WFT??? Senator Hocker pushing for starting first day of school after Labor Day

Task force to study school starting after Labor Day ;By Amy Cherry

A task force will study the issue of moving the start date for all public schools until after Labor Day. 

Sen. Gerald Hocker says the move would keep the mandated number of days in the school calendar while adding economic benefits to the state. He says this would also allow high school kids to work longer and make more money.

It took many tries to move the start dates before Labor Day and now we have a committee looking at changing the law! 

Next year Red Clay’s start date for students  is August 26 for K-9 and August 27 for all others. Newark Charter started August 23 this school year and Reach Academy started August 22.

This is another example of intrusion on local control! I’d rather see children in school learning than earning more money at a fast-food joint! Economic benefit WTF? I thought kids getting a good education benefits Delaware position in the global economy?   



21 responses to “WFT??? Senator Hocker pushing for starting first day of school after Labor Day

  1. William Garfinkel

    Senator Hocker has this one right. Children who work a summer job are getting an education about life and how to interact in the real world. You can never get this education in a classroom. The real issue I have is not adding about 20 more days to the school year. We are shortchanging the children by not giving them time in the classroom when there is so much to learn.


    • kilroysdelaware

      The thing is if you start after labor day that mean the school year ends further in June! The kids start the summer job later! Also. either way they still get that real world experience.

      Guest got it right! Hocker needs those grunts for Labor Day weekend! Seems like a conflict of interest if true


    • Maybe we can cut out Fall DCAS 🙂


  2. Needless to say, Hocker has a vested interest in the teen workforce. He owns multiple businesses not far from Bethany Beach. State Senator who owns grocery stores, a hardware store, gas pumps, and an ice cream/take-out site… eastern Sussex’s answer to ‘Boss Hog’


  3. We had less complaints about educational results when school started after Labor Day. Coincidence?


  4. kilroysdelaware

    Owner of G&E, Inc., Hockers Super Center and G&E Hardware; Co-owner, CEA-DAG Apartments

    WTF ! Guest you called it !


  5. Somehow 20 years ago i went back after labor day and endedaround june 10 and survived and got into college and even graduated.


  6. Wooo-hoo! Maybe our family can bring back the traditional end-of-summer vacations of my youth! I thought those were gone forever.

    Maybe it’s a local decision, but this will be very popular. With me at least.


    • Flyinttheointment

      School should start after Labor Day. Summer camps are great learning experiences that kids don’t get to do at the end of August presently. Family Vacations for those able to do them are a great thing at the end of the summer. Taking the month of August to do these things has cut back on the “life learning experiences” that take place out of a school setting. School can still end the first week of June if they get rid of the inservice days for someone’s job justification.

      Ideal calendar would be:

      To have inservice days for teachers the last week in August (Like it used to be)

      Start school for kids the Tuesday after Labor Day

      Get rid of all the inservice days throughout the year that parents despise due to daycare/childcare issues with younger vs. older kids.

      End school the first week in June.

      It used to be run this way. There is no reason it can’t. Somewhere along the line Colleges and Universities started “infringing on summer” rather than starting after Labor Day and public schools somewhere thought they should jump on the bandwagon for this idea as well.

      The thing is that many of the Colleges/Universities that Start in August are usually done the semester around the first week/second week of December. Think about how that adjusts the calendar the rest of the year. No wonder some colleges/universities are having graduations starting this week around the country. Some had it last week!


    • kilroysdelaware

      “Maybe it’s a local decision, but this will be very popular. With me at least”

      Round up 500 parents and descend on the school board and you’ll have your wish!

      What about charters and their self-autonomy? Will they be given a wavier?

      Hocker has a personal $$$ interest in this and should not participate in the committee!



  7. Woot. Woot… This will be the best thing that happens to Delaware Schools. This is really good news. But it should be tied to student’s better learning habits so they think they had something to do with it, and keep working as hard as they have.


  8. Pigeon on the Green

    This is a great idea. It will mean less days for moronic teacher inservice. 180 days a year total.


  9. Joanne Christian

    It’s a local decision, so he should start right there. In Virginia, they do have a mandate “King’s Dominion Rule”, whereby the Richmond area, so HEAVILY funded by the amusement park being opened, has acquiesced, and probably rightly so, in regards to economic sustainability. Meanwhile, our local district has high-schoolers coming back by mid-August w/ mandated sport and band camps,so we went w/ the “what the heck attitude”, and had the other younger kids begin the week before Labor Day, so parents don’t feel so fragmented about kids and school schedules. Hocker really needs to address it more locally, and I’d suggest it’s the darn college kids who are antsy to get to campus, see friends, have SOME time off, all before their “real” school start date. I remember the days when an employer OFFERED a BONUS to kids who stayed thru Labor Day–knowing full well some of those schools didn’t start until after Labor Day or mid September. Perhaps, it would behoove seasonal districts to do that also—because there is no way the sport/marching band camps are changing pre-season practice. It will still be prior to Labor Day, even w/ a day after Labor Day start. That’s the nature of those activities. It’s called being ready for the first game that week—DUH.


  10. Hey — out of the many ridiculous education decisions the state has made over the years, finally one actually makes a bit of sense!


  11. Joanne Christian

    I think you mean cents.


  12. Joanne Christian

    I have no problem w/ a local decision, because it is the bread and butter of a community with seasonal employment. But to prescribe that my way I have no interest. My summer is over by August 15th–all the relatives know we don’t even travel for reunions b/c of the pre-school commitments–and that’s just the way it is. Hey, I have a couple of college kids who are out by mid April–and I don’t see any employers scrambling to pick them up early on the payroll. If I were an employer and August 20th on is crunch time–I’d be offering time and half to any kid who worked any shift from then until Labor Day, Sept. 10th—whatever day the business feels could reap alot of benefit to the sufficient and staffed manpower.


  13. Dennis Thornton

    I’m for full year school. It’s a competitive world and extra time in the class room can’t hurt.


  14. Flyintheointment

    It most certainly will hurt if all that happens is testing. Call it year round testing instead of year round school or year round learning.


  15. Pencadermom

    Odd timing on this post. I was just talking to someone at a sporting event and we were talking about kids seeming to ‘check out’ as far as concentrating in school as soon as the Spring weather breaks. A friend of mine told me her kids are done Memorial Day weekend and go back mid August. August is so stinking hot, I’d rather start vacationing early June and send the kids back to the air conditioned schools in mid August when all they want to do is veg. in the house by then anyway. But the seasonal job workers does make sense.
    Her kids also are in an area where the elementary schools start earlier in the day than the older grades. That makes great sense too. A lot harder to waken a 15 year old than a 5 year old!
    Speaking of Spring, has Delaware always had a ‘spring break’? Why is that needed so close to the end of the school year? I’m from New Jersey. No week long Spring Break there. When I was a kid we had off Good Friday and went back to school Monday right after Easter. Now they have off that Monday and Tuesday but go back Wed. Yeah, I don’t really ‘understand’ Spring Break. That’s probably what makes kids start to lose their stride as far as concentrating in class.


  16. Extra time in classroom does hurt. A glass once full, cannot take on more water The brain has to process what it learns, and discard what is irrelevant, so it can learn in the future.

    Year round classes teach the same amount as do half a year classes. There is a reason other nations with year round classes send there graduates to our universities. It is to unlearn all they have done. Chinese high schools may do better than Americans on tests. But our companies overseas only hire the Chinese when they need robots. They can take tests like computers. But trying to figure out something that is not going as expected, and trouble shooting? Expect a call. What do I do now?

    Education is an art, not a science. The best results are when a child is rested, relaxed and refreshed…. Labor Day to Memorial Day gave us great students in the past. We’ve slid since falling for the lie that longer hours mean more learning….

    If one’s boss said that, we’d all say… “yeah, … right.”