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Here they go again! Another save education reform model! “Alliance of Model Schools” #netDE #edude @destateboardofed

The Alliance Vision (Innovative Schools)

The Alliance of Model Schools is pioneering partnerships committed to fostering forward-thinking innovations in the design and delivery of education across Delaware. We believe that our bold vision, shared goals and innovative strategies will empower us to close persistent achievement gaps, promote greater educational equity and opportunity for all students, and lead educators into a new era. By redesigning public schools, we envision the knowledge, skills and habits of mind that were once the possession of a few becoming the universal standard for all. Our students will not only be proficient in the traditional academic disciplines, but they will be creative thinkers, adaptable workers, and informed citizens equipped to face the diverse challenges of the 21st century. We see traditional public schools evolving into versatile community learning centers that prioritize individual learning needs, provide engaging educational opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, and offer a variety of pathways to graduation. As the Alliance of Model Schools forges ambitious, forward-thinking partnerships across Delaware, educational organizations, postsecondary institutions and schools to leverage resources and expertise in pursuit of our common mission, we foresee a fundamental cultural shift taking hold in the hearts and minds of educators, policy makers, parents and citizens as the traditional concept of school is redefined to mirror the lives, interests, and leaning needs of today’s students.

In today’s News Journal Letters  to the Editor 

College ready vs. innovation ready

Delaware educators, policymakers, businesses and philanthropists should learn more about the Alliance of Model Schools. The work of these educators today has the potential to prepare a generation of innovators that can help Delaware’s economy thrive in the future”. by Debbie Doordan Executive Director, Innovative Schools Wilmington,

When does this shit STOP??????????? What makes things worst is when you “think” there is a potential school board member who grasp the reality of agendas counterproductive to real needs of our poorest students trapped by racially intensive education reformers and they start drinking the kool-aid. What some of us claim we have in our hearts is one thing and it mean nothing unless whats in your heart comes out you mouth in action words! A laundry-list of what you are for and against doesn’t tell us your plan of action.     

The reality is, Rodel Vision 2015 couldn’t stand on it’s own legs and the only reason it still has a heartbeat is because of the investment Rodel founders funneled into Jack Markell’s political campaigns! Many forget and or don’t know Jack Markell was a former member of the Rodel Foundation’s advisory board. Vision 2015 made little traction while Minner was governor but with Markell, Rodel has their loyalists in key-positions. However, the Vision plan had no real substance! Markell allow Rodel’s Skipper to be part of the RTTT team that went to Washington D.C.. This was to make it appear Vision 2015 was meshed into Delaware Race to The Top plan. But what was delivered was an education Frankenstein walking around saying “good good” while the people were screaming!  Then there was Judas the biggest sellout of union members this state has ever seen! Yep its for the kids they say!   

There are many of us including a few state legislators who are aware Race to The Top is just a passing phase in education and when the grant money runs dry next year the cost to undo the damaged will be greater than the RTTT grant itself. The Innovative Schools non-profit corporation doesn’t work for free! It appears they help manage charter schools for those who lack comprehension of real administrative skills. But don’t let their IRS status fool you, people within want to be paid and paid good and there is a web of participants that creates a moral conflict of interest for some participants in my opinion! 

Why does every education reform agenda have to have a name like Race to The Top, Common Core Standards, Smart Balance Assessment, Vision 2012 and The Alliance Vision?Because, they are part of the marketing strategy. The heart of the matter with lack of student achievement is rooted in reading and math! What good is Social Studies, Science, History, Physic, complex math and all other subject matter if a student can’t read? To compound the problem is social promotion! We move students forward who haven’t master grade-level then expect them to master the next grade level. Many students walk across the high school graduation stage while parents are cheering as if they won the lottery only to be handed a valueless piece of paper! Reading and math are the building blocks. There must be reading and math intervention at every grade level! There must be a serious mentoring program! I don’t consider myself a failure because I only have a GED and a pocketful of college credits. It doesn’t hurt that much when other poke fun at my wonder blog writing skills. But I’ve walked a long road and have achieved some amazing accomplishments. Would I be here today blogging about education issues if I took another track in life earning advanced degrees? I don’t think! You’re considered a reform former when you bring innovation to the table and a naysayer when you disagree.

Many don’t realize this but in the eyes of the ruling government George Washington was terrorist. Sadly to say education in the new America was manipulated to serve the needs of government. We had an economy driven by manufacturing where we wired education to produce the right amount of blue collar workers and the right amount of white collar workers. Also, we need servants to clean and take out the trash. Well it appeared we had an agenda for that where many blacks where kept down. The reason slaves weren’t allow to read was because they would learn the truth that they too have potential to be anything a white man could be! We developed a new slavery system where we tell the poor don’t worry, we’ll feed and house you! Welfare is like crack and addiction imposed by the government supported by the Uncle Toms in the community. The advancement of minorities in American came from will and determination of minorities and blood from their drive to kick-down doors and barriers. Not from the generosity of a white government  The push for college to career sounds noble but the system has decided culinary programs in our public schools are best suite those who can’t compete in STEM! Creating pathways for students is the right thing to do! However, without ensuring all student can read at grade level that pathway is an illusion of false hope!

The real education reform in Delaware is investment in the building block of knowledge and that is reading and math! Intervention in reading and math should be a K-12 initiative with the same intensity. Reading and Math programs at the K-5 level must be extended! We need to invest in summer reading programs! Also, we must come to grips with social promotion. Social promotioni is more or less where the system has dropped out not the student! Parents need to take the position C’s are not acceptable and every day of school matters. 

Education has evolved into an industry where profiting is being made of the backs of poverty. Do you really think the Wall Street crowd really wants to cure the problem? Someday we’ll see a new leader emerging from the minority community that will convince the people to stop drinking the Kool-aid and be on the look out for false prophets. I thought I saw a glimmer of hope but not so sure! 

We don’t need more innovation agendas! We need the truth, more books, more reading teachers, closing of the internet divide and people willing to be a naysayer for the sake of the truth! We need school board members daring to cut across the grain and push conversations! The vision we need from board members is the vision of seeing all students reaching the same finish-line with the same box containing quality tools. We also need those in mainstream media to see everybody is part of the community where even the man hanging on the back of a trash truck has views! Running around getting quotes from those in a authority without contrast of parents and community is not of service! Sure report the truth is important but not allowing the reader that contrast filers the truth and question the motive of the media! At least with blogs there is the opportunity for all to weigh in and debate! In real debate emerges truth and yes more debate! When people get pissed off about something regarding their child’s education they tend to say, I am calling the governor or I am call the News Journal. I guess they see the governor as someone who can wave a wand and fix things and the News Journal as someone who can expose something! Yet the education reformer such as Rodel and others have the ability to make printed media serve their agenda and the naysayers who challenge those agendas are misguided crackpots! Someday grasshopper will make it to the end of the rice paper without tearing it!