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Aliens abduct John Dickinson high school students

Inspired by Jack Wells E-Mail to Red Clay officials and state legislator, I reviewed DE DOE’s data on John Dickinson High School.

Last year 2011-2012 John Dickinson High School had 147 Juniors and this year 2012-2013, 87 Seniors. 60 students either were high school dropouts or transferred to another high school. Lets go with they transferred to another high school support by some other data. A.I. High had 243 Juniors last year and 278 seniors this year.  McKean, 144 Juniors last year and 193 Seniors this year. So it appears many Juniors bailed on Dickinson, But keep in mind there were some 11 grade high school dropouts and its unfortunate when the state dropout data gets down to the school level it’s only a total % of a given high school not by subgroups as with state and countywide data. BUT the fact remains 60 Dickinson Juniors didn’t advance to Dickinson Seniors! What student in their right mind would choice out of high school for the Senior year?

Here is the DE DOE data link to John Dickinson High School and Red Clay. ALSO, I see the same trend for Dickinson for the four previous years. What I see is a pattern of gains in Seniors at McKean in contrast to Dickinson’s declined. 

Come on John Sweeney! Squirm? Don’t you mean laugh?

Tom Gordon, Dennis Williams making some people squirm Written by John Sweeney Apr. 8, 2013 7:43 PM

Leave it to Tom Gordon and Dennis Williams to make some people uncomfortable.

What Williams wants to hire a childhood friend via a no bid contract? Doc is a good man but we’re talking following the rules. Gordon and Williams letter to the school supers was all laced with concerns but in it was their solution to hire a friend. A for effort but F for tact.

They blasted the schools for the poor performance of Wilmington students, the huge dropout rate for minority children and the long hours riding buses to and from the classroom.

Where were their outrage when the Neighborhood Schools Act was put in the hands of the State Board of Education only to have Red Clay uses manipulative lawyers to have it their way? I was there as was Pandora! What legislation did Mr. William introduce to address some of these concerns when he was a state representative? 

The county executive and the mayor were not elected to fix the education system. They have no authority over the school districts. But they can bring attention to a problem that makes their day jobs a lot tougher: Kids who drop out of school get into trouble. Sometimes it is police trouble. Sometimes it is a troubled life, with low wages and a big need for government help.

Apparently Gordon and Williams don’t pay attention to what goes on in Dover. Modification of Delaware truancy law working it’s way to being law #netDE Eedude Posted on April 3, 2013 by kilroysdelaware. A rookie state senator Townsend jumps on legislation to better address truancy which would help keep kids off the street and in school where they belong and have a great impact on getting serious about the dropout rate.

We are now in our third decade of school reform. We have had federal reforms, state reforms and local reforms. Delaware won big money in the Race to the Top contest. We have argued about testing of students and the evaluations of teachers. We are adding the Chinese language to kindergartens and we are pushing science, engineering and math at all levels.

Delaware didn’t win big money re: Race to The Top. Markell dropped to his knees as Judas looked on!

But the dropout rate is high, especially for minority students. Mr. Gordon and Mr. Williams want solid figures on how many students fail to graduate. And they should get them.

The dropout rate for Delaware is 3.7% and like Delaware’s unemployment rate deep within that data is an alarming concern for impact on minorities. In Delaware it appears if every thing looks all white, everything is alright! The big problem is, who are the true leaders and voice of minorities? I don’t believe ones looking for paychecks or paychecks for their buddies have true heart!

While they are at it, they should ask about another problem the education establishment does not like to address: truancy. 

And thanks to new legislators like Senator Townsend legislation is on the way! 

Police and prosecutors will tell you that these AWOL students are the ones getting into trouble. First, they land in juvenile court. Then they move on to bigger things.

How many times do County Mounties drive by children who obviously are playing hooky. Why don’t the County Mounties stop and put them in their Tijuana Taxi and tell them to call their parents to come get their asses and take them to school?

The county executive and the mayor deserve credit for making a fuss. However, I’m a little skeptical about some of their remedies.

We all deserve credit for keeping the conversation going. However, spending money on jobs for friends rather than more truant  officers doesn’t help. 

Not all of these problems can be laid at the feet of the education system. Do we really expect teachers to solve the problems of poverty and dysfunctional families by themselves?

Maybe we can use some of that teacher bonus money for those teachers who want more $$$ on top of pay for doing their jobs go to helping those living in poverty! Nay, Jea would fight us on that!

Yet this is an important issue. Thanks to Tom Gordon and Dennis Williams for spreading the discomfort.

I wouldn’t say that! Gordon and Williams is helping push the conversation and reveal as always, there is a job for a friend in there for somebody! The call for that job sours faith in Gordon and William’s sincerity! But at least they didn’t hide it!