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OMG! WTF Transparent Christina trips on damning education documentation

BREAKING NEWS!: Smoking gun document reveals Dover duplicity on education funding! by Transparent Christina April 28, 2013

Document leaked by Leg Hall staffer who found it on the floor! It pays to have connections in Delaware since the public has the right to know this stuff. 

Read it all here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Senator Kilroy says, it’s time to expose Dover-gate to the Wall Street ponzi scheme!

Kilroy exploring run for Delaware Senate district 7 (Blevins)

I’ve always said, the people have greater power than their legislators but it looks like Kilroy might have to go to Dover.

Education is a mess and our valued public school teachers are being uses as a whipping post for failed education agendas that have expanded into a Wall Street ponzi scheme. One of the first things I’d do to lead the charge is get Teach for America out of our schools.

Well here is what really pissed me off to consider exploring a senate option. House Bill #23 appears to be held hostage by the speaker of the house! It mustard House Education Committee and now is stuck in the ready list. HB#23 is the legislation that will required all traditional school districts board, votech school districts board and charter school boards to digitally record all public session of school board meetings and post online for all to hear. I am getting information suggesting there is a big push-back from charter schools to stop this legislation. The legislation came out of House Education Committee on 03/27/2013 and sits there circling the feild until the speaker of the house calls it in for a landing for a vote by the Delaware House of Representatives. Word has it the bill will sit to a point its too late for senate education committee and a senate vote. So if it doesn’t come to a vote before end of legislative session I’ll be moving my senate exploratory another step. 

I have no beefs with Senator Blevins but being in the 7th senate district she hold the seat I need to get to Dover. As for all those legislators claiming to be for transparency you better figuring on add more $$$ to your war chest and that includes Markell’s little puppets! 

If I don’t win at least Blevins will have to spend some bucks defending her turf and believe me, I knock on every door in the 7th senate district. Kilroy has well over one million blog hits and will work the blogs, Facebook and Twitter like no other candidate has.          

Kilroy is no Nostradamus but I told you so! Re: Race to The Top / Common Core Standards

Obama’s big second-term education problem Posted by Valerie Strauss on April 28, 2013 Washington Post

Why? However fine the intentions were of the Obama administration officials, critics say that the reforms were not well thought out, not based in solid research and were rushed into implementation. They also say that the totality of the reforms have ignored the most basic problem in public education: equity in educational opportunity. Students from wealthy families continue to do far better than middle-class and lower-class families — and that gap keeps growing.

There are problems with Race to the Top. Many of the states that collectively won more than $4 billion in Race to the Top money are facing big challenges in implementing them according to a February 2013 report by the Education Department.  The biggest problems: implementing new educator evaluation standards and creating sophisticated student data systems that are supposed to be able to inform teaching. The whole notion of competitive grants in education has driven critics to say that the administration has ignored equity issues.

Furthermore, the growth of for-profit charter management companies has highlighted the move toward privatization of public education, which many believe is damaging the country’s most important civic institution.

Just a few selected paragraphs so please read the entire article here 

Widener law grads cry fraud (Lois Lane we miss you re: K-12)

Widener law school grads cry fraud In suit, law school alumni say university misled them Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal Apr. 27, 2013 10:56 PM

Folks this is a must read Lois Lane article

Christina M. Marinakis distinguished herself early on at Widener University School of Law.

But Marinakis, who passed the Pennsylvania bar exam, could not find work as a lawyer. She kept waitressing

Read the entire article here ……………..

I wonder, should teachers under fire re: effectiveness that graduated from University of Delaware as education majors sue the U of D? Markell and Arne Duncan can take the witness stand because they say many college and universities aren’t preparing teachers for the classroom.