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Is Christina’s Super Dr. Freeman Williams black enough?

I’ve been sitting back thinking about the recent events in Christina School District and the attacks made against the school board and Superintendent Dr. Freeman Williams. Jea Street’s letter called for three board members and Dr. Freeman to resign. Councilman Jea Street calls three Christina board members & super “obstructionists” and wants them to resign! #netDe Posted on March 18, 2013 by kilroysdelaware. Wilmington Mayor Williams and New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon did some bitch-slapping but not directed at individuals. A little more tactful and more on the board issues. OMG! Wilmington Mayor and County Executive spank local school superintendents #netDE #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed Posted on April 2, 2013 by kilroysdelaware |

Believe it or not I am a big fan of Jea Street and did call for the support of Gordon and Williams during their campaigns. And I am not changing those views. Jea will tactfully tell you to kiss his ass and gee, so will Kilroy! Gordon may be getting in over head on the education issues and Williams had many opportunities to address some of those concerns while he was a state legislator. Playing the mayoral control of education game is not going to happen in Wilmington.

As far as Dr. Freeman Williams being black enough, I don’t mean that is a disrespectful way. Dr. Freeman has been around a long time in education and knows the racial concerns within education and perhaps if given a few shots of Wild Turkey he just my put all on the table. So my reference is meant to suggest minority community leaders may be questioning Dr. Freeman’s loyalty to the minority community. FYI, I am sure his loyalty is to all “children” and he has a grip on the concerns within all minority groups and non minorities. Expecting Dr, Freeman to stop the world and address some of these outrageous accusations is ludicrous. The man struggles for independence from an overreaching federal and state government! He wasn’t the super who bought into the Race to The Top Wall Street Ponzi scheme and the way it looks he’s not about to kiss Jack Markell’s ass or that of those community who serve Jack. Asking him as a new leader of CSD to just sit-back and ride out the Race To The Top nightmare is nuts. Teachers nor anyone in education should get a bonus for doing their jobs.  Why didn’t Lowery just follow Dr. Wise’s agenda?          

Honestly, the real problem for the black community is there is no unified black voice. That voice is so fragmented it can’t be taken serious. It’s like tag-teaming where each black leaders takes turns! I suggest calling for a committee / work-group between all school districts serving Wilmington and Wilmington leaders. But who is the aire to the throne for the black community and black voice? Who carries the blood of real civil rights leaders in their soul? When someone advocates for a job for an old school yard buddy it’s WTF! Kilroy was indoctrinated by the disciple of Hick Anderson and yet every-time I go to a rally or an event that questions education for minorities I don’t hear one person speaking Hick’s name! Not even a shout-out to Norm! But I know one thing, sister  Margaret has no problem getting up in the black rooster’s face! 

It’s so ironic that the new education reform model is called Race to The Top where money intended for the bottom moves towards the middle and top! Why is Race to The Top funding used to pay for all student’s SAT test and no just for the ones who can’t afford it / Title 1 students? Why are we pissing money away in teaching third-graders Chinese when lest than 1% will go onto to use it whereas 50% would be better served learning Spanish to better serve domestic needs and the emerging Americas? Shit you have a better chance of getting a job at McDonald’s if you speak Spanish! And why reward $$$ teachers for doing their jobs? Some blacks feel they are left-out of the conversation and whose fault is that? Where is the unified black voice? I am not black and perhaps it’s not my place to speak up! Will the real black man stand up? Sister don’t you dare drink that kool-aid!     

Open message to Red Clay school board candidates

It appears there won’t be any public debates between Red Clay school board candidates. I see no schedules as to where candidates will be such as PTA meetings or a meet and greet events at local Dunkin Donuts as an example. No schedule as to what neighborhood they’ll be campaigning in and when. Looking at a few candidate website I see no contact E-mail or phone number! I do see where one can complete a contact info box and assume candidate will get back to  that person. Can all of you please post at least your E-mail in plain view. Kilroy can find you but those without Kilroy’s network might not.

Resume and what one stands for is fine. However, specifics on how one might address the issues is really needed! Being a cheerleader for all the established successful program is wonderful. Being for for transparency is a no-brainer. But laying out a plan of action or some pathway to achieve those goals would be nice and expected.

An old wise cajun bird once told me, no one board member has greater power than another board member. This is true and one board member can’t effectively make change without majority support of other board members. 

Question 1) As a newly elected board member what steps / action will you take to address concerns of resegregation or perhaps de facto segregation and related compounding issues within such as school Choice, charter schools, magnet schools  and Neighborhood Schools / assigned feeder-patterns?

Question 2) Do you support Race to The Top? (and why to your answer)

Question 3) Do you support charter schools (and why to your answer)

Question 4) Do you support teacher bonuses associated with Race to The Top or without Race to The Top (and why to your answer)

Question 5 ) What is your opinion on the concerns of teacher retention? What ideas would you bring to the table to address  this crisis?

Though Kilroy isn’t the News Journal and doesn’t have their reach, Kilroy does have a good fooling and I am sure everyone would like to hear your responses, So with all respects please consider responding to the question in the comment section and I’ll move into body of post! Thank you

FYI, since I am asking the questions for the benefit of the community I am not going to comment or respond. As for as others. I ask that they be nice and stick to the topic.