Widener law grads cry fraud (Lois Lane we miss you re: K-12)

Widener law school grads cry fraud In suit, law school alumni say university misled them Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal Apr. 27, 2013 10:56 PM

Folks this is a must read Lois Lane article

Christina M. Marinakis distinguished herself early on at Widener University School of Law.

But Marinakis, who passed the Pennsylvania bar exam, could not find work as a lawyer. She kept waitressing

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I wonder, should teachers under fire re: effectiveness that graduated from University of Delaware as education majors sue the U of D? Markell and Arne Duncan can take the witness stand because they say many college and universities aren’t preparing teachers for the classroom.

One response to “Widener law grads cry fraud (Lois Lane we miss you re: K-12)

  1. Kilroy,

    I never student taught and got certified and for 17 years had stellar evaluations. New teachers need great mentors who work with them daily over lunch or cocktails. People who want to teach, want to be good because if your bad your entire day is simply awful. At my soon to be closed charter, I told every family that I always automatically sided with the teacher barring major evidence otherwise. Teachers that get supported and know that such support exists will work hard for they are appreciated. My crew knew that my popping in their classroom wasn’t to play “got ya”, it was to either sit down for a minute – good principals are always out in their building versus cowering in their office – or to observe the pain the ass kid who knew he/she was on my radar aka supporting the teacher. I also greeted each kid by name as they got off the bus so I could ascertain who was coming into the building loaded for bear so I could tip off the teacher’s. I emailed the staff once for teacher’s who get a precious 45 minutes for planning don’t need 171 emails from me. My staff knew if they got sick, needed 30 minutes alone to collect themselves to let me know.
    Teacher’s need support especially with the worsening clientale that is endemic in DE’s school’s anymore. However the game of administration and parent versus the teacher is worse then ever and people wonder why new teacher’s quit in total frustration?
    I told DOE once to pick: did they want me running a new charter or runnning to Dover. Then asked them to make appointments with me at my place. Finally, I told parents the same thing; do you want me responding to emails or seeing that your child gets educated?
    Email and meetings are a HUGE waste of time and yet administrators are compelled to respond to them so good collaboration with teachers and administrators are the victim. In my case I made meetings and emails the victims and until board pomposity, duplicity and ego conspired to erect a 2nd building we could have never afforded for Pencader charter was getting there.
    It saddens me to see it closed.