Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

Pencader’s hocus-pocus financial reports! One for you and one for DE DOE

Lizzie obtained Pencader’s detailed November 2012 monthly report from DE DOE. Thanks for sharing Lizzie and check out what Lizzie has. As you see in the attachment, the report is far more detailed that what Pencader provided the public on line. Go here as see what Pencader allows the public to see unless they file a FIOA click November 2012 Web Report. The  web report is just a summary whereas what DE DOE get’s is more detailed. You would think with parents on Pencader school board they would step-up and demand change to this apparent policy. But all is too late and yes indeed we can thank some Pencader parents for sleeping on the job. Wake up and smell the coffee and realized where the blame is! DE DOE has a representative on Pencader’s Citizen Budget Oversight Committee and why didn’t they suggest providing the taxpaying public and parents a complete financial picture of Pencader?