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Delaware Libertarian kicks Rodel’s Herdman in the balls

Paul Herdman and Vision 2015: It is all the teachers’ fault …. The Delaware Libertarian April 26, 2013

And, finally, the BIG LIE of Vision 2015, and the reason that you must NEVER look behind the curtain.  Here’s what Vision 2015 told us in 2007 was absolutely ESSENTIAL for public education success in Delaware:

“State funding high enough so districts and schools do not need to rely on local referenda to meet Vision 2015 standards”

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Red Clay school board candidates responding to Kilroy

I had two Red Clay school board candidate respond to questions within this previous post Open message to Red Clay school board candidates Posted on April 20, 2013 by kilroysdelaware |

Adriana Bohm responded to Question 5.  What is your opinion on the concerns of teacher retention? What ideas would you bring to the table to address  this crisis? Go here to see the entire response which is very insightful 

           Just  a sample of Adriana’s response

Teacher retention and stability are highly correlated with student success and achievement on both domestic and international levels. Furthermore, research suggests that student perception of school climate is highly correlated with student success. This means that kids need to see the same people day in and day out, in order to build relationships of trust and longevity, and students also need to feel important and valuable, as do their parents. The mere perception of trust leads to heightened academic progress. This is important. Therefore, creating long-term educator, administrative and staff stability along with a school culture which accepts and celebrates our Children– from every background is of paramount importance.

I did respond to a phone call from board candidate Bryan Tracy in regards to recent News Journal articles where Wilmington Mayor, New Castle County Executive Gordon and Jea Street raised concerns about education in general and education concerns within Wilmington.

Bryan and I agree the issues are very complex that overlap in legal aka laws, social and school districts. What Bryan plans to do if Red Clay school board and administration is in agreement, is help set an environment to engage Wilmington officials and community leaders within in a committee form to review the issues and discuss options. I can agree with meaningful formal dialogue and with hopes of all public school districts within the city of Wilmington boundaries joining together, the school community can at least close the fractures in communications.

This applies to all board members and candidates, no one board member has greater power than another! So ideas and opinions to solutions can only bear fruit it there is a board consensus. No matter which candidate is elected the time has come to step-back and list the areas of concern such as with Wilmington and find common ground and solutions.        

Yikes ! Did Pencader forget about the IRS fines and 990 forms?

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Tax-deductible contributions may be made to an organization whose tax-exempt status is subsequently reinstated, and that is listed in this Exempt Organizations Select Check as being eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

What every happen to the IRS penalty of $75.00 per day?  I don’t see any reports  that it has been paid , deferred or addressed! FYI !!!!!!!!!! The IRS must be paid before creditors or somebody might be going to cross bar hotel!

OMG! Did the News Journal uncover a Pencader / State lie?

Pencader Charter School gets $350,000 from Delaware to help pay bills; Pencader Charter School gets $350,000 from Delaware to help pay bills Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal Apr. 25, 2013 11:41 PM

The standoff between the state Department of Education and Pencader Charter is over after the state agreed Thursday evening to pitch in $350,000 to brace the troubled school’s budget through the end of the year, school and state officials said.

The state is pitching in $350,000.00.

“Make no mistake, this is a burden to the State,” McLaughlin also said. “But at the end of the day, these are teachers who have earned salaries by educating hundreds of Delaware’s students. While we may not have a legal obligation to cover their salaries for Pencader, we value their work and want to ensure these educators are not the ones hurt by the school’s financial mistakes.”

The statement said Pencader still faces a $113,000 shortfall it will need to fill by negotiating with its creditors. McIntosh said he was confident the school would be able to do that.

The state say Pencader still faces a $113,000.00 shortfall.

$350,000.00 state aid + $118,000.00 remaining shortfall = $468,000.00 WTF ! I think it’s time for the Delaware legislators to call in Fisker , I mean Secretary of Education Mark Murphy for a good old fashion ass ripping! Where is a state audit of taxpayers money? What fuck is going on? Why is DE DOE getting one Pencader detailed financial report and the public gets a condensed report! Let’s have is all, IBUs and MBUs! Wait ! Delaware changed them to Operating Units and Object Codes! I guess this was done to protect the Dover crooks! 

There was never a mention of $468,000.00 being needed!  

Pencader’s provides closure details Jimmy Olsen forgot! Letter from Pencader

Dear Members of the Pencader Community,

This evening, members of the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept a proposal from the Department of Education to provide funding that will allow the school to close the academic year in a normal fashion.

The school year will conclude at the end of May.  The last student day will be on May 29th and the last teacher workday will be May 31st.  Extra seat hours had been built into the original calendar for the 2012-13 academic year.  Therefore, the new closing date will not prevent students from receiving full credit for their coursework completed during the second semester.  The schedule for seniors remains unchanged and ALL school activities scheduled for the remainder of the year, including the Prom on May 23rd and Graduation on June 6th, will go on as planned.

This proposal will allow teachers to be paid in full for the time they have worked and students to not face the uncertainty of having to move around to new environments during the last few weeks of school.  In the coming days we will be scheduling dates for final exams and provide students and parents with a revised calendar.

The Board and administration know that the past couple of weeks have been stressful times for everyone in the school community.  Hopefully, we can now work towards making the last few weeks of school ones that celebrate the achievements of our student body.


Steven Quimby

School Leader