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Just a rumor !! Dover may be buckling under for Peccader

This is a weak rumor! I try to weigh the rumors based on creditable sources. However, I received communication from a new source! So what the hell! Rumor has it Markell is willing to make sure teachers are compensated for staying on the job and DE DOE will make every effort to assist with employment placement! This is one time it’s good to know Chinese! Somebody has a job! 😉 One down! There may be a press release coming early a.m. after DE DOE’s meeting with the Pencader teachers. Word has it Dover doesn’t want Pencader Frank making the announcement  because he’ll claim it’s his victory!

A “NO” vote in Colonial is the right way to vote No for Race to The Top

Colonial School District plans 72 layoffs if referendum fails Written by The News Journal

The Colonial School District will lay off 72 people, including 58 teachers, if voters don’t approve a tax increase, according to a plan approved by the school board Tuesday night.

Colonial needs some of this money to continue to fund Race to The Top programs after next year! PLEASE VOTE NO IN COLONIAL’S REFERENDUM.

I don’t like to see anyone especially teachers lose their jobs. However, they FUCKED us by supporting Race to The Top! Parents didn’t get to vote on Race to The Top, Common Core Standards or the Smarter Balanced Assessment. This just a cup of coffee a day to fund another referendum is bullshit! Over the years we done gave the coffee, the cup, the pot and the fucking stove to cook it on! This referendum will add financial pressure on local business that could cost provident sector jobs! NO !   

End the Race to The Top Wall Street ponzi scheme!  

Bonuses for teacher and the bone for the troops

Outcry erupts over 1% pay raise proposed for military by Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY

Military families and their advocates are battling an Obama administration proposal to limit troops’ pay raises to 1% in 2014, the lowest increase in half a century.

It just amazes me that billions of dollars are being poured into education for things like teacher boneses and the Race to The Top Wall Street ponzi scheme and we can only afford 1% raise for our troops! Sad day in America!

OMG! Reading the Pencader smoke signals!

Pencader smoke signals are saying Pencader’s graduation will be June 6th at the Chase Center!  I wonder if the Chase Center is donating services because it would be a waste of needed closure money! No reason graduation can’t be at Pencader. There are about 95 seniors.

Smoke signals also saying , DE DOE is meeting with Pencader teachers tomorrow. Perhaps Markell took Kilroy’s advice and are paying out teacher directly no via the hands of the incompetent school board!

Delaware Libertarian professor calls SB#51 “pure political show”

Teacher education reform: solving another problem we don’t have The Delaware Libertarian Wednesday April 24, 2013

SB 51 is bad law, concocted for pure political show, and determined to solve a problem that does not exist in order to distract everyone from examining the real flaws in the system.

Our state universities are already providing quality entry-level teachers, and they are doing under the rigorous supervision of a national accrediting agency.

Match these gateways against one other reality that the Markell administration and its Rodel allies would like to brush aside:  there is ABSOLUTELY NO RESEARCH to suggest that new teachers being graduated by our state universities are either (A) unqualified or (B) have worse results in the classrooms than their peers.

Frederika Jenner has also provided the DSEA endorsement for the idea.  Great–the organization that signed off on Race to the Top has just signed off on another deal to make it more difficult for young people to enter the profession.  There is little indication that the rank and file among DSEA’s membership actually supports this bill.

I just copied a few paragraphs, The other stuff is professor ed talk lacking bitch-slapping :).

Go read it all and please comment at the professor’s blog here>>>>>>