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Students in the mist

the seventh type

Oh Lord:

In addition, the district transported its school staff through the feeder neighborhoods of the students so that the staff can witness the diverse lives and experiences of our children and families outside of school. (from Red Clay RTTT success plan)

Did this really happen?

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Why is the News Journal politicizing school board election and excluding D & E races?

Go here to review the News Journal 2013 School Board Election guide  click the photo of the individual board candidate and you’ll see the News Journal surveyed the candidate’s political party affiliation. Why? School board races are non-political!

Also, why did The News Journal remove two Red Clay board candidate’s profile from their election guide re: board nominating district “D” Walters vs Wood and reference to an unchallenged race race in “E”? Was this at the request of the editor?

By making a board candidate’s political party affiliation part of the conversation is this the NJ’s code for moving school board elections to the general election?

Did anyone catch this today, Red Clay needs Minnehan on board ? NJ screwed-up the title they placed on Letters to The Editor. Now sure, Kilroy is a classic screw-up with his grammar. However, I am not a professional urinalist.

The truth why Delaware charter schools fear H.B.#23

DEDOE vs Christina needs real court not DE DOE Kangaroo Court

Hearing set over Race to the Top funding feud between Christina School District, Delaware Christina district, Delaware divided over use of money Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

John C. Andrade, a Dover attorney with the firm Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, will serve as the hearing officer. Selected by Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, Andrade will hear evidence and arguments from both sides.

Andrade then will make a recommendation about the case to Murphy, who has the final say in whether the money may be legally revoked

Any fool in Delaware knows Delaware Kangaroo Courts always prevails. 

Delaware charter schools worry they have to be public schools

Making school choices simpler ‘One-stop shop’ goal of legislation;Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal May 10, 2013 10:57 PM

Charter School of Wilmington President Chuck Baldwin said he’d be watching that task force closely.

“Whatever they decide is going to be very interesting to us,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin said it could be difficult for schools like his to operate under the same system as traditional schools because they have specializations or “themes.” His school, for example, focuses strongly on students interested in math and science.

“The whole theory is that we gather students with specific interests together in one place, and that requires having certain admissions preferences,” Baldwin said. “If you eliminate those types of preferences, you have to wonder what the point is.”

Do read the entire article here

I’ve said it many times before that I support charter schools as a Choice options parents and students demand. I’ve also raised concern with certain specific interest admission clauses that discriminates based on lack of academics performance. Charter School of Wilmington feels a student must be at the top of his game academically to prove they have that specific interest. The charter school reformists whom many of the originals are from Red Clay moved an agenda to tactfully circumvent desegregation by creating a selective charter school that fit the academic criteria of high performing white students with a bonus of attracting high performing Asian students. The CSW program left-out a curriculum that would  accommodate academically struggling students who do have an interest in math and science. The call for charters was to be about address the deficiencies in public schools that hinder efforts to close the achievement gap. The call for education reform today is label as the “most important civil rights issues of this generation”. How can CSW’s success be replicated in traditional public schools if traditional public schools can’t apply the same preferences?  They can’t because traditional public schools can’t discriminate. Chuck Balwin an amazing person had noting to do with the formulation of the Delaware charter school law. However, the pressure of all schools to succeed or else fact forced reconstruction has highly selective charter schools like CSW on edge! We need to removed high stakes standards test from all schools and use the growth model and “growth” as means to measure success and perhaps CSW might take a chance helping students move from at-risk to academic success stories. However until that happens CSW will use the Seal Team admission standards to secure the best and brightest to remain the admiral’s flagship. 

The charter school movement started with Charter School of Wilmington and must be protected at all cost because if the admiral’s flag was captured the fleet would be sitting ducks.

Governor Markell takes every opportunity he can to highlight the successes of Race to The Top in traditional public schools so the need for charter schools other than advancing desegregation is being reduce.  

But with all the political allies in legislative have cowering in the corner like with H.B.#23, the charter school folks have no worries. And you can bet those capitalizing on charter school via vendor services like legal representation will fight tooth and nail to protect their capital which was part of the motivation factor in creating charter schools. Special interest owns many of out state legislators  who will submit a bill not knowing it will offend charters and then quickly abandon that bill to protect their political seat. And if they really fuck up they will support legislation action to praise charter schools. Chuck there is nothing to fear and you might want to let the queen be the move target. 

We do need to put a ban on new charter schools to give the Race to The Top successes time to take root in traditional public schools. The charter brain-drain is counterproductive to those Race to The Top successes and erodes progress. It’s time to replicate what works in charter schools that is not obviously racist and apply it to traditional schools. We have enough charter schools aka laboratories to extract successful model programs. Also, Governor Markell needs to stop his backroom coalition that is building a platform for charter school capital funding! You know what I am talking about Jack.