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FYI Mayor Williams and County Executive Gordon re: high school dropouts #netDE #edude

Modification of Delaware truancy law working it’s way to being law #netDE Eedude Posted on April 3, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

House Bill # 24

This Bill implements recommendations from the Truancy Task Force by changing provisions of the Delaware Code regarding compulsory attendance and when a truancy case must be brought to the Truancy Court. Specifically, school attendance requirements shall apply to enrolled students through grade 12 and the school shall refer a case for prosecution after the 20th day of unexcused absence by a student. The amendments will provide for earlier intervention by the Court as well as providing a mechanism to address the needs of truant students past grade 5.

This legislation does have a direct impact onf helping reduce high school dropouts.  School boards and their supers have limited powers to build a coalition with local government and zero authority to enact legislation or regulations regarding education. It also creates conflicts in duplication of dropout prevention programs supported by the state. Same applies in regards to school district boundaries! 

If you are not going to call-out Governor Markell there is no need to call-out school board  or their supers.