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Delaware Speaker of The House slipping H.B.#23 in the draw



Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Peterson


Reps. Dukes, D. Short, Miro, Peterman, Wilson, Baumbach, Bennett, Mitchell, K. Williams; Sens. Hocker, Lavelle, Simpson, Townsend

This bill requires that all public meetings of the boards of education of traditional public school districts, vo-tech school districts, and public meetings of charter schools’ boards of directors be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the districts’ and charter schools’ websites within seven business days.  The recordings will not be considered the official board minutes.

Currently the Red Clay Consolidated School District, Christina School District, and the Capital School District on a voluntary basis approved by their boards of education have been providing the public digital recordings of their board public session meetings via the district’s websites.

The Delaware State Board of Education is required by the State Board of Education to make available within one business day digital recordings of its board meetings on the Delaware Department of Education’s website.

Folks it looks like the Speaker of The Delaware House of Representative Peter C. Schwartzkopf (D) is refusing to let H.B.#23 onto the House Agenda. It mustard House Education Committee and moved into House Ready List. This what they mean when the speaker kills a bill in the desk-drawer! 

The News Journal’s Matthew Albright put out an article on April 1. 2013 School board recording bill gets critical feedback”

As legislators try to make school boards more transparent by requiring them to post recordings of their meetings online, some district officials are concerned a measure to do just that would pass an unfunded mandate onto them.

The reporter refused to name those district officials and I have a hunch Governor Markell ordered this hit piece!

School board meetings are often poorly attended, except when major controversies are being addressed. That’s one reason John Flaherty, president of the Delaware Coalition for Open Government, said he thinks mandatory recordings are a good idea.

Thank you Delaware Coalition for Open Government! It seems like Albright takes a personal stance opposing open government by his shallow reporting! It was suggested to him by one of the bill’s sponsors to call me for my input. He did and I gave him my feedback and opinion! This was hours before the News Journal released his article. Just so you know, Kilroy was the one who lobbied state legislators R’s and D’s for a bipartisan bill. And it was Kilroy who did the same for the successful legislation requiring the State Board of Education to do the same. Also it was Kilroy who dogged Red Clay for about three years to record their board meetings. That was accomplished! Kilroy lobbied Christina’s board members John and Liz to jump on the bandwagon and Christina’s was the first school board in the state of Delaware to adopt the policy to record public session on their school board meetings. Capital School District also joined the movement.

After the slap in the face by reporter Albright the News Journal printed this article,  School boards should adapt to the digital age under “Our View.”

Sometimes government proposals are wrongly framed. For example, a General Assembly bill would require the state’s school boards to record their meetings and then post the recordings on their websites. It has been presented as, at best, a burden of open government, or, at worst, another unfunded mandate imposed by the state on the school districts.

Either view, of course, is nonsense.

This is the digital age. More than half the teenagers in the schools these boards run are probably walking around with smartphones that have enough computing power to record and post every district meeting in the state.

Kilroy responded with this The News Journal shows Kilroy some love re: digital recordings of school board meetings #netDe #edude Posted on April 3, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

At at time democrats and republicans are divided in Washington D.C. we have Delaware legislators working in a bipartisan way at the request of the public to deliver real transparency. Education reform is on the front-burner and parents, community  and even state legislators are in the dark  with reform agenda that some are deep-seeded in Wall Street agendas! Capitalism is fine however, education funding shouldn’t be a feeding-ground for capitalist serving themselves. There is a concern for the cost of  digital recorders that somehow breaks the district bank yet millions are spent on redundant education consultants and thousands on retirement parties for school administrators! It seems it’s always for the kids but when in comes to real transparency there is push-back.

If we can’t step-up and provide better transparency of our public schools there will be no hope in seeing real transparency of government. When public schools fear scrutiny there must be something within to protect from prying eyes.

HOWEVER! Because of Albright’s hit piece the momentum to kill this legislation started. The bill key sponsors aren’t challenging the Speaker of The House authority to shove the bill in his desk draw preventing it from coming to even a House vote which from there would move to Senate Education Committee and there to a full Senate vote. 

We all lose, students, parents, teachers and taxpayers when governor abuses power to withhold legislation from due process which is allowing it to be voted on by the Delaware House of Representative and follow due process from there.  Pencader charter school failed due in part to lack of board transparency. Recording of their meetings would have been informative to parents and the taxpayer and even state legislators. 

If this legislation is killed by  the Delaware Speaker of The House the message would be clear, the public has not right to expanded transparency of those who serve them!

Kilroy goes on and I assure you it will cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of campaign dollars to fend off what Kilroy has to say about the cowards who want another term in office! And I am talking Democrats and Republicans! Dare they claim they are for transparency! Kilroy will be there , “saying where were you when we needed you.” As for the News Journal thanks for trying to undo Jimmy Olsen’s blunder! But he sent the train in motion! Thanks Jimmy, you fucked transparency and could even tells which district officials opposed the legislation!

Hopefully someday I can tell the amazing story I am sitting on! Kind of sucks!

Rodel Herdman bitch-slaps right back at John Stapleford #netDE #edude

Delaware schools, students are making good progress. Letters To The Editor Paul Herdman President and CEO, Rodel Foundation of Delaware Ernie Dianastasis Chair, Vision 2015 and Managing Director, CAI

In response to Dr. John Stapleford’s recent opinion, which asserts that most in the state are dissatisfied with our school system, we respectfully disagree. Enrollment is growing and many of our public schools are moving in the right direction.

John Stapleford should have been more specific in clarification and said, most in the state “who are not” dropping to their knees for Rodel and Markell are dissatisfied with our education system. 

Yes, a percentage of our charter and district schools are underperforming and should be addressed decisively.

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! Rodel said this? Yea and Rodel decisiveness in helping failing charter schools is rounding up a bunch of idiots to save Pencader and then sent in the clowns from other charter schools and those who mismanaged Red Clay to help right the ship. And let’s not forget it was the Delaware Charter School Queen who threw a rope to the former Pencader leader as the board was trying to fire her. Herfman seems to support saving failing charter schools at all cost to protect the lies! And I’ll bet he might be in on the little backroom agenda to secure state funded capital funding for charter schools.

We share Dr. Stapleford’s sense of urgency, and this is difficult work, but the world our children will inherit is far more complex – culturally and economically – than the one we entered. We need to come together to come up with smart solutions, not splinter.

We know what Rodel founders like to share and it’s their money like the 10’s of thousands that went to Markell’s campaigns. And we know what Rodel inherited ! DE DOE! And let’s not forget the Rodel cluster-fucks Markell was required to hired at DE DOE.

John Stapleford might be a bit too far right for me. But Rodel has a knack for blowing the left and the right with equal intensity! It says allot when someone drops to their knees and pays the other guy to service them! Politics and education is strange! You have Markell dropping to his knees for Arne Duncan and then Arne Duncan delivers the same message to Obama. You think if everybody just stops and get up off their knees we might see a clear picture of what the hell is going on in education! And damn, now they are training the union rookies to be awestruck by the likes of Markell. How fucking stupid are the union rookies documenting their Governor Markell kiss-ass fest on Facebook or tweeting just dropped to my knees for Jack!  I am off to the gym to work of those extra calories.  Gee, I can’t find a grouping for blow-me sandwiches on Weight Watchers online! 

If anything, Stapeford’s gang is the crane and Rodel is the wrecking-ball destroying public education. And let’s not forget Pete and Re-Pete playing engineers in the shadows. Then there are there rookie union rep flaggers helping pour the Judas Kool-aid. Then to top if off we have the black guys running around with their empty wallets wide-open yelling you’re hurting my children. No wonder education in Delaware is so fucked up! Hey Brian F, sorry dude for the language but you don’t come around when I try!   

Markell safe school communication policy fails and News Journal blames BSD Holodick

Police: Delaware middle school student had handgun in backpack School reports incident hours after boy’s arrest May 2, 2013 11:11 PM Written by Terri Sanginiti and Matthew Albright The News Journal

Hours after a P.S. du Pont Middle School student was arrested for bringing an unloaded gun to school in his backpack, parents – and some district officials – still weren’t aware of Thursday morning’s incident.

What the fuck is going on with the News Journal? Years ago the had one they best journalist Beth Miller on the education beat. Miller who set the bar higher than anyone before her. Then the last few years Nichole Dobo was on the beat and show outstanding promise in reaching the bar Miller set! But now we have a  “news-reporter” that in contrast to Kilroy one of the least skilled bloggers is in the bottom of his profession. Sure Jimmy Olsen is a young greenhorn news-reporter! I use news-report because I can put him in a class with “journalist”. Hey big guy at the NJ! What the fuck were you thinking? What is it about Jimmy? Is he family or is it his Crawlfish Boils you like? Did Principal Mark Holodick break some-kind of law or regulation by not creating panic after incident was diffused and police were in control?

Can you image the panic if reports went out a student with a gun is in P.S. du Pont Middle School? Some parents would be rushing to school, the school’s phone would be ringing off the hook and the undue emotional stress parents and the community would endure. In time of crisis leaders must be leveled-headed and assets impact. We’ve become a over-reactive paranoid society and in Delaware’s case we have the greenest news-reporter out there that lacks critical thinking skills.   

A district spokesperson, the president of the school’s PTA, and two school board members were not aware of the incident when contacted around 5 p.m. By 6:30 p.m., no information about the incident had been posted on either the school or district websites.

Which two board members Jimmy Olsen? It should be the board president’s responsibility to communicate to other board members.

“Obviously if a school is in a lockdown situation or some kind of emergency we would use the system immediately,” Holodick said. “But this situation was handled swiftly, and at no point was anybody in immediate danger.”

Well not so fast, “at no point was anybody in immediate danger.” Who is to say prior to the police interviewing the student there was another student part of some plan? 

According to police, the boy showed other students the weapon as he was walking to school. His school mates alerted a teacher at about 9:50 a.m. and the teacher contacted administrators

What time did the school open? And his mates alerted a teacher? How soon after the teacher was alerted did the call go out for “lockdown”? His mates waiting until the student was in the school and after school had started to tell a teacher? 

The boy happened to be in the school’s administrative office and administrators found the unloaded revolver in his bag, police said. School officials then contacted police.

Just happen to be there? WTF is this Jimmy? Students just don’t happen to be in the school’s administrative office after school has started! 

“Students did exactly what we would hope they would do, which is tell an adult that there was a problem,” Holodick said. “The people at the school responded appropriately.”

Great job to everyone! 

A spokeswoman for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security said the state doesn’t have standard rules for how soon parents must be informed after an on-campus incident. She said that decision was up to the schools and districts.

And here is where Jimmy Olsen conveniently drop the ball to protect Markell and Sec of Ed Coach Murphy! Principal Holodick did not disregard any laws or policies. If there were any breakdown in internal Branywine School District communication policies in regards to informing school board members then that must be addressed. 

Jimmy Olsen failed to question why there isn’t statewide communication policy and procedure in regards to incidents like this? Jimmy, when was the governor informed? When was Secretary of Education Murphy informed? Is there someone at DE DOE in-charge of emergency response? What was Markell and Murhpy’s response to the News Journal apparent notion that there was a breakdown in communication?  

The News Journal is painting a picture of Holodick as if he is incompetent and went as far as posting a large mugshot like photo of Holodick! Why not an outside shot of the school?  Hey big guy at NJ, bring back Lois and Clark! Give them a raise and their own desks and fire the Markell and Rodel loving department editors. Give real journalist flexibility to expose the truth! Move Jimmy Olsen to obituaries!