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What part of failure Delaware legislators don’t get? re: DE Ed reform

Arne Duncan’s AERA Speech: Standardized Test Criticism ‘Is Merited’ The Huffington Post  |  By Rebecca Klein Posted: 05/02/2013 12:41 pm ED

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan conceded Tuesday that there are serious flaws in standardized testing, telling attendees at a meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) that much criticism about testing “is merited,” according to Education Week.

A protest was held before Duncan’s speech. Picketers held signs denouncing his policies and his appearance at AERA. Some picketers’ signs took aim at Duncan’s and President Obama’s Race to the Top program, a nationwide competition in which school districts and states compete for grant money based on assessments reflecting teacher effectiveness and student learning

Duncan also addressed the difficulties schools may face during the first few years of Common Core implementation. When asked if he would put a moratorium on standardized testing while schools got adjusted to Common Core Standards, he said, “We understand this is a difficult tough time of transition. We’re spending a huge amount of time listening to ideas about how to do it.”

Duncan and Markell will be long gone when the Race to The Top house of cards comes falling down and guess who’ll be holding the bag? Delaware legislators Republicans and Democrats! Local taxpayers will hold their local legislators accountable for all these referendums and Kilroy will be pointing the way! Friend of foe you all will pay the political price! The first to go will be the career politicians whom many supported DSTP! Some may survive but we’re going to drain their campaign funds and make them work! 

Matt you’re good guy but Markell’s shit is going everywhere and you do nothing! I know it’s hard working in the shadows but it’s getting hard to see you with the shit piled so high. Markell is working the education reform to setup $$ his next job and to fatten his stock $$ portfolio and number 2 appears to turn a blind eye! 

The Delaware Republicans are too busy worrying about what’s going on in Washington and won’t make a move on Markell’s education failure until Pete and  Re-Pete gives the green-light! Pete, are you with us or against us?   

Like it or not virtual schools will be part of our future

Virtual Education Boom Hits the States By David Harrison, Staff Writer

All but two states now offer online courses to at least some students. In most cases, online courses are blended with in-school courses. But 27 states allow students to attend virtual schools full-time. Online courses allow students to work at their own pace, with advanced students moving through the curriculum quickly while others might get more of the attention they need from teachers.

Wise and other education leaders say that without more virtual schooling, it won’t be possible to meet President Obama’s goal of producing a large majority of high school graduates ready for college or the workforce. At the same time, now that 40 states and the District of Columbia have signed on to common math and English standards, online courses would be more easily transferable from state to state.

So could the Common Core Standards be that steppingstone to an acceptable  virtual school? 

The National Education Association, the country’s largest teachers’ union, has embraced online learning, provided it’s taught by licensed and trained teachers and as long as it doesn’t completely replace in-school teaching. “We think that students really benefit from having a classroom experience,” says Andrea Prejean, associate director of education policy and practice at the NEA. “Public school is that social net that catches a lot of things. My third grade teacher is the person who found out I needed glasses.”

There will be push-back from local teacher unions but that has more to do with self-preservation just as they did with Race to The Top. Common Core Standards, and Smarter Balance Assessment. 

Delaware charter schools have not proven to be the fix-all for Delaware’s education failure and perhaps virtual schools might not be the silver bullet. It comes down to student/parent choice. Delaware needs to explore all choices. Many parents would love to home-school their children but lack the skills and resources. Virtual summer school! Now there is an option! We keep hearing we need an extended school year! I feel Delaware should explore the concept.