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Did Markell give Wireless Generation the green-light to expand personal data of Delaware students ? YEP

Published: Tuesday 30 April 2013 by Peter Rugh; Occupy.com

Last week, students across New York finished a set of tests taken over a two week period designed to measure their proficiency at reading and math against new federal college readiness standards known as Common Core. Some parents opted their children out of the exams in protest against what they described as the school system’s over-emphasis on testing and its use of data as the principle indicator of their children’s achievement.

Starting next year, those scores, along with students’ personal information – race, economic background, report cards, discipline records and personal addresses – will be stored in a database designed by Wireless Generation, a subsidiary of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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Yep Nancy I keep trying to telling our Delaware elected officials No civil rights when it comes to students personal information! #netDE #edude Posted on March 31, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

Delaware Department of Education

Closing Date

Starting Date

Job Listing

May 13, 2013

On or about 7/1/2013

Education Associate, Technology Resources and Data Development

The primary duties of this position are to support, maintain, and expand various DOE data collection and reporting capabilities via systems analysis, design, programming, customization, management, implementation and general support of internal and third party enterprise information/database systems.

Drink the kool-aid clueless parents !!! Drink the Kool-aid clueless state legislators ! Be prepared to be voted out of office Senator Patty Blevins!

Delaware Governor Markell is pissed SB# 21 passed senate vote

Senate Bill # 21

This Bill expands the composition of the State Employees Benefits Committee and provides Delaware public employees with representation on the Committee.

Senate vote: () Passed 4/30/2013 2:41:34 PM-

Yes: 11

No: 8

Not Voting: 1

Absent: 1











































Yep Delaware Governor Jack Markell is pissed! Markell opposed SB#21 because he doesn’t want labor at the table. But don’t worry Markell will find himself another Judas like he did with the former DSEA queen! Markell will find himself some young naive union rep who get’s awestruck in his present. And it looks like the Delaware democrat senators told Governor Markell to kiss their ass with passage of SB#21,  

Delaware’s rush to gun control may impose greater hardship for women

Cloutier’s vote did right by the people who elected her Opinion Letters To The Editor

A recent letter said that Sen. Cathy Cloutier should be “primaried” for a recent vote. Here are the facts: Sen. Cloutier polls her district on a variety of issues on a regular basis. This one bill, on guns and background checks, showed an overwhelming percentage of her constituents were for this bill, especially among women. Good servants of the public vote as the majority of their districts ask them to, which is what she did.

Dave Jones

Very true, those who we elected should represent our views. But once elected as a public officials their actions should be based on the best interest of the community.

Speaking of women, once the mechanics of so-called mental health concerns are ironed out in the background check process women may be subjected to an unfairness and possible denial of owning a gun.

Many women suffer from depression and receive treatment for depression associated with premenopaus,  postpartum depression and depression associated with being a single parent.

Astounding increase in antidepressant use by Americans POSTED OCTOBER 20, 2011, 12:46 PM Peter Wehrwein, Editor, Harvard Health

  • 23% of women in their 40s and 50s take antidepressants, a higher percentage than any other group (by age or sex)

  • Women are 2½ times more likely to be taking an antidepressant than men (click here to read a May 2011 article in the Harvard Mental Health Letter about women and depression)

Sadly to say but treatment of the above falls under mental illness, The process for women who take antidepressants to go through to may be a discouragement to pursue legal gun ownership. Kind of sad that women are often the victims of violent crimes and the process of obtaining a gun may victimize to most vulnerable.

Del. Code tit. 11, §1448

Delaware prohibits the purchase, ownership, possession or control of a firearm or ammunition by any person:

  • Ever committed for a mental disorder to any hospital, mental institution or sanitarium, unless the person possesses a certificate from a medical doctor or psychiatrist licensed in Delaware stating that the person is no longer suffering from a mental disorder which interferes or handicaps the person from handling deadly weapons.

There is a big difference between “committed” and “admitted” to “any hospital. However, Biden proposes gun-control ban for wider mentally ill list “The Biden-backed legislation would require mental health providers to call police if they suspect a patient presents a danger to himself or others. Police would be required to investigate and make a report to the state Department of Justice in determining whether the person should be banned from possessing a firearm.” From what I see “providers” is a broad term beyond a psychologist or psychiatrist. There are many others providing counseling services that fall under some form of mental health provider. Will marriage counselors be required to report such concerns? Put it this way, to be a mental health counselor one does not need a PhD. A minimum of master’s degree is required to be a licensed mental-health counselor. Who are mental health profession referred to in Biden’s proposed legislation? What about one own primary care doctor who often prescribes antidepressants? Now they use electronic medical records! Is big brother setting the platform for more government intrusiveness? Be careful how you express yourself when discussing your “feelings”.  

The argument here is not the need for changes in the law but for thought on the wider impact of a laws created via paranoia and a law that was meant to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. 

Are we creating a witch-hunt mentality that is burdensome for law abiding “citizens” who take action to address the emotional impact of daily life or biological effects of being a female. If our legislators are will to sign onto this legislation why not the step to increase funding for more police and more judges to review criminal cases in a timely manner?

Markell to use Charter School law for HealthSouth Corp’s rehab center

Bill would provide shortcut for rehab hospital to open in Delaware Middletown facility called unnecessary Written by Jonathan StarkeyThe News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell is backing legislation that would allow Alabama-based HealthSouth Corp. to build a rehabilitation hospital in Middletown without a state review, despite a legal challenge and claims that the governor exerted improper political influence to move the deal forward.

What the fuck is going on in this state? We have a governor who is required to uphold our laws and he writes his own! When are we going to require financial disclosure of our governor!

Markell uses his spell over the Delaware democrat controlled House and Senate to swing his  education wrecking ball and now he enters into healthcare!

Sorry to say Matt but Markell is spray painting your political future with shit! The speaker of the house slows legislation adding more transparency to public education but opens the gates for anything Markell wants. We can’t use the charter school law as model for everything Markell wants to do!