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Markell’s Mckinsey buddies don’t have the love for China’s education as Markell #netDE #edude @ed_in_de @ dedeptofed


A report by the McKinsey consulting from called China’s Looming Talent Shortage China’s education system a “stuffed duck”—one that emphasizes the regurgitation of outdated knowledge and leaves students lacking in language skills and practical experience—attributes employers are look for in a global market place. Chinese educators are increasingly looking at Western models that emphasize critical, thinking and creativity as models to follow to improve learning and education in China. It is a bit ironic while China is doing this United States is aiming to improve its education system by taking a more test-centered, math-focused approach like that used in Asia.

Well in case you didn’t know, Delaware’s education czar sometimes governor Jack Markell was once a pay consultant  for McKinsey.

Markell wants to teach every Delaware student communist Chinese, oops I mean Chinese language skills. No more than 1% of Delaware public school students will go on to use those language skills in the so-called global market. But you know, if we taught all the same students Spanish more than 50% would be able use those skills in Delaware’s economy! Those who speak Spanish get extra points even on a McDonald’s job application. 

Back to the Shanghai education experiment!

Top Test Scores From Shanghai Stun Educators By SAM DILLON Published: December 7, 2010 New York Times.

With China’s debut in international standardized testing, students in Shanghai have surprised experts by outscoring their counterparts in dozens of other countries, in reading as well as in math and science, according to the results of a respected exam

Class who can tell me what country Shanghai is in? Yep, you got it China! So why are we comparing all of  American students who took the PISA Test to only students in Shanghai? The Shanghai education experiment is nothing more than a super charter school experiment drawing the best and brightest students from around China. Kind of like Charter School of Wilmington with overachievers. Not bashing CSW but just making an comparison. I wonder how CSW students performed on the PISA in contract to Shanghai? 

PISA scores are on a scale, with 500 as the average. Two-thirds of students in participating countries score between 400 and 600. On the math test last year, students in Shanghai scored 600, in Singapore 562, in Germany 513, and in the United States 487.

What was CSW score?

In science, Shanghai students scored 575. In second place was Finland, where the average score was 554. The United States scored 502 — in 23rd place — with a performance indistinguishable from Poland, Ireland, Norway, France and several other countries.

What was CSW score?

For one thing, Shanghai is a huge migration hub within China. Students are supposed to return to their home provinces to attend high school, but the Shanghai authorities could increase scores by allowing stellar students to stay in the city, he said. And Shanghai students apparently were told the test was important for China’s image and thus were more motivated to do well, he said.

And there you have the Shanghai charter school agenda! 

Hey Joe Biden! If you run for president and win (OMG) will you please appoint Jack Markell Ambassador to China? Jack seems real good at kissing communist China’s ass! 

Delaware 2013 school board election drawing very little excitement

School board elections across  Delaware are set for May 14, 2013 and from I see and hear it’s going to be a low turnout.

For Colonial, in 2012 and 2011 there was no voting as the candidate was unopposed.  In 2010 the was only 440 votes cast. This year two seats are opened and one unopposed. Perhaps with the June 4th referendum pending there might be some school board election excitement.  

Christina has three seats open with two unopposed. I am sure Mayor Williams and Jea Street will excite the community to come out for their chosen one. Last year’s election drew 1429 votes.

Brandywines last election where voting actually took place the turn out was 690 votes.

Appoquinimink had 1159

Red Clay 2,735

I assume many people think school board elections are waste of time or perhaps feel special interest voting overwhelms the citizen votes. However, with Governor Markell’s ego out of control  and in control of nearly every superintendent and school boards across the state why waste the gas to vote!

In case you didn’t know, school board members are “elected unpaid public officials”. Many board members can’t comprehend they are elected officials and have every right to question how Governor Markell and the U.S. Department of Education push their overreaching Wall Street ponzi scheme. But for the most part, “most” school board members sit back like deer in the headlights. Many can’t see their superintendent is nothing more than a political ass-kisser!

In other political elections we often hear people say, my vote don’t matter. However, with school board election we hear, school boards are a joke or it’s a waste of time! United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan claims, “education is the most important civil rights issues of this generation”. From what I see, more civil rights have been taken from this generation and the next with intrusive Wall Street laced education agendas. Federal law, Title 1 Section 1118 gave parents unique empowerment yet it has been defaced by school superintendents, Jack Markell, Arne Duncan and even President Obama with Joe Biden sitting on the sidelines with his thumb up his ass. Jea Street knows about about Section 1118. But it really doesn’t matter to the status quo because Title 1 parents a poor and manipulable, clueless as mushroom growing in the dark. Programs like Race to The Top a federal “grant” not mandate somehow supersedes Title 1 laws and RTTT came before NCLB waviers. Title 1 law Section 1118 was violated. Markell signed on to Race to The Top and then parental indoctrination came.  School board members voting for the RTTT MOU didn’t and for many don’t understand what they voted for. But that vote came under threat of Markell’s local state budget cuts. He made school boards an offer they couldn’t refuse! Unions jumped in bed with Markell and “limo” deals were made! Judas goes to Dover, Skip get’s to look like an ass in public, Merv shows off his new Brooks Brothers suit, Lillian was queen for a day and Jack got to verbally masturbate in Washington , D.C. and our children were sold down the river !

Local school board members often say, our hands are tied and you need to go to Dover or contact you local state representative or senator. What a joke there! The board pretty-much tied their own hands and many legislators lineup on their knees in front of Jack Markell like they are receiving communion but it ain’t bread and wine Jack is handing out!

Delaware’s public schools need a new breed of school board members! Ones who can show independence and realize they can tell Secretary of Education Markell Murphy to kiss their ass!

School board elections are in a little more than two-weeks away! Jimmy Olsen of the News Journal will put out his lame school board candidate survey that doesn’t challenge candidate enough to really define them! Same old shit, were for this, were for that and I am for equitable education! It’s very doubtful any board candidate will rise up to represent the Title 1 parents and students and certainly not question resegregation concerns! God forbid scaring the white people out in the suburbs! The archers will lineup around Camelot and say, you’re not busing my kids to Wilmington and too fucking bad for the city kids, their parents wanted busing and they got it! As long as Wall Street and Washington intrudes of local school board control with Jack Markell capitalizing our school boards are pretty much ineffective. Governor Markell is the worst governor on public education in the history of Delaware. But please vote and then you have a ticket to step-up and criticize those the public elects to represent our school children.