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Just a reminder! VOTE NO FOR COLONIAL’S REFERENDUM ! #netDE #edude

Colonial taxpayer’s go to the polls again June 4, 2013 re: operational referendum! It’s time for the taxpayers to say no more ! No more back-filling the Wall Street ponzi scheme and Jack Markell’s personal agenda for life after governorship!

If there is money to give charters there is money to give Colonial! 

VOTE NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clark Kent shows some love for Delaware Sallie Mae protesters! #netDe #edude

Student debt protesters press Sallie Mae for relief Group presses Sallie Mae for relief Written by Wade Malcolm The News Journal

A group of about 150 protesters gathered outside the Stanton headquarters of Sallie Mae on Thursday morning to criticize the company’s lending and lobbying practices. And before the end of the day, the uprising reached the boardroom of the nation’s largest private student lender.

A day after it announced a plan to split its operation, Sallie Mae held its regular annual shareholders meeting, but the demonstration of college students and activists dominated the discussion.

“Watching these young kids, what they’re up against, we’re really crippling their ability to be successful,” said David Carter, of Townsend, a University of Delaware doctoral student who decided to join the protest.

Sallie Mae, just another cog in the Wall Street ponzi scheme! 

Sallie Mae officials said they supported the right of the students to express their opinion peacefully.

“We recognize that in this economy it may take longer to realize the value of a college degree, as a job search may take longer than it used to,” said Nikki Lavoie, a spokeswoman for the company. “We work with our customers one on one to understand their financial situation and identify a payment program that works for them.”

Hey Publius! What do you think, should I advocate for changing the the 6 months after graduation to start paying student loans back to 9 months or perhaps a year? This would give these kids a little more time to find a job in their field! Or should we just say too bad, you signed the loan contract? 

Folks did you know when banks and charter schools like Pencader file bankruptcy their debt is wiped clean and when an individual files bankruptcy their student loans can’t be part of the write-off debt. Meaning, they’re stuck with student loan debt for life! Wall Street can take risk and walk away but when a student takes a risk on a college degree and no jobs are waiting they are stuck for life.

Hey Clark Kent, nice work! When you get a chance bitch-slap Jimmy Olsen for fucking the taxpayers with his one-sided piece on H.B #23. Hey Jimmy, how about you and I go fishing in Whiskey Bay ;).  

Charter school accountability cannot be improved without real transparency

Bill would toughen charter schools’ oversight, allow access to state funding Written by Matthew Albright, Nichole Dobo and Jonathan Starkey The News Journal

A bill that would toughen oversight of charter schools would also award more money to charters with proven track records and allow them to access capital funding from the state.

The bill’s supporters say it will help successful charters grow while holding them more responsible, but some critics worry it could sap resources from traditional public schools. They also say some of the oversight measures don’t go far enough.

Gov. Jack Markell supports the bill and says it mixes measures to better hold charters accountable with efforts to give them more ability to succeed.

“This bill has the support of many stakeholders, from DSEA to the charter school movement,” Markell said. “Not everybody got what they wanted. But we think this bill is an important step to improving the charter system in Delaware.”

But when a taxpayers steps up and demands greater transparency Lt. Matt Denn supports a desk drawer veto of H.B. #23 that cleared the House Education Committee! More money for charter boards to operate in the dark and none to delivered open government like Matt Denn promised! 

Proponents of the fund argue it will give the state a chance to reward schools that are doing good work. But defenders of traditional schools said they are concerned that it will sap money from districts struggling with budget shortfalls.

And who are the proponents? More one-sided reporting by the News Journal!

Kendall Massett, director of the Delaware Charter School Network, said the performance fund would help schools that have proven they are effective reach more students. She challenged the assertion that charters are outside entities sapping money from the system.

“Our kids are public school kids, too,” Massett said. “We are part of the public school system; we just happen to be able to operate differently.”

Yea and charter schools mirror segregated schools of yesterday! At-risk blacks here and affluent whites over there!

Massett said charters sometimes face hurdles getting buildings set up because they don’t get capital funding.

Fisker faced hurdles and got capital funding and the taxpayers got fucked! The public need not fund corporations! 

The bill would allow charter schools the same access to conduit bond financing that other nonprofit organizations get. That means the state could potentially work with creditors to set up bonds that charters could use to pay for building improvements or other projects.

I am good with this Publius! 

At the same time that it frees up more state money for charters, the bill would toughen state oversight, especially on the fiscal front.

Who said this? The News Journal? There is no tough oversight without transparency and DE DOE lacks capacity as it is with current rules! Where are all the posted IRS990 forms required by state laws?

Any new charter school application or modification that would increase enrollment would require an impact study analyzing the effects the school would have on local traditional schools and the community from which most of its students would be drawn. 

The results of that study would be a factor into the calculation of whether or not a school is approved.

The impact on traditional public schools will always be negative! So this requirement is bullshit! 

Several of the other new regulations appear to be aimed at preventing a repeat of some high-profile charter school problems, most recently the saga earlier this year at Pencader Charter School. 

After the state Board of Education revoked Pencader’s charter in February, school officials said they didn’t have enough money to pay teacher salaries and finish out the year. Pencader leaders threatened to close the school early, potentially playing havoc with students’ schedules, if the state didn’t pitch in $350,000. 

After a contentious tug-of-war between the school and the state, Pencader eventually got that bailout

Pencader failed because there was no clear transparency and lack of capacity on the part of DE DOE.  We could have saved Pencader if people like Publius saw the merit in better board transparency and help push for a complete top to bottom audit!

The bill would require training for school board members in finances and school governance, a plan to pay all employees through a full fiscal year and a protocol for closing a school. 

Markell acknowledged the bill was designed to prevent situations like Pencader’s.

The problem was lack transparency and the former school leader running the school like a family business.

“This bill will generally hold our schools more accountable, and yes, that situation is one that we were thinking about,” Markell said. “We continue to learn from the experiences we’ve had and continue to work toward making the system better.”

And the consequences for those not being accountable is NONE! Right Jack? There should be a criminal investigation of Pencader! 

Pencader was the fifth charter school closed since the creation of the charter system in 1995. The Richard Milburn Academy closed willingly in 2000, and Georgetown Charter School surrendered its charter in 2002. The Marion T. Academy Charter School was ordered closed in 2008.

And very little was done to address transparency concerns. 

In 2010, Moyer Academy in Wilmington was ordered closed by the state but was saved by a special state takeover. The school now struggles with low enrollment, and the state Department of Education and Board of Education have been monitoring the situation.

Close it now and save the taxpayers another #350,000.00! DE DOE had the nerve to try and steer Pencader students to Moyer!  

The bill aims to make the charter school application process more transparent, adding public meetings before a final report by the authorizer is issued and requiring authorizers to postapplications on their websites.

Transparency through the application process and none after the approval! The house of horrors where the doors and widows closed behind you as you enter! 

If a student would be eligible for free school lunches at a traditional school, charter schools would be required to provide that student free lunch, too.

Wait I thought charters are public schools?

The Department of Education and state Board of Education would no longer be able to accept only a certain number of charter schools a year. Schools that show outstanding results on their regular charter reviews could be renewed for a 10-year term, rather than the five-year term required under current regulations.

Forget about the renewal process and increase fiscal and governance and establish  transparency quality reviews! Do traditional schools get such critical reviews where they must be forced to close!  No Publius I am not nuts! Enhance transparency by expanding financial reports under a IBU and MBU reporting process and yes recording of board meetings. Credit-card and checkbook registries are already online but need to be real-time! Sure Kilroy is creating a fishbowl but in the long run, leave them alone and let them stay focused on the task of teaching! Real accountability can only be achieved through transparency.        

H.B.# 165 is a charter Trojan Horse

Rep says bill would make charter schools stronger, more accountable By Peter MacArthur

State Representative Earl Jaques is out with a bill he says will make charter schools stronger and more accountable.

House Bill 165 calls for a pre-screening process for those who want to start a charter school and more public input regarding the impact.

It also gives more flexibility to charter schools that succeed and creates a performance fund to help those schools expand their number of high-need students.

It also requires training for board members, school lunches for eligible students and a clear closure protocol. 

No improvement to board transparency! Vote no! 

Today is Pencader’s last day forever! Too bad Publius failed to stand for transparency!

Only if Publius joined Kilroy’s call for real transparency Pencader could have stayed open! When Moyer goes down Publius will be at it again blaming charter naysayers! And let’s not forget weak-knees Matt Denn who is a Dover obstructionist when it comes to transparency of public schools! He doesn’t want transparency because he protects the Wall Street ponzi scheme and Jack Markell’s personal agenda for life after government! What at Putz!

Delaware Libertarian calling out Rodel’s lobbyists

Another question of ethics and integrity for the News Journal: Rodel lobbyists By Delaware Libertarian

Among the more interesting paragraphs in the Harvard Research Group study about the Rodel Foundation and education reform in Delaware is this bit that includes Paul Herdman talking (obviously before the 2012 school board elections) about the new areas Rodel would be moving into:

Read the entire post here!

Did Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy put a E-block on state board of ed recordings ?

I’ve received 10 E-mails stating the State Board Meetings Audio Recordings won’t play! I’ll checked it out and it appears DE DOE put a firewall block that prevents anyone from hearing the recordings! The info comes through but during the play cycle no sound with a message pop-up.

If you are on a state computer via state server you may hear it but not from a private service provider. Hey Matt are you practicing to be Delaware’s next dicktator?

Delaware voters needs to know Matt Denn is a roadblock to pulbic school transparency

Starting July 4, 2013 Kilroy will be rolling out election 2014/2016 and where the the candidates are on advancement of real reform of Delaware public and charter schools. There will be some notable Republicans and Democrats on the anti-transparency list including those who are for it one minute and not the next. Delaware’s Lt. Governor Matt Denn is the biggest roadblock to real public education reform and his lack of support for H.B. #23 is just a window to what kind of governor he’ll be! Another Rodel puppet !

Without real transparency there will be no real accountability in the reform of Delaware’s public schools! Allowing government to be their own watchdog we’ll see the same old cycle of the dog chasing it’s tail when it comes to reforming Delaware’s public schools. It’s pretty sad when we see tomorrow’s labor leaders jumping through the hoops of the Jack Markell and Matt Denn’s wrongheaded education reform agendas! Accountability starts with transparency!  


Hey, after $1.5million to buy legislators in the 2000s, what’s $1500 to buy some teachers for your PR machine? #Rodel #netDE #priceless

Will Matt Denn be Rodel’s pimp for education whores?

The Rodel Foundation of Delaware is currently recruiting teachers to become members of the Rodel Teacher Council.

The Rodel Teacher Council will consist of highly motivated and accomplished teachers who will lend their voice and expertise to improving the education policy landscape in Delaware. The members will advise the Rodel Foundation on critical education reform initiatives, meet with key education stakeholders, visit exemplary schools where innovation is transforming instruction, and help to scale these best practices on instruction and innovation throughout the state. One of the main objectives of the Teacher Council in its first two years of operation will be to explore the opportunities and challenges of incorporating personalized learning techniques into classroom instruction.

I have no doubt Lt. Matt Denn if elected governor Matt will follow in Jack Markell’s knee pads. But for now. I am sure he’ll help Rodel find some education whores to sell Rodel’s Vision 2012, 2015 , 2020!

Taxpayers of Delaware better take notice because Rodel’s investments in education is about using your taxdollars to deliver their education reconstruction plan that calls for Wall Street intervention. Now you know why Matt Denn is the mastermind behind desk drawer vetos when it comes to real transparency of public education. With Matt Denn’s support H.B.#23 is being blocked because charter schools don’t support recording of their public sessions of board meetings. Matt Den knows without real reform in transparency There can’t be real reform in accountability!     

News Journal’s Jimmy Olsen missed a story within a story re: Red Clay

Red Clay kicks off $120M in spending Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

The plan’s first phase will take place at A.I. du Pont High School, where detached trailers are used as classrooms. Those will be replaced when a new addition to the main building is completed in 2014.

“This will make one continuous school building, so students don’t have to walk outside to get from class to class,” said Superintendent Mervin Daugherty. “That makes things nicer and more convenient, but it also makes them safer.

“If there’s a lockdown, we don’t want students to be vulnerable,” he added.

Students are vulnerable in those portable classroom and now the district superintendent has acknowledged it!  OMG the super’s statement could be grounds for lawsuits or support for any potential lawsuits! Also, might even be criminal charges knowing students are at greater risk! OUCH!! A.I. never needed those portable classrooms or the building expansion! If all choice students were sent back to their feeder school or school district A.I. would be under capacity and wouldn’t need those portable classrooms OR building expansion! Thank God Red Clay doesn’t have elementary children in vulnerable portable classrooms.

Jimmy Olsen let this story slip through his hands!

Breaking News! @GovernorMarkell ‘s super-secret, ultra-elite, non-public, FOIA-proof charter workgroup star chamber with no intent to re-write the law offers it’s work product in a completely predictable way: a 15 page polished charter reform legislation draft document with a ridiculous synopsis! #hypocrisy

More backdoor charter school capital funding exposed in Delaware!

JFC discusses charter school funds By Randall Chase, Associated Press via WDEL

For the past several years, charter schools have been allowed to keep the money if their actual costs for student transportation are lower than their state allotment. The goal is to encourage charter schools, whose state share of transportation funding has decreased by about $1.3 million in recent years, to negotiate better contracts.

But Rep. John Kowalko, a Newark Democrat, says the budget provision violates state law and allows charter schools to spend money with no accountability.

Members of the Joint Finance Committee voted Tuesday to keep the provision, but they did add language to specify that any leftover money must be spent on educational purposes.

So shouldn’t the same provision apply to traditional public schools? As far as accountability, there can’t be any without transparency. Its just Markell sticking his ass in the faces of the taxpayers and sowing his seeds for life after the governorship! Markell sticks it to the taxpayers and Matt Denn locks the transparency doors and windows! 


A gift from Kilroy’s daughter Aimee Starrs