

UPDATE 9:30 p.m. I’ve been in communication with Mr. Mullin and he explained he went to the school’s site copy names from the staff directory and just added @christina.k12.de.us.. He did not sent E-mail from a state server but surely E-mail were routed through the server to get to destination. The E-mail / Electronic policy of the state / CSD applies to school / state employees. Mr. Mullin isn’t in violation of policies because he is not a state employee or school employee. However, if elected sure, the rule would apply to him as a user. BUT now  the question is, if the receiver of the E-mails prints or forwards his E-mail they may be in violation of the usage rule. I cannot post Mr. Mullin’s actual E-mail to me because of one on one confidential rules here and it wasn’t sent in public form. I’ve ask his permission to post if he wants. But he wanted to clarify. Thank you Mr. Mullin.  

It’s been brought to my attention that a board candidate in the Christina School District is sending out campaign material / Flyers to bulk E-mails to Christina school staff via staff’s state E-mail accounts!

Red Clay union member and parents calls-out Red Clay on de facto segregation #netDE #edude @dedeptofed @destateboarded @ed_in_de @governormarkell @cornelwest @tavissmiley @ariannahuff @princetonmag @billmaher @barackobama @HockessinNews @wdel @MayorDPWilliams @TheRevAl @RevJJackson @washingtonpost @AP @Oprah

Update: This blog post has be sent out to over 35 million potential viewers. The world needs to see Delaware and how Governor Markell and Lt. Denn are obstructionist to feedom of transparency Re: H.B.#23  Our Delaware public schools fail because Delaware’s government refuses to open the door tor transparency and  stifles the voices of the people! 

Many times Kilroy has posted concerns regarding segregation and de facto segregation within Red Clay school district. Many visitors engaged in those conversation and unknowing to many a U of D  professor and his class of grad students were following those posts. John Young and I were invited to the U of D to engage these grad students. John Young was very articulate as always and Kilroy was raw and blunt as always! My family has been in Red Clay over 100 years and were know the snakes who wear suits.

I want you all to hear this amazing audio recording of Red Clay February 15, 2012 board meeting where Red Clay union representative (not speaking for the union) Mike Matthews grilled Red Clay on segregation and school board candidate Adriana Bohm rips the district a new ass on the same subject. All were public comment in regards to building a the new school on Graves Road designed to serve a high populated WHITE community. This is the link to the recording,  Slide the meter bar to 95 minutes. Well one we can hope for, if Adriana Bohm is elected she’ll demand preferential Choice for city minorities to attend the Graves Road school once completed. I support Red Clay addressing the lack of Red Clay traditional middle school and high schools in the city of Wilmington and give city kids “preferential” choice to all Red Clay suburban schools. This plan would expand neighborhood schools K-12 in the city of Wilmington and with the Choice preference defuse the de facto segregation of Wilmington.

I wanted to make this post to be fair in that it appears I painted Mr. Cooper as the candidate with the most civil rights grit! Adriana Bohm has that fire and grit and if she is elected she’ll help end the WHITE POWER mentality of RED CLAY. Red Clay is a school community black, white, brown and all shades in-between so the folks of Pike Creek and Hockessin best get use to the new day is coming and stop crying your child might get bused to a Red Clay school in Wilmington. Red Clay Superintendent Merv is proud of his successful Wilmington schools and surely he sees no loss in quality of education if a suburban students were to attend a city school. Merv has failed to address the de facto segregation concerns and now their is a chance of having a school board member with the backing of the NAACP to once and for all get it right and delivery on the promise of equatable education for all children via a diverse community. 

Delaware is not the old south and it’s time to erase the racial dividing-line the sleeps below the surface of our community! The leftover southern style racist had their way with the charter school law and neighborhood school plans protecting the status quo. Pike Creek, Hockessin, Greenville and Centerville best get use to a new day coming! I hope if Adriana Bohm is elected that she also put Red Clay chartered schools in check and prevent anymore charter schools in Red Clay that has the Rebel Flag woven in the American Flag. The shit needs to end.

As for Bohm other opponent Bryan Tracy I did have communication with him on these issues and he is all for Red Clay starting dialogue with Wilmington Delaware community leaders and elected officials via an ongoing working group. He is the STEM guy spreading STEM throughout Red Clay and mentors students through presentation and internship through his corporation. I told him STEM should be part of every school even Warner and other struggling schools. Bryan Tracy indicates he knows the pressing social issues and feels a real partnership with Wilmington civil and elected officials will shape a framework of understanding. So sure, I agree with this concept. Kilroy is very impatient and all for going at their throats to address these concerns but one thing for sure somebody needs to take real steps forward as when it comes to racial related concerns Merv lack fortitude to move the ball forward. That’s why we need board members willing to think from outside the box and take real steps forward.  

For Kilroy it doesn’t matter which board candidate that wins because Kilroy will keep the conversation going until it’s resolved.

Hey Matthews, Hick Anderson would of been proud of you standing up for social justice and to the white Red Clay agenda! 

As for that attached recording, it signifies what I am talking about. It give parents and community added voice and reach! Perhaps Matt Denn supports blocking H.B.# 23 to contain the voice of the people and protect the status quo. Denn appears to be one of the obstructionist to real social changed that is needed in education. God forbid a decent man being governor! So Matt rather than risk losing he takes the Markell’s obstructionist track. Go ahead and kiss the Speaker of The House’s ass Matt! Deny transparency of out public schools and deny our real voices that come month and month to school board meetings only to be a vague notation in school board minutes. Shame on YOU!