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Former Pencader board president Minnehan did step-down when Pencader was fiscally sound

DE State Board of Education re: Pencader ” no red flags” Posted on July 20, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

UPDATE 07/22/2012 WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Delaware State Board of Education met this  week and said No Red Flags! There was no conversation in regards to pension issue. Don’t you think with the Delaware Department of Education meeting once a month with  Pencader the pension issue would come up? Say what  you want about Pencader but it looks like DE DOE and the state board of education is just as fractured and has serious capacity issues.  Another failure on Governor Markell’s watch. 

The Delaware State Board of Education met yesterday July 19, 2012 and has indicated Pencader has met the requirements of probation from the financial perspective. “As of today” Pencader enrollment is 450. No “red flags” re: finances. No debt carry over from last year. Hear for yourself, board meeting audio recording part 2 , start at 38:37 

Hear DE DOE report to the state board of education that Pencader met the financial requirements and no debt carry over from last year! Also, “No red flags”. Minnehan’s resignation was accepted by the Pencader Board of Directors June 28, 2012, two days before the official end of FY2011-2012 school year. She left Pencader financially sound! Make note, the obvious reason for Minnehan’s departure was issues surrounding former school leader that caused a major divide within the board! Power struggles where the former leader wanted absolute control!  

Former school leader Lewis was terminated September 10, 2012. Mr. Frank Mcintosh came on board November 2 2012  Mr Frank Miintosh should have called for a complete top to bottom audit!  There was no board approved FY2013 budget under Mr. Mcintosh leadership and if there was, it wasn’t presented the public nor do I see board meeting noting a vote for a FY2013 budget. The $$$ ball was dropped by the board presiding during FY 2013 school year. Could the Hollywood lawyer fees put a dent in the budget?

Mark Twain ghost appears at Christina school board meeting #netDE #edude @dedeptofed

Christina may turn back on $2.3 million Race to the Top grant at risk in new flare-up Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal Apr 11, 2013

Evans said grant funding for any of the programs would have to be replaced with local tax money, which means the district would likely have to cannibalize other budgets.

“In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards”. Mark Twain

Total bullshit Mr. Evans! There is no requirement to continue funding grant programs! Kilroy was right, part of Markell’s agenda is to back-fill his agenda with local dollars and he’ll need idiots to play along. 

Polaski said some of the programs paid for with Race to the Top were one-time events such as teacher training for data collection. For recurring programs, the district would have to determine whether they are worth keeping and find other ways to pay for them.

“This was going to be the last year of Race to the Top funding,” Polaski said. “We were going to have to make all of these decisions anyway. We’re just going to make them a year earlier.”

OK Fred I’ll agree there are exception to Mark Twain’s views! I agree, the district will have to make that termination! After all, we are taking “local” school boards and control! Thanks for not dropping to your knees for Markell, Murphy and Duncan. 

Bombing in state of Delaware! Race to The Top hit hard!

Christina may turn back on $2.3M ; Race to the Top grant at risk in new flare-up Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal Apr 11, 2013

Christina School Board would like to award its teachers a bonus, but believes the right thing to do is to give about 260 instructors a $1,000 bump for one year.

The board also made clear Tuesday night that it would rather walk away from its share of Delaware’s Race to the Top money — $2.3 million — than accept a new state evaluation system for teachers.

Teachers don’t need bonuses for doing the job they get pay to do and when Race to The Top a federal grant not mandate dries up after next year local taxpayers will be asked to fund those teacher bonuses. 

John Young, a school board member, said the state’s decision to withhold all $2.3 million was a gross overreaction spurred by the Markell administration’s interest in preserving Delaware’s reputation as a national leader in Race to the Top initiatives.

“I don’t view what we’re doing as a thermonuclear strike against the Evil Empire, but it’s clear to me that the state does,” Young said. “I think they’re wondering if somebody on the federal level isn’t looking at this.”

Young believes the state wants to quash Christina’s dissent because, as one of the largest school districts in the state, its refusal could make waves.

John Young is correct in standing up to Markell and the feds! Local schools belong to the public and the overreach of Dover and Washington dictating bonuses for teachers when the funding isn’t sustainable is what’s wrongheaded.

“If the award-winning, first-in-the-nation state has this chink in it’s armor, it could cause problems with the feds,” Young said. “And since we’re so large, other districts might be taking notice, too.”

More like a chink in Markell’s ego !

Christina’s board voted Tuesday to ask the state for permission to re-purpose $753,000 of the $2.3 million that would have paid for the teacher bonuses and related issues. 

That money would be used to boost technology in schools with low test scores or high-risk students. It would go toward the purchase of laptops, tablet computers, and other equipment with the goal of giving technological experience to children who might not otherwise get it.

So the public’s elected school officials spoke and that’s where the money for foolish teacher bonuses needs to go, to tangible resources. 

The rest of the $2.3 million, which is not subject to the dispute, would be administered as originally intended

So let me get this right! Markell wants to keep the entire year 4 Race to The Top money not just the bonus money? Look who is  a disservice to students! Markell! 

Murphy said the district had not submitted a new plan since Tuesday’s vote, so no official decision had been made by the Department of Education. But he said it was unlikely the proposal would be enough to change the state’s mind.

“We have been clear for months at this point about the commitment they made and where there is flexibility,” Murphy said. “The amendment, as it has been loosely described to us, does not address the criteria they committed to.

Coach Murphy! You were down state Cape Henlopen bends over for Sec of Ed Murphy! Red Clay next! #NetDe #edude Posted on April 10, 2013 by kilroysdelaware, fucking with another school board when you should have been at Christina ‘s board meeting where you would have heard superintend Freeman plan that “NEEDED” board approval. 

The state started the process of asking the federal government to withhold the $2.3 million from Christina last month. Though that process isn’t technically finished, Murphy said the district will lose the money for next year unless it follows the state’s rules.

Well guess what Coach Murphy, if the feds withhold monies beyond the teacher incentive Christina can say fuck you on the Smarter Balance Assessment which was not approved by state legislators. But it all doesn’t matter because Race to The Top is on it’s deathbed and the district and charter schools will have to fund the exit plan! 

If the money is withheld, Murphy said he hoped it would stay in Delaware. State officials would have to negotiate that with their federal counterparts.

Coach Murphy, in the bottom left drawer of Markell’s desk you’ll find his USDOE knee pads! Take Judas with you to hold your hand and wipe your mouth!

This isn’t the first time Race to the Top money has been on the chopping block at Christina. In 2011, the state threatened to withhold about $11 million during a feud with the district over removing teachers of student with low test scores from Glasgow High School and Stubbs Elementary School

Jimmy Olsen doesn’t know what he is talking about! The former district superintendent deviated from the agreement with teachers and the board had to step in an “honor” that board approved agreement!

“We worked as a state to submit a complete, comprehensive package to the federal government, and that earned us this money. The district did the same thing,” Markell said.

“You can’t just go in and remove one part of that plan, or it starts to unravel,” the governor added.

What a crackhead! The teacher incentive plan wasn’t defined when Christina and other districts were railroaded in signing the Race to The Top MOU. But it was ok for Jack Markell to violate Title 1 Section 1118 which technically makes Delaware’s signing onto Race to The Top illegal! 

Murphy disputed Young’s contention, saying politics and perceptions did not drive the state’s thinking. He didn’t worry that Christina’s actions would set a precedent for others.

What the F, Murphy is a product of a political drive! How else can a three-year gym teacher and 2 year administrator experience land the Delaware Secretary of Education job? What the hell was Jack thinking!