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OMG ! Delaware Libertarian aims it’s sights at DSEA

DSEA proves once again that it does not speak for Delaware teachers by Delaware Libertarian

This post, from the DSEA Facebook page, is pretty good evidence that at the state level the teachers’ union is far removed from the concerns of teachers in the classroom:

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Rodel’s Herdman gets bitched-slapped re: Letter to The Editor! OUCH

Where is substance in school reformer’s argument? News Journal; Letter to The Editor May 01. 2013

What’s missing in the Rodel Foundation’s Paul Herdman’s Delaware Voice, “Five steps to continue improving Delaware’s education”? The same thing that’s missing in every Race to the Top initiative: substance.

Deborah McCann


OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!

B. Finnan spitting fire re: Pencader vs Christina

A closer look at Pencader Charter vs. Christina School District Written by Barbara J. Finnan/ News Journal May 01. 2013

We all know there’s a “Delaware Way” in getting things done in this state, but, really, why are our politicians, movers and shakers, taking things to a ridiculous extreme on the issue of the state Department of Education’s oversight of charter and/or traditional public schools and allowing what certainly seems like a double standard to be applied by DOE?

And Jack Markell takes  the “Delaware Way” to a new level of insanity! He wants to give charter schools capital funding with no additional transparency attached

First, we have Pencader Charter School of Business and Finance, which threatened to file for bankruptcy unless it received a $350,000 bail-out by the state to pay its teachers for the rest of the year. The request was the result of having “overspent on some items” like legal fees ( Saul Ewing, LLP – $34,871.35; and Young, Conaway, Stargatt, and Taylor – $50,234 equaling $85,105.35 from August 2012 to March 2013.) Yet these expenditures “raised no red flags” at DOE. Pencader has now received the $350,000.

DE DOE couldn’t see a “red flag” if you waved in their faces and shoved it up their asses! 

Then Deputy Secretary of Education Dan Cruce and John Carwell, director of the DOE charter school office, listened carefully and seemed agreeable to several ideas proposed by us to help charters be successful. A few of our ideas were:

Didn’t Sec of Ed Coach Murphy fire Carwell? Yikes almost forgot, Rodel wouldn’t allow that so they’ll replace Carwell’s position and just give him another title with same pay.

We strongly, and urgently, recommended all charter schools include a plan in their applications and renewals that covered any disruption in service. That includes both permanent and temporary closings, such as school failures, fires, natural causes, etc. Traditional schools can move, and have moved, school populations to other district schools when necessary. Mr. Cruce has since gone on to greener pastures, but Mr. Carwell seemed quite interested in this last recommendation. Yet there has been no movement on this, and here we are again.

Maybe move Carwell out of DE DOE! Shit I forgot, Rodel won’t allow that! 

The big difference this time is that the present management at Pencader successfully held the state, parents, students and the taxpaying public, hostage. Pay up or we’ll probably close by April 30 certainly “paid” off. 

Yep Pencader Frank is going around town telling everybody how he fixed Jack Markell!

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Delaware fails to ban high capacity magazines! But legislators protect some campaign financing !

Bill limiting ammunition magazines advancesWritten by Jonathan StarkeyThe News Journal

The bill would make it illegal in Delaware to manufacture or sell magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds. If anyone owns an existing magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds, they can use it in private settings such as a shooting range or keep it in their home.

In other words there is no ban on high capacity magazine

“A ban on large capacity magazines will not prevent the next mass shooting, but what it can do is reduce the number of victims shot or the number of victims killed in the event such a tragedy were to occur in Delaware,” said Andy Lippstone, chief legal counsel to Markell.

So this law will scare the shit out of anyone who decides to go on a shooting rampage? I can see it now, some nuts goes to load-up and says , shit this clip is over ten rounds! 

This legislation is a cowards way out of protecting the people! But yes it helps protects campaign contributions.