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Delaware State Board of Ed to discuss Pencader closure preparations 4/18/2013

State Board of Education – Regular Monthly Meeting4/18/2013 – 9:00 AM

Cabinet Room Townsend Building, 401 Federal Street Dover, DE

V. B. 4. d. Update on Closure Preparations for Pencader Charter School (For Information)



Mr. Carwell will update the Board on efforts by the DOE regarding the upcoming closure of Pencader Charter High School.

Well Pencader parents here is you opportunity this Thursday April 18, 2913 ti get straight answers about how a possible April 3oth Pencader bankruptcy declartion will impact the remainder of the school year. Pencader and students need to be their in force to demand answers!   

Also, there is some concerns with the “New” Maurice J Moyer Charter school.

V. B. 4. e. Update on Status and Progress of New Moyer Academy

Update on Status and Progress of New Moyer Academy since March meeting’s discussion of deliverables and additional review of these submissions (For information/Discussion)

If you listened the recording of last month meeting you’ll hear some serious concerns about Moyer!

Moyer failed to make it’s enrollment target and only has 182 students where as it approved charter enrollment is 365.  Here you go, Moyer’s website no IRS990 form posted as required by law! Where’s Waldo re: board minutes and agendas? Where is the link to the required Citizen Budget Oversight Committee? Maybe I just can’t find them! So you try! They have not problem advertising for K12.Inc 


Looks like Markell is holding back on the release of the FY2013 3 QTR online checkbook registry! AGAIN! Who we protecting now Jack?

Arne Duncan in town today and Governor Markell drops to his knees

US Education Secretary Duncan visits Wilmington school by The News Journal Apr. 15, 2013 2:44 PM

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and a host of state officials visited St. Michael’s School and Nursery in Wilmington today to visit with teachers and kids. 

Both the U.S. Department of Education and the Delaware Department of Education are launching campaigns to boost early education before students get to kindergarten.

President Barack Obama has tasked Duncan with implementing a $75 billion campaign to pay for improvements and accountability at preschools and day cares nationwide. 

Gov. Jack Markell is pushing an overhaul of the state’s early learning programs as well, funneling more than $72 million into a campaign to better judge schools’ performance and provide them with more resources.

Yep and you can bet the $75 billion will be a competitive grant! One thing for sure is we need to see these funds go to “private” preschools not preschools run by Delaware public or charter schools! We don’t need a screw up with Baby Race to The Top! 

Jimmy Olsen’s comment about Markell funneling more that #72 million is typical NJ covering Markell’s ass! The $72 million will be taken from other programs and shifted to preschool programs! The local taxpayers we bear the burden of covering those other programs. 

Time to get serious re: Pencader

I know a few of you wish I not continue the Pencader conversation. And some of you somehow think a blog influenced a demise of Pencader! The facts remain Pencader is to close after this school year and adults at Pencader and DE DOE are the ones who failed not the kids! If any teacher should get a bonus it should be all of Pencader teachers who stayed on board when the ship was leaking! 

There is NO way Markell will abandon the Pencader kids if the board files bankruptcy and calls for closing the doors May 1. I assume Markell will come up with the bucks to pay the teachers to say on until the last day of school. My guess he’ll send in a DE DOE person(s) to oversee daily operation in regards to student academic needs. The Landlord isn’t going to throw anyone out or lock the doors. They are good people who did everything they could to “help” Pencader. Power / utilities  can be taken out of Pencader’s name and put in the state’s and the board assumes any outstanding debt. The state turns off utilities at the end of the school year! Transportation and food service for the time the state steps in say May 1 until the end of the school year June 30th would have to be paid by the state. It can be done! Proms or graduation dances are pretty much on the PTO. HOWEVER, there is a serious structure failure with in the Delaware Department of Education Charter School Office! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO BE FIRED! 

What is going on now is Pencader Frank playing political hostage with children pushing Markell to fork over funds to keep Pencader open! SHAME ON FRANK! Once again the bullshit is being played in the dark! I Wouldn’t transfer one penny to him! 

Now is the time for PARENTS to contact DE DOE and Markell to ask WHAT IF Pencader files bankruptcy and say they are closing Pencader before the end of school year? WHERE IS THE PTO LEADERSHIP???? WHERE IS THE ORGANIZED VOICE OF THE PARENTS?

Pencader failed as a charter school!

Message to Markell clones reading this! Please tell the governor to at least make some kind of statement ensuring the families that student will complete the school year at Pencader! The law is the law and the state has legal obligation to public education, To the legislators, it is very clear we need policies pertaining to charter school closures. What is the state’s policy and procedure plans in regards to closing charter schools? Also, WHY hasn’t the state auditor conducted an investigate? 

As long as Pencader is a functioning corporation I am limited to what I can say about what I know!

Parents please step-up and and be your child’s advocate and don’t wait for a Pencader script to speak!

Somebody put gunpowder in Lizzie’s eggs re: Pencader

Pencader Deficit at $200,000 – $300,000 Mark! Explosive Allegations from BOD PRES AGAINST DOE! by Children and Educators First

A first in a Red Clay school board race! Board candidate webpage in Spanish

Vote por Bryan Tracy para la Junta Escolar

Bannowsky’s 2008 education views still hold true to this day

Phillip Bannowsky can be found over at the blog Broken Turtle, A Personal Invitation from Phillip Bannowsky ( a good post to start with.

The following is one of the most fascinating and insightful editorials in the News Journal’s history. 

Hopefully NJ’s Jimmy Olsen can take notes and move his work from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Lois, take this Texas Cajun Olsen out for a taste of some good-old Delaware scapple and bitch-slap him.    

So-called school reform serves corporate ends
Published in the (Wilmington, Delaware) News Journal April 7, 2008
By Phillip Bannowsky 

Please read the entire article, I selected a few sections for comment, Read here>>

Populated with key Vision 2015 players, the LEAD Committee concocted management’s dream list of demands: replace educators’ guaranteed retirement with 401(k) plans, multiply the student load of administrators, and slash the wages of blue- collar contractors. 

That’s not exactly the best way to attract the most capable teachers, principals and construction workers

And my longstanding opinion still remains, busting the teacher unions is a steppingstone to busting the prevailing wage. 

The momentum of this corporate-led juggernaut is impressive. Blessed by the Legislature and Gov. Minner, Vision 2015 and its Broad and Rodel foundation architects have corralled politicians, school board members and administrators from across Delaware into its training seminars and retreats.

And they want to turn teachers into facilitators of a narrow curriculum driven by the corporate script rather than a broad education for children that includes teacher flexibility to make learning exciting, interesting and with free thinking. Give it time and we’ll see the corporate Six Sigma folks coming in and rationing copy-paper.

Why, you might ask, shouldn’t corporations have a chance to fix what the public sector has allegedly fouled up? 

They’ve had their chance. For example, partly to qualify for a $1.5 million Broad Foundation urban schools grant, former Christina School District Superintendent Joseph Wise moved district offices to Wilmington. When the district’s $20 million shortfall was exposed, the Broad Foundation was ready with self-serving nostrums. In a February column published in The News Journal, Eli Broad touted his pet cure-all — charter schools.

And let us not forget DSTP was the brainchild of the business roundtable to reengineer public education that included tying 20% of teachers pay to a flawed standardized test signed by Governor Carper in return for a $$$$ ticket to Washington. Also, let us not forget Jack Markell was a member of the Rodel Foundation advisory board. Here is the Business Roundtable of Delaware Education Committee Inc’s 2011 IRS 990 Form  See Part 1 “Mission”, see Part III re: Vision 2015 and see see Schedule I Part II Grants and other Assistance re: Teach for America one of Eli broad’s favorite charities.

DSTP was flawed out of the starting gate in Spring of 1998 despite warnings from leading education researchers pointing the finger towards unintended student consequences and even concerns about teaching to the test! Markell was part of the network that gave us DSTP and yet failure is rewarded with another  opportunity to reform Delaware’s public education! Make note, DSTP had nothing to do with NCLB that came in 2001. It was twisted and manipualted to conform with  NCLB. Where did former the director of assessment for DE DOE John Tanner go? Or rather chased away be the overambitious business roundtable? He went to Harcourt Assessment the testing company Delaware hired for DSTP. When confronted by “Kilroy” about the negative impact of diploma ratings on Title 1 students whom many would be rated “basic”, Tanner reply was “every war has it’s victims”. Yep! That’s what the BYU boy said! Kilroy was labeled a “misguided parent”. Looks like DSTP wasn’t flawed until the likes of Jack Markell said it was. 

Remember that high-stakes testing and the No Child Left Behind law were portrayed as a grass-roots movement, although no one but corporate bean counters and captive politicians wanted it — not parents, not students, and certainly not educators.

But yet the Bush brothers Jeb and Neil capitalized on it and let’s not forget charter school Frank Biden down in Florida. Notice just went NCLB’s 100% proficiency requirement were about due in comes the NCLB wavier topped-off with Race to The Top $$$. Just another reward for failing! 

Busing, charter schools, home schooling, vouchers, high-stakes testing, private schools and gender segregation, for all their attractions, limit community choices to choices that limit community. 

The stewardship of public education is hard work, which we must not surrender to private interests at odds with community ends.

There was no surrendering because the likes Jim Jones Jack Markell poured the tainted Kool-aid and laced the pockets of the Uncle Toms with greenback to keep the most neediest community dumb-down. Education has become a capitalist dream and poverty within has become the profit center. Until schools return to the control of the community, education reform models will expand adding more administration, more consultants, more Wall Street profits and less resources for the classrooms. The reason the Markell’s of the world aren’t getting serious about reducing class-size is because, they fear teachers might prove the Washington with Wall Street in tow reform models wrong. As far as Wilmington Delaware education failures, there is no unified voice for change. Just those claiming to be civil rights leaders who need to check-in with Markell before preaching to the community! When there is money and jobs for old schoolyard buddies coming out of the mouths of the righteous you can bet it’s not about the kids!