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Walking the school board candidacy tightrope @netDE #deude

As you noticed Kilroy hasn’t been engaging the school board races in usual style. In the past like others, Kilroy was fixated move on who is backing the candidate more than substance of the candidates themselves. This year I stepped back and looking more at the process and art of running for a school board seat.

As usual school board candidates will tell you what they support or oppose! But the reality is, they tend to focus on what they support like transparency for an example. At the end of the day it all comes down to “votes” and how to get all you can. There is not much debate on the fact that more affluent parents and community members carry the bulk of the vote and many at the poverty level carry the least! Then there is the labor vote that tends to make or break the vote but that isn’t always a given. Board candidates tend to do better when they have a campaign mangers. But I do have a concern that could question the character of a candidate.

The game seems to be get elected first and then work on your agenda once inside. Votes are what make it happen. This year we have concerns with Wilmington city public school students who some feel are being under-served, abandoned, discriminated against and aren’t getting a fair and equitable education.

If a candidate were to be the voice of the underdogs raising concerns about re-segregation via de facto segregation, inequities associated with choice transportation and flaws in the charter school laws that allow discrimination based on lack academic achieve they would alienate those who want to protect the status quo. If any candidate were to promote plans or ideas that could call for addressing feeder-patterns whereas suburban students might be assigned to a city school, their chances of being elected will be null. The only way to counter a vote from the affluent parents whom many are just happy with the way things are, no force busing to the city is to build a serious grassroots campaign among the undeserved and those who are concerned about the disparities that negatively impact city students. Wilmington parents will take to the streets for an injustice inflicted on a teen in Florida but yet stay in their homes as their children are being ignored and in the case of Red Clay aren’t provided with a city middle and high school. From what I see, the Neighborhood Schools Act was designed to accommodate white suburban students.

The best way for a school board candidate to gain the most votes is play-up to the status quo and spit-out shallow concerns about the disparity without making any promises! Arne Duncan and Al Sharpton sang in harmony, “education is the most important civil right issue of this generation”. Yet when it comes to inspiring a civil rights movement to create change on the a school board the community fails to ignite and unite! The city of Wilmington has a fragmented minority voice and no clear voice for the public education needs of the children within. To start a movement to wake a community to stand for their children is near impossible with unity and one voice! I don’t see how any movement based on kissing the white man’s to get elected and than roll-out the black Trojan Horse once elected is going to work! The flip-side is, being a supporter of agendas of the status quo but raising concerns about the minority issues doesn’t show promise! I am going to use Jea Street as an example in this analogy. Jea Street will get up on his soapbox a speak his mind, heart and soul! Kind of like Kilroy but Kilroy gets his fire form folks like Jea! I don’t claim to be the voice for minorities just a voice of concern! Jea with all his fire can’t raise that movement needed to ignite and unite! So where does a school board candidate go who has a passion for civil rights issues with in public education? It all SUCKS!

In a few days the News Journal will share it’s findings via a survey asked of school board candidates. Some of my concerns / issues might be within. I guess we need to be thankful to the News Journal for taking time out of their Jack Markell knee pad tour because, there appears to be no public debates for school board candidates this year. 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Delaware State Rep John Kowalko to expose Delaware DOE’s lies

Coming from reliable sources Kilroy gets word that Delaware State Representative John Kowalko is making himself available to Christina School District in the event they request a hearing protesting DE DOE’s decision to punish high poverty children because CSD refuses to play along with a $20,000.00 bonus for so-call highly effective teachers, DE DOE is taking not just the money designated for teacher bonuses but all Race to The Top money for next year, year four and final year of Race to The Top. Word has Kowalko is pissed how DE DOE walks around as if the world can kiss their ass and how DE DOE can’t give straight answer when questioned by a state legislator.

Was Delaware DOE caught in a lie to DE state board of ed #netDE #eduded @destateboarded @dedeptoged

UPDATE: DID DOE LIE ABOUT THE EMAIL SENT TO PENCADER PARENTS? by Children and Educators First April 19, 2013

UPDATE:   A pencader parent contacted me to inform me that the following letter/email was NOT mass distributed.  Parent states it was sent only to those who contacted DOE directly and that The PARENTS IN GENERAL have not received any OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION from DOE regarding the APRIL 30 threat of CLOSURE.

Read more here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ANOTHER UPDATE  April 22, 2013 

DOE Questionable Statement to SBE – A lie? IDK – An Untruth, YES! Children and Educators First

Message to Red Clay school board canidates

Open message to Red Clay school board candidates Posted on April 20, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

Step right this way Red Clay school board candidates>>>>>>

Christina needs “not” to spend $$$$ fighting Markell RTTT decision #netDE #edude

“Teachers are telling us the money’s not the most important thing, it’s classroom support,” Polaski said. “There a lot of factors that go into that, but we’re hearing from teachers that they would be attracted to a school that has all the latest teaching technology.” from the News Journal 

All these year people have been bitching about unions milking $$$ the system and we have the government trying to force them to take money for doing the jobs they are getting paid to do! Perhaps the Markell Wall Street crooks wants everybody to take a cut of the spoils of their crime so that when it’s finger pointing time all is to blame! 

Christina needs not to spend money on lawyers to fight a losing battle with Markell! Race to The Top ends next year and nowhere in the MOU did they agree to a 5th year Markell is requesting. Yes Jimmy Olsen a 5th Race to The Top year using carryover money from the four-year original grant! Ask Markell about it rookie!

Hey Christina school board! Ask Mayor Williams if he is willing to forgo city wage  tax to help retain and attract teachers! Ask Williams if he’ll give police bonuses for each wanted criminal they take off the street! If we need to look at pay compensation it high poverty schools let’s do it and make it long-term and yes be more selective on those hired!