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OMG Lizzie gets her hands on Pencader’s fy 2013 Preliminary Budget #netDE #edude @destateboardofed @dedeptofed

Governor Using Christina to Deflect Latest Pencader Crisis by Children and Educators First

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Make note, Lizzie was provided attachments by DE DOE and the FY-2013 Pencader Budget Preliminary Budget dated May 21, 2012! It is not posted on Pencader’s website anywhere! Also, the letter with FY 2013 Preliminary Budget  dated May 21 , 2012 signed by the former school leader noted it was “shared” with the Pencader Board of Education. Also under former school leader’s name and signature is the name of former board president Minnehan “but not signed” bot signed by the president, only her name was printed, The fact remains there was no board “approved” preliminary or final FY2013 budget. 

C.R.Institute may be waking up from their comma re: education

Had Enough Federal Intervention in Education Programs? by Jim Hosley Caesar Rodney Institute April 12, 2013

Reasonable outcomes that can come from a standard operating system like RTTT / Common Core is more inequality, more confusion, continued unsatisfactory performance, rewards for compliance, stifled creativity, more disenfranchisement of families and children, and more spending. Already Common Core has caused states with leading standards in English and Math to reduce their standards to qualify for federal funds.  

This adds up to an education system that is failing our children, underperforming expectations, and increasing costs. Programs which give false appearance of comfort and progress give few second chances to those they fail; your child could be one of those failures. 

Parents and taxpayers must step forward to demand the best educational experience for their children. We all want to be part of something bigger and that is for all children to have an opportunity to be successful. We do not want to be part of more failed government programs. 

We know very little about today’s programs. It is time to become informed and to let your feelings be known

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There might be hope for Caesar Rodney Institute. They have good heart and determination by sometimes they are far far far to right for me. Jim Hosley C.R.I. Director, Center for Excellence in Education seems like a sincere person.

I think we have common ground in regards to the overreaching arm of the federal governor (USDOE) that baited cash-strapped states into the Race to The Top scheme. Race to The Top is nothing more that a Trojan-horse aimed at reengineering public education shifting control from local school boards to mayoral control and in the hands of egotistic politicians like Governor Jack Markell. There is an obvious trend that expands administration and consulting cost every time a new let’s fix public education reform package comes along. How many new teachers did Race to The Top add to the classroom? The problem isn’t with funding! The problem is keeping the funding directed to the classrooms providing tangible resources like teachers and technology. CSD board member Evans self-proclaimed pied-piper for Wilmington’s at-risk students voted for the class size cap wavier but yet supports continuing Race to The Top teacher bonuses even by raising local school taxes,

Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment is part of a Wall Street ponzi scheme that feeds for-profit education organizations. Kilroy predicts Governor Markell will end up at one of these for-profit education organizations after he leaves office. However, Senator Tom Carper looks frail. So if Carper were to vacant his senate seat Jack Markell will be eyeballing it! Then again Markell is paying his Washington D.C. knee pads dues and who knows, he might be a VP choice for Hillary Clinton. But Markell’s “I am a proud card carrying capitalist” comment at the 2012 DNC might come back to haunt him! So odds are he’ll end up at some for-profit education organization. Sadly, his education wrecking ball will reveal itself just in time for the 2016 election and Matt Denn might be stuck with the ball! School finances will be a total nightmare by 2016. 

I hope Caesar Rodney Institute can continue to help beat-back this federal intrusion on local board control and find some common ground with labor to find a way to address the ineffective teacher concern without victimizing all teachers. If we’re going to raise the bar on the teaching profession let’s do at the universities and colleges that train tomorrows teachers. Let’s not spend billion on a  Wall Street ponzi scheme and lining the pockets of capitalists like Jack Markell. Education shouldn’t an industry that generates stock dividends especially off the back of high poverty children. 

Delaware Libertarian (blog) bitch-slaps the News Journal the same time Kilroy did!

The News Journal’s editorial page: distorting the facts for political gain 

If one’s only source of information regarding the disagreement between the Christina School District and the Delaware Department of Education were the News Journal editorial page, one might be excused for drawing the conclusion that >>>>>>>> read more here and comment here>>>>

Why is the News Journal putting the Pencader (bankruptcy) crisis on the back-burner

This post have been being push down the list and it very important Is Pencader bankrupt and could it close before end of school year? #netDE #edude Posted on April 10, 2013 by kilroysdelaware.

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Folks we know Pencader is closing after this school year however, $$$$ trouble is brewing that could force the doors closed before the end of the year! But the big question is, how could Pencader be in such FY2013 financial distress when DE DOE charter school office told the state board in July “no red flags” re: finances and that they are involved on a monthly basis! Pencader never presented a board apporved  preliminary and final FT2013 budget! Why? Where was DE DOE ? Where was the Delaware State Board of Education? Where was Jack Makell? Where were the state legislators?

“Rumors” have it computers, equipment and supplies are being pilferage and all students will be promoted!

What’s going on at the News Journal? They seem too occupied keeping the Christina school districts fight with DE DOE and Jack Markell in the forefront? Many Pencader parents and students are concern there won’t be a graduation ceremony for seniors and others are worried about summer school placement if needed!

Some folks in Dover including Governor Markell feels Christina school district is a disservice to students because they don’t want to give $20,000 teacher bonuses, I say Markell is being a disservice to Pencader students and parents! Is it possible Pencader can close it’s door before the end of the school year? No money for graduation? What about the PTO money? Were are the financial reports for both the school and PTO funds! Were is the state auditor and DOJ?

Is the News Journal protecting federal intervention in Delaware Schools? #netDE #edude

Christina school board’s vote a rejection of reality News Journal Our View April 11, 2013

The board was not entirely recalcitrant – it wants to use $750,000 of the funds to pay for the new  equipment. The rest would go to the other programs, unrelated to teacher bonuses, which Race to the Top is funding.

But it will be difficult for state officials to trust the school board members to live up to their word now.

With the exception of one abstention, a majority of the board obviously does not understand their obligation to comply with the terms of federal agreements, once they have been signed off.

You can’t just walk back on them without consequences.

No all board members voted for the Race to The Top MOU and the teacher evaluation process was not defined. The new teacher rating system wasn’t in place or hammered out! One could say the News Journal doesn’t understand the concerns with federal intrusion and the importance of local control. Again not all board members approved the Race to The Top MOU.

Gov. Jack Markell is suitably disturbed at the position the district has placed Delaware in, considering it was among the first states to be awarded millions to jump-start a national quest in improving the academic performance in American classrooms.

The governor and some equally miffed state representatives understand the implications of what’s at stake locally.

“This is a tragic disservice to Christina’s students in high-needs schools, for whom a great teacher is the single most important school factor in their success,” Markell said.

Jack Markell violated Title 1 Section 1118 federal law when he formulated the Race to The Top application and the former DSEA President hoodwinked membership for a career advancement proven by being hired by DE DOE for a custom made job position. We’ll call it the Limo Deal!

As far as state legislators, will they being willing to fund traditional public and charter schools like they do votechs?

Since the No Child Left Behind Act mandates started in 2001, great teachers have been the sought-after pearl in education reform for minority and disadvantaged students. Tuesday’s vote rejected the weight of that fact-based public policy backed up by reams of research.

NCLB worked and provided data showing which schools needed the most help. It forced schools to make efforts to turn themselves around. Arne Duncan used NCLB to close so-called failing schools in Chicago. So why the waivers at a time it was to really hold schools accountable? As for as the reams of research, where is the ones proving the effectiveness of giving teachers bonuses?

Additionally the Christina board rejected a new state evaluation system for teachers, and reaffirmed a commitment that teachers rated “effective” be included in a scheduled bonus.

If they are to occur, more than likely those pay raises will come from local tax dollars, because the Feds and the Delaware Department of Education are real sticklers for playing by the rules.

Some it’s true, three day old News Journals can be used for rolling papers!

Christina’s record on attracting and retaining teachers rated as highly skilled is one of the worst in the state. So sticking to the agreement would have helped to attract more interests from tested classroom leaders, the kind trained in these particular students’ long-term academic difficulties and who know how to compensate for the out-of-school social challenges that don’t end at the classroom door.

The problems of Christina’s poor performing schools might be related to the de facto segregation and highly qualified teachers unwillingness to run the gallant through the street crime of Wilmington where city offcials refuse to add more police. Why doesn’t the city of Wilmington kick in and waive city wage tax for teachers? Why would anyone want to do a thankless job for less working in Wilmington than in the county? But yes these problems need to be addressed but #20,000.00 teacher bonuses is not the answers! 

Federal intervention in Delaware schools at it’s best! Race to The Top to crumble

Just who gets how much at Christina issue’s core Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

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After reviewing the article I find this interesting, Markell’s plan to reward teachers will only award “highly effective” rated teachers $20,000.00 and Christina wants to give teachers rated “effective” $1000.00. Whatever happen purging in effective teachers out of the system and holding universities like the University of Delaware accountable for pumping out ill-prepared teachers? Prehaps we should cut state funding to the U of D by $20,000.00 for every teacher with a U of D degree if they are rated ineffective. Why should the public cover the asses of these diploma mills? Where is the line that defines “effective” and “highly effective”? Surely effective teacher are those whose students make AYP and meet the standards. 

The Talent Cooperative proposed by the Deparment of Education was developed based on national and local research,” said Catherine Rossi, Markell’s spokeswoman. “Christina has not developed any alternative program to retain the best teachers, and instead simply wants to use these funds to give across-the-board smaller raises.”

So let me get this right! Christina and all school districts and charter schools would have to give a “highly Effective” teachers $10,000.00 extra every year to retain them? If the bonus in a one-time deal what would retain highly effective teachers? What happen when the Race to The Top money is gone after next year?

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said Christina’s bonuses were too broad to meet the goals laid out in the Race to the Top plan.

Bullshit! And Race to The Top will be gone after next year and you think Delaware taxpayers are going to support pumping million of dollars into the system to reward teachers for doing their jobs? We need to raise the bar for those going into education at the same time improve teacher starting pay. Perhaps pull an Obama and raise the state tobacco tax to fund these bonuses! He want to do it on the fed tax for funding more pre-K programs.

“What we’re talking about doing is attracting the best teachers we have to the schools that need them most and keeping them there,” said Murphy. “The need for this is big. In fact, Christina has the biggest problem in the state in this area. And yet no alternative they’ve proposed does anything to fix it.”

Again, what happens when the Race to The Top funds go away after next year? How do we fix that? Also, why didn’t Delaware hire an experience highly effective secretary of education rather than a Rodel clone? 

Christina leaders say they are concerned that doling out only a few big bonuses could leave deserving teachers in the cold.

“This creates the opportunity for discord among a staff in the same building. But more than that, it could upset the whole ecosystem of our school district,” said John Young, a Christina board member and vocal opponent of the state’s bonus plan.

That argument resonates with the district’s teachers union, which has supported the board’s decision to fight the state’s system.

Just more proof federal intervention is damaging local control via a four-year grant!  Christina should pullout of Race to The Top and from the Common Core Standards and upcoming Smarter Balanced Assessment not approved by state legislators. Christina needs to get back to honoring Title 1 Section 1118 which their original board vote violated! 

“The Christina Education Association, the school board and the district are on the same page on this,” said Frederika Jenner, president of the Delaware State Education Association.

In the union’s February newsletter, Jenner supported a bonus plan similar to Christina’s.

We recommended that the program be designed to make school-wide awards that promote collegiality and cooperation in a noncompetitive environment,” Jenner said.

I am on board with school-wide awards and that’s the way it should be!  

“Our teachers are more interested in a supportive and collaborative work environment and being recognized for the job they’re doing,” Young said. “There are many teachers in our district who are doing amazing work at low-performing schools, but might not have that ‘highly effective rating.’ ”

Yea, whatever happened to the collaborative way of doing things? Was it only for securing the Race to The Top $$ prize and a job for Judas!  If a teacher is rated “effective” that must mean they are effective at their jobs as teachers! 

Christina Superintendent Freeman Williams sent a letter to district employees on Wednesday criticizing remarks state officials have made saying district leadership has been doing a disservice to their students by refusing to accept the state’s system.

Freeman is becoming a Kilroy rock star! Looks like Freeman knows too much money is flowing out of the classroom to support the Wall Street ponzi scheme.

We have not ‘forfeited’ the Race to the Top money; it has been withheld from us by our own state Department of Education because we could not come to agreement on implementing one initiative out of more than 100 separate initiatives included in our Race to the Top plan,” Williams wrote. “We stand with the membership of [The Christina Education Association] on this issue, and we will continue to do so.”

It has been withheld from you by Jack Markell! I hope the board makes a resolution condemning the Delaware Department of Education the district, board and teaches for doing what they think is best for Christina students.