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Big human test for Delaware Republicans re: Gay marriage legislation

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 – 5:49pm
Gay marriage clears committee, gears up for full Senate vote By Amy Cherry

Gay marriage clears a state Senate committee in a move that sends the measure to the full Senate for consideration.

The Delaware Republicans fell short on requiring school boards to record public sessions of board meetings. Hopefully they can stop playing God with citizens rights to pursuit of happiness. We have far far far more important things to get done than playing God with the rights and freedom of our people! Get it together Delaware GOP !

Two Christina board candidates for your reveiw

This year’s school board races aren’t drawing much blog excitement this year. I have a hunch it’s going to be a low turnout at the polls. The News Journal is preparing to release their survey response soon! Jimmy Olsen is having problems finding his crayon sharper. So keep an eye out might be coming very soon!

The time has come for online charter schools in Delaware

Delaware charter schools are struggling $$$$$$$$$ and pressuring Dover for capital funding at the same-time some are asking legislators to block any legislation that would require them to record the public sessions of board meetings. Word has it one of Markell’s goals before leaving office is securing capital funding for charter schools! Screw that! Why should traditional schools have to be forced to go to referendum  when charter schools get grants?

I think it’s time for online K-12 education like in Pennsylvania. Sure it might not be perfect but neither are Delaware charter schools. Perhaps a pilot program first! Parents and students need choice online K-12 charter is another choice! Also perhaps we could try some scholarships for Title 1 students allowing them to attend private schools!

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School  

Common Core Standards !!!

Disgruntle DE DOE worker leaking news on charter schools and $$$

I can’t tell you but OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack you are nuts if you move with the $$$$$$$ without real transparency such as recording board meetings! And I am here to tell those in the Markell administration, better be looking for a real job because you won’t get reelected! There “will” be a grassroots movement (fuck the Tea Party) that’s going to expose the Markell ass-kissers! Blevins will be voted out and that is a given! Kilroy can’t get the job (transparency) done from here he’ll go to Dover! There are enough pissed off democrats and republicans to join forces and replace those blocking transparency! Sorry Senator Blevins, you’re the poster child for change like, OUT YOU GO !

Hockessin Community News Online is getting to be the go to place and it’s “free”

Hockessin Community News

Click the Hockessin Community logo above and check them out! And the site is free unlike the News Journal. Kilroy added them on the side bar under Delaware News Outlets.