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Is Pencader bankrupt and could it close before end of school year? #netDE #edude

Over and over and over I suggested the “new” board call for an audit and kept ranting where was the FY2013 board approved budget! So now the blame game begins! 

I can say this in support of Pencader Frank, DE DOE and Jack Markell knew about the financial crisis and they also kept it from the public and the state board of education. I hope our state legislators call for an investigation.

With careful management we had the funds to complete the school year. By the time the new board was in place (January 2013) there was practically nothing we could do about the budget.

Bullshit! You knew and didn’t communicate with the parents or the public!

The first answer from DOE was there was no money available to address this issue and that it  was our (the board’s) responsibility to take care of the problem. This answer was unacceptable and we pushed on.

Did you communicate this to the public? Hell no! You are a corporation that kept things $$ in the dark.

In the meantime, we met with a bankruptcy attorney on Monday, April 8 and reviewed our existing options. We still do not know what we will do.

Prehaps shit some gold bricks! Perhaps all those who rushed in to save could help fund the remainder of the year! Why didn’t you communicate to the parents and public?

We have asked our accounting people to review additional possibilities to better understand the financial fallout from various scenarios. At this time, we do not see closing the school on April 30th but it still remains a possibility.

OK just clam-down and tell Jack Markell here is your public school we’re out! Don’t worry you’re protected by board and directors insurance! Wait did the former school leader acquire board and directors insurance? And what about the IRS990 form who is going to jail over that issue.


OMG DE Sec of Ed response to NJ re: Christina / RTTT #netDE #edude

I can’t share what I have that leaked out of Basin Road but Delaware Secretary of Education is going to talk tough about withholding Christina School District’s 4th year Race to The Top funding. Because they won’t kiss his ass! 

Christina School Superintendent Freeman gave his report to the school board last night (listen here starting at 18:00 minutes on recording).Superintendent Freeman is standing his ground on no incentive bonuses for teachers and is requesting that RTTT teacher bonus money and money from a vacant administration position equaling about $753,000.00 go to the high needs focused schools for additional classroom resources such as supplies and technology. Get this, teachers DON’T WANT THE BONUSES! Secretary of Education Mark Murphy is insisting they take it! WTF! We need more “tangible” resources in the classrooms! Once thing for sure Freedman is giving some push-back and looks like he is trying to take-back some local control! Hey Merv, might be a good time to man up! RTTT party is at the end of the tunnel and you can bet local taxpayers ain’t footing the bill!  

Race to The Top ends after next year! However, a little Dover DOE mouse told me Markell is holding back some of the RTTT funding so that Delaware can apply for and additional year to use the money! I was like what the F are you talking about mouse? Mouse says, Markell wants to milk the RTTT money to back-fill the state ed budget long enough so that RTTT don’t imploded until after he is out of office! When it’s gone it’s gone! And then they’ll come after local tax-dollars to fund RTTT programs like teacher bonuses! I wonder if board member Evans will raise his hand to go to “local” referendum to fund those programs?

So keep an eye open for the early addition of the News Journal and tell Polly to chill until you’re done reading it! Also, hang onto the the old News Journals because crab season is coming soon and they come in handy for crawlfish boils! Kilroy loves those crawlfish. Hey Jimmy Olsen, perhaps we can have a blog summit and you can show everybody the proper way to suck the juices out of crawlfish heads.  Maybe we can cook up some Garfish or some Nutria! Yummy !!!!!!!!!! 

Cape Henlopen bends over for Sec of Ed Murphy! Red Clay next! #NetDe #edude

New standards, state test for students Education secretary updates Cape board on curriculum By Melissa Steele | Apr 09, 2013

The state’s top educator attended Cape Henlopen School District’s recent board of education meeting to talk about a new statewide test for students and aligning Delaware’s curriculum with other states.

So rather defend teacher bonuses and engage in the related issue brewing in Christina School District, Delaware Secretary of Education opts to attend Cape Henlopen’s board meeting the same night as Christina’s! Sucks!

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said Delaware will implement the same educational standards that other states are using in an effort to develop nationwide standards for what students are expected to know, dubbed common core standards.

“This work defines a path for our students and educators to have success,” he told Cape Henlopen school board members on March 28.

Like Cape Henlopen’s board has a vote! Markell bought into and then followed up with the Kool-aid fest!

Some board members were concerned that the state may have rushed into another new education program without thoroughly thinking it through. Board Vice President Spencer Brittingham said he wondered why other states are opting out of the common core program or refusing to sign up for it in the first place.

“Why are they opting out and how invested are we?” he asked.

Because someone pissed in the Kool-aid

Murphy said Texas and a few other states have opted out of the program because those states say they already have strong standards in place. According to a recent National Review article, 45 states and Washington, D.C., have agreed to implement common core standards in their states.

But wait there is no common core standardized test! How do we measure students from one state to another using the same standards?

Still, board member Sandi Minard said school boards have had little input in the development of the common core.

“I’m disappointed that school boards were left out of the decision-making process,” she said.

Too fucking bad! Read your Race to The Top Mou where you folks dropped to your knees for Markell and Judas! 

Murphy said school boards will continue to make curriculum decisions after common core is adopted. States that have signed on to it have agreed to minimum standards students must meet, he said. He noted Massachusetts participated in developing standards and rigor – a state considered by some to be the gold standard of education.

Yea there you go! Markell adopted common core standards as you sorry ass coward board members kissed his ass! Read Title 1 Section 1118 dip-shits and tell your Title 1 parents their rights are being stepped on! Just like what the board did with the RTTT MOU! 

Delaware is one of 20 states that will try a pilot student achievement test called Smarter Balanced to measure student growth. The pilot tests will be administered by May, according to the Smarter Balanced website.

“We have not adopted Smarter Balanced, but we’re on a path to do so,” said Murphy.

There you have it, the Smarter Balanced Assessment Test that was not approved by state legislators. They approved DCAS not this Wall Street ponzi scheme. 

Ask Murphy about how Delaware will want to adjust the cut-scores! Cut-scores are needed to manipulate outcomes to ensure the ponzi scheme stays on track!

Delaware began its own testing with the Delaware State Testing Program, known as DSTP, in 2000. In 2010, officials changed over to a computerized test, Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System or DCAS.

And Markell says fuck you to state legislators and has signed onto the Smarter Balanced Assessment without their approval.

Minard said she was wary of such an emphasis on testing, particularly when U.S. student scores are often compared to other countries that test only their top learners.

“I think if we’re realistic about where our kids should be, we should be realistic about the data we share,” she said.

And Delaware legislators will sit-by and allow personal information of Delaware students leave the state and become part of a national database to be manipulated by Wall Street.

Murphy agreed.

“I’ve been to China and Singapore, and I’m tired of making those comparisons to our children, too,” he said.

What a dip-shit! Murphy doesn’t tell the board about the Shanghai Experiment, super charter school like settings. Singapore! Shit they’ll cane your ass for spitting on the street! Can you imagine what would happen if a student told the teacher to kiss their ass!

Having already worked out the kinks of the current test, Minard also said she is unsure about taking on yet another new test.

“I feel we’ve already gone through experimental, and I’d rather not go through these issues,” she said.

Murphy said Delaware should be a step ahead of other states because it switched to a computer-based test with DCAS.

Doesn’t matter Ms. Minard you’re getting a new test like or not! You have no say!

The Smarter Balanced test will include text-based writing, said Michael Kelley, director of curriculum and instruction.

The emphasis will be on informative texts, he said, noting English classrooms are still going to look like they do today.

“That doesn’t mean we’re taking literature out,” he said. “We will add informative texts.”

Well thank you Mr. Kelley for not wanting to redecorate our English classrooms!

What I want to know is why do elected officials aka school board members bow-down to a non elected state offical? 

John Young is to articulate as George Evans is to WTF? #netDE #edude

Christina alters RTTT grant request by Jim Higen April 09, 2013

Read entire article here……………… and check out the video.

However, school board member George Evans says the district needs to maximize the amount of money it will have available to teach the kids.

“Why we can not come up with the appropriate plan that has the criteria of the federal government and that of the state to place these teachers where they are most needed is a shocker to me.” says Evans.

Folks we’re talking Race to The Top teacher bonuses up to $20,000.00 for anointed teacher based on one measurement that doesn’t even include parental input! Race to The Top funding dries-up after next year and Race to The Top is NOT a federal mandate! I wonder if Mr. Evans supports local tax-dollars to be used to fund bonuses after next year? How are we going to sustain this program? If we’re going to maximize the money to teach kids, how is giving teachers a $20,000.00 bonus on top of their pay for doing “their” job in the first place going to maximize the money? The challenge should be to the “school” and the reward should be to the school for parents and teachers to decide where to maximize and better serve children. Mr. Evans, whatever happen to Title 1 Section 1118? You know want Hicks Anderson busted his ass for! He help give parents a voice and you seem to support taking it away!

The lone representative of Wilmington on the board, Evans was also the lone dissenting vote.

Shit ! Are we heading back in court because someone kicked sand in Mr. Evan’s face!

“The plan that the state is proposing has absolutely zero research based evidence to suggest that giving $20,000 to teachers will lure, attract or retain them.” Young says.

As far as luring / attracting  teachers when the money is gone after next year the party is over!  Retain? There will be no funding to sustain this ponzi scheme.

The district wants to devote a thousand dollars for teachers rated “effective.”

Now that is more realistic and a simple recognition for the good job. You know, being recognized with a thank you in front of your peers is valued. Serving children shouldn’t be a competition but rather a common goal through collaborating professionals.

Folks, we’re talking public education and concerns for our most neediest kids! Let’s not turn education into Wall Street laced environment with monetary perks! Let’s respect all teachers as professionals and find a way to educate potential teachers more effectively and retrain those that are weak and show promise! Stop calling teaching a default career for those who don’t have the brains to work in other career paths. Raise the standards in the colleges that produce teachers but don’t blame them those who earn their education degrees!