Students in the mist

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Oh Lord:

In addition, the district transported its school staff through the feeder neighborhoods of the students so that the staff can witness the diverse lives and experiences of our children and families outside of school. (from Red Clay RTTT success plan)

Did this really happen?

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6 responses to “Students in the mist

  1. kilroysdelaware

    So they gave teachers a Great Adventure ride through the hood. What next 5-0 escorts to home visits? Perhaps there should be an outreach team going to community centers or civil leaders homes with in the communities. Go break some bread! Did the stop at Robinson Lane or Alban Park to explain why they bus their children to Stanton, A.I, Middle and Skyline after they closed Conrad feeder?.


  2. The staff I know at Red Clay who deal with low income populations are more compassionate by orders of magnitude than this anecdote would suggest. That is why it stood out to me.


  3. Jack Wells

    What about the district staff?


  4. DE Teacher

    As a teacher in New Castle County, I must admit that I am not intimately aware of the conditions my students live in. I have been teaching for 20 years, and I continue to be amazed by stories administrators tell me about when they do home visits. In my class, I am worried about their homework and quiz scores. In their houses, they are worried about food or if their mom or dad will be getting out of jail… among other things.

    I think the tours are at least something. It’s not so easy to visit some of your students when they live 12+ miles from the school.


  5. Pencadermom

    You can get a peek into some kids lives by talking to the lunch ladies. Ask them about the students who are so hungry that they take leftovers off the trays of other students when they are tossing them. 😦


  6. 52% poverty among schoolchildren = breakdown of society.

    Think about that the next time you are tempted to blame parents, teachers, schools, districts, DOE, Feds, whoever.