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Did Rodel piss in Lizzy’s Cornflakes ?

Seriously, Rodel jabbs at board members who are exiting formal board service. Really? by blog Children and Educators First

Yep, Rodel’s Melissa Hopkins takes aim at school board members who are not seeking another term this election cycle – apparently 12 of 25 current board members are not seeking to return to their boards – myself included – and through Melissa’s eyes that means that we are no longer invested in our districts and communities.

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I hate when Politicians put their flag in innovations started by others re: Matt Denn

Card program keeps parents involved Camden school cited by Denn for ‘Frequent Flyer’ project Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal May 11, 2013 10:20 PM

Allen Frear Elementary School in Camden is winning acclaim for finding a new way of getting parents involved that might be familiar to anyone who’s ever kept a customer appreciation card in their purse or wallet.

This year the school has been handing out “Frear Frequent Flyer Cards” to parents, giving them stamps every time a parent gets involved at the school.

Parents can earn a stamp for everything from volunteering as an assistant to eating lunch with their kid to coming to parent-teacher conferences.

Hats of to Allen Frear Elementary School for thinking outside the box to engage parents.

What I don’t like about the article is all the reference to Lt. Governor Matt Denn. My concern is somewhere between nice guy and politician Matt Denn will twist this program that he had zero to do with into a political feather in his hat.

It’s so ironic that Matt Denn puts on his let’s get parents engage hat with this program but is taking part in blocking H.B.#23 that is a game changer for school board / district communications to the public.

Government knows as transparency increase the citizens sees politicians for what they really are. But that isn’t the goal of H.B.#23. H.B.#23 allows more people to attend school board meetings via recordings of public session of school board meetings placed online with days after the meeting. Parents and community can be better informed and weigh-in on pending board actions. Parents and community can listen to district presentations to the board on things like financial reports, school choice, referendums, school safety and other important issues. Why would Matt Denn not rise to the occasion to support H.B. #23? Denn was elected independently of Gov Markell and Markell doesn’t own him. The charter schools are pushing back on this legislation and behind them is big $$$$$ campaign giving people. 

What’s standing between the truth about public education and parents is “government” and shame on Matt Denn. 


News Journal screws up again with wrong polling information re: school board election

Rally others to vote for school board members May 11, 2013 6:36 PM Opinion 

Our View News Journal

If you find yourself voting alone at the polls this week, consider how you can change that circumstance the next time. Actually it’s not too late to invite others to join you. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Per the New Castle County Department of Elections, the polls are open from 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m..  So if you follow the News Journal poll information may of you will be alone at the polls cussing the News Journal.

Add it to your list Kavips