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Get ready for car insurance premiums going up re: SB#61

Senate Bill # 61

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Blevins & Sen. Cloutier & Rep. Keeley & Rep. Mulrooney & Rep. Q. Johnson & Rep. Smyk


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Long Title:



The purpose of this amendment is to allow innocent victims of motor vehicle collisions to access their own underinsured insurance benefits in circumstances where the victim’s damages are greater than the amount of the negligent driver’s insurance policy limits. Delaware courts have ruled that if the innocent victim and the negligent driver have the same policy limit or the victim’s policy limits are less than the negligent driver’s, then the negligent driver is not considered “underinsured” even if the negligent driver’s policy limit is inadequate to compensate the innocent victims. This amendment will rectify these inequities. Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co. v. Williams, Del. Supr.,695 A.2d 1124 (1997).

The provisions of the law will not affect existing insurance policies, and will apply only to renewing or new policies that become effective six (6) months after the law is enacted.

Get ready folks, this legislation will have your auto insurance company raising your premiums. Good old Blevins rubber stamped this one!

WFT??? Senator Hocker pushing for starting first day of school after Labor Day

Task force to study school starting after Labor Day ;By Amy Cherry

A task force will study the issue of moving the start date for all public schools until after Labor Day. 

Sen. Gerald Hocker says the move would keep the mandated number of days in the school calendar while adding economic benefits to the state. He says this would also allow high school kids to work longer and make more money.

It took many tries to move the start dates before Labor Day and now we have a committee looking at changing the law! 

Next year Red Clay’s start date for students  is August 26 for K-9 and August 27 for all others. Newark Charter started August 23 this school year and Reach Academy started August 22.

This is another example of intrusion on local control! I’d rather see children in school learning than earning more money at a fast-food joint! Economic benefit WTF? I thought kids getting a good education benefits Delaware position in the global economy?   


Jimmy Olsen reprints the school board dog chasing it’s tail

Go read the all about Delaware’s school board races with union influence and voter turnout tied to controversies and people have no interest. We’ve heard it all before and the dog just chases it’s tail in regards to addressing the concerns.Go read it all here>>> Nothing new on the News Journal’s part just recycling last years news. I am sure he’ll follow up with a survey of school board candidates. 

The real problem with lack of interest by the public in school board elections is many in the community feel it doesn’t matter especially with the latest round of education reformed controlled by Washington and Governor Markell. The problems with education is related more to problems within education laws. I was witness to Red Clay’s Race to The Top MOU vote and the choice was to vote yes and get the federal grant money or vote no and be required to support RTTT programs that became part of state regulations and fund them with district local money. A deal school boards could refuse!  However, in the end-game when the Race to The Top federal grant runs dry next year whereas the school districts and charters will be required to fund those RTTT program with local and charter school money. Jea Street isn’t comprehending that once the grant money is go there’s none  to sustain the teacher incentive program. Will he carry the vote yes referendum flag for Christina to secure those sustainable funds?

Attending school board meetings to stay on top of what’s going on in your school district or charter school is a good way to become engaged. But district board meetings are long and many time requires sitting through long presentations. But it does have some excitement when board members debate issued prior to voting on them. Also, it is great seeing parents and members of the public coming out to address the school board. Almost forgot Pandora! Pandora was the Mike Tyson of parents confronting school board! As far as unions, Barbara Finnan RCEA and Barbara Grogg DSEA share the Oscar for outstanding union leaders! You never know what surprises school board meetings might bring. One night I was sitting there and the call for public comments was made. Antonio Pardo the reporter for the Hockessin Community News put down his notepad and stepped up to the microphone and personally weighted in on an issue. I was impressed! Then there was the night a vote for Odyssey charter’s request to move to a new location was denied because the one board vote part of the “fix” was absent and the motion failed which equaled a no vote! Odyssey used to be a Red Clay charter school but requested to move under DE DOE. Odyssey bought a building before getting approval from Red Clay but it go it’s way. 

The only way to get the community and more parents engaged in school board meetings and the issues that control local education is bring the meeting to them. I know. Currently many they see no value in school board members. I am a broken record on recording school board meetings but I was persistent with Red Clay and they did deliver on the recordings. Though recordings aren’t official board minutes, they do provide play by play recording or the meetings. And God do I wish Red Clay was recording back when the voted on RTTT MOU! You all would know the truth about Markell’s / DE DOE tactics.

Do we want people voting in school board elections that have a vested interest and informed? YES!  But let’s face it, though board members tend to do what’s best for kids they are elected by the general public and they do have a responsibility to the community in overseeing the stewardship of public education. District superintendents are hired and fired by the school board. However we are see superintendents taking it’s marching directions for Governor Markell and because the unions supported RTTT the school boards local power has diminished and helpless in fending off evolving state regulations.

As far as union and political party involvement in school board elections! It is fact! The Republican Party is more organized when it comes to school board elections but they don’t roll-out the machine. Unions , you bet! I don’t see anything wrong with union or political backed school board candidates because that’s the nature American politics! If that’s all so important to the community either way, the need to come out and vote or go to Dover and demand election day be moved to the general election. But I say if anything changes it should be ending the voting at large and require voting only in the given school board nominating districts.

All in all, the dog is chasing it’s tail! I know for me, even-though you don’t see me much at school board meetings any longer, I am there via technology especially where those boards record their meetings and use BoardDocs. I see it this way, those who resist recording their public sessions of board meetings want to constrict the flow of information using vague published board minutes that take up to 45 days to be posted on school websites because they must be approved at the following meeting. Recording which are not official minutes are posted about 5-7 days after any given meeting. Speaking of vague board meetings, Newark Charter School noted in their board meeting a discussion on proposed legislation re: recording board meetings. But just a “discussion” no content to the that discussion. Are they for it or against it? Charter schools don’t want recordings and their board members aren’t elected by parents or the community ! They see taxpayers money as their’s and nobody’s business and it appears Senator Blevins support this!

No doubt this year’s board elections will have a poor voter turnout!