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Minnehan favorite to win Christina school board race !

Yep she’s back and tea leaves are in her favor. Minnehan helped save Pencader but was out gunned by former school leader’s board trolls. Her biggest so-called mistake was to support the termination of the former school leader’s spouse! That’s a no-no is a family run business (school in the case). However, she has spent a lifetime in public education and has the right stuff!

The contenders;

District “E” expires 2018 – Harrie-Ellen Minnehan (2/7/13)
Elizabeth Scheinberg (withdrew 3/13/13)
Charles Mullin (2/21/13)


Rick Jensen tries his hand at blogging and no traffic report!

Has Your State Stolen Money From You? Rick Jensen, Guest Post Posted by Delaware Right on Apr 7, 2013

Listeners often call my radio program saying their state stole money from them, or they received a letter warning them of the impending theft.

The lucky ones get a letter.

Jeff Rogatz tells News Journal reporter Jonathon Starkey of his youngest son’s education account, kept at the brokerage firm Charles Schwab. One month, the account held $2,500. The next month, the balance was zero

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Atlanta testing scandal indictments questions untouchable Rhee

Why Was Atlanta’s Beverly Hall Indicted For Racketeering While Michelle Rhee Won’t Be? Wed, 04/03/2013 – 10:27 — Bruce A. Dixon /Black Agenda Report

Please read the entire article at this link

Why Was Atlanta’s Beverly Hall Indicted For Racketeering While Michelle Rhee Won’t Be?

Kilroy knows the answer why Rhee is protected! Rehee’s husband Kevin Johnson is tight with Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s brother. Obama fires Inspector General for doing his job Posted on October 22, 2009 by kilroysdelaware. Duncan’s Rhee /Johnson love tails scams America Posted on January 5, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

Steps to addressing Wilmington Delaware’s education dilemma #netDE #edude @ed_in_de @destateboarded @dedeptofed

I think most of us can agree the concerns impacting Wilmington Delaware’s public education goes deep! And if you want suggest race isn’t an element you must be a racist, white and black!

As far as Red Clay’s train of change, it started long ago before the current administration. The old Conrad failed by design to justify bring back Conrad High School (take a seat Jimmy Olsen) as part of a “promise”. The so-called NCLB requirement to turnaround Conrad is bullshit! Conrad didn’t received shit in the way of Title 1 funding! In fact Kilroy raised holy Hell way back because Red Clay’s middle schools weren’t receiving any Title 1 monies! Kilroy’s efforts did bring some Title 1 funding to A.I. Middle School, Stanton Middle and Conrad Middle. It wasn’t much but did help! After about three years that funding shifted way and the district state those needs were handled via district wide Title 1. Also, to be fair non of the current administrators even Merv were apart of that administrative process. Same goes for board members. I keep my cards very close so you won’t hear about the Crossroads Restaurant meeting or the one at Walter’s Steakhouse.  Play the NCLB card for the former Conrad Middle School all you want however, the addition to the high school in the magnet plan had nothing to do with NCLB as there was no order to turnaround any Red Clay high school.  The turnaround of the middle school was more about moving the feeder-pattern and bring is whiter bright students! The trend in the data supports this! Part of the agenda was to disperse under-performing blocks of students from high poverty communities within Conrad’s old feeder pattern. The turnaround wasn’t about be able to reach at-risk children but rather stroking one’s ego creating an illusion of successful addressing the failure of meeting the needs of students.    

Red Clay’s concept of adding more public schools in Wilmington is ” charters are doing this”. We need to stop the approval of more elementary charter schools in  Wilmington and leave the option open for charter middle schools and high schools where the apparent need is greater! But must be sensitive to the direct impact of traditional schools. The greater need is high school seats within the City of Wilmington.

Let’s move forward toward possible solutions ( take a seat Jack Markell and clueless Coach Murphy).

The choices are reducing the number of school districts ripping Wilmington apart or a collaborated efforts to fill the cracks!  

Wilmington needs a “traditional” high school to deliver on the promise of the Neighborhood Schools Act. Wilmington needs adequate “traditional” middle school space! How do you do this without furthering the de facto segregation? Make that de facto segregation reflective of real choice with real options.

Would it be less complicated to restructure and combined school district within Wilmington? OR would a collaborative effort between the state, county, city of Wilmington and the school districts be more viable? ( stay in your seat Jimmy). Also, there is the issue of district labor unions. What I am talking about is mixing of funds and resources.This would require state legislation. Do we establish a city “choice” magnet high school where all seats must go to students living in Wilmington and with “transportation”? Make it an opt-in choice? Also, provide more favorable choice transportation for city kids “only” to suburban high schools. The question would be, where in the city will this high school bet located? As far as middle school seats in Wilmington is it possible for Warner and some other city elementary schools expand to K-8? Bancroft has 358 students this year and in 2004 there was 1028 students. In 2005 Bayard had 1185 students whereas this year there are 473 students. In 2007 Warner had 681 students and this year 541. 

Somehow people need to come together in a room and say there will be no conversation about what are the root cause of the concerns and say conversation will be about the current situation. It will come down to do we consolidate school districts where Wilmington students are better served? Do we create a Wilmington schools district? Do we address school Choice such as transportation issues and adjustments to school assignments in respects to the new schools being build in the suburbs? One thing for sure, issues in regards to disparities in student disciplined shouldn’t be addressed in a committee addressing the physical structure of Wilmington school realignment. We’re talking work-groups not bitch sessions or preaching to the problem.

What makes me sick is people lining up expecting to be paid for doing something that should be part of their civil duty! School board members get kicked around and they don’t get compensated one penny! Calling for a non paid public servants to step-down by a paid politicians daring not to blame Governor Markell for not living up to campaign promises made in regards to re-segregation is an insult to volunteerism.  Did Jesus invoice the people for his work as an activist?

So you want to be a Red Clay School Board Member! #netDE #edude @ed_in_De @dedeptofed

Is Red Clay’s Dickinson High feeder map deceiving Wilmington’s minorities? #netDE #edude @destateboarded Posted on March 12, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

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walking down memory lane re: Delaware Neighborhood School Act Posted on September 24, 2012 by kilroysdelaware |

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The purging of black students continues at Red Clay’s Conrad magnet school Posted on December 30, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

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Conrad continues to shed black students Posted on January 31, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

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Conrad Middle School Parents Being Hoodwinked? Posted on June 9, 2008 by kilroysdelaware

Posted 2008 : Read more here………………… Where was Gordonn, Williams and Street?

We can keep walking down memory lane and all the Red Flags were flying high!

Those wanting to be Red Clay school board members better get in the game with this issue! 

News Journal two dimensional reporting Re: Williams / Gordon Letter #netDE #edude @destateboarded @ed_in_de @dedeptofed

Williams, Gordon rip school system Dropout rate, busing issues for city students Written by Matthew Albright and Adam Taylor The News Journal Apr 7, 2013

Before I getting started on my ranting I want to say the News Journal is back to its old fucking tricks! This issue is a three dimensional issue and is only being told in two dimension. The rookie did me dirty once and the bridge is closed! If we’re going to ask school board members and superintendents to step-down for the betterment of education perhaps we need the big guy at the News Journal to do the same! This issue is too deep for newborns.

Wilmington students are dropping out at alarming rates and spending too much time riding school buses out of the city, problems that Mayor Dennis Williams and New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon argue are contributing to the city’s troubles.

And the city doesn’t do shit about helping the community with effective after school programs and teaching parents how to effectively advocate for their children and hold schools accountable.  Government can’t change government only people can!

“Every day I’m dealing with gun violence. I’m dealing with unemployment. I’m dealing with all these problems that I believe are rooted in kids not finishing school,” Williams said. “This can no longer continue for us as a society. Our school leaders need to be pushed into doing better.”

The root cause everybody is many are looking for a paychecks to help address the root cause of problems in education and the mayor insist on an old buddy to spearhead the charge up the hill. Why does there have to be a price-tag on doing one’s civil duty! Where is the PayPal button on Kilroy’s? There is none because we all need to give back in any way we can! 

Williams and Gordon are taking the extraordinary step of wading into the city’s education issues, and demanding answers from local school officials about problems that they say are wreaking havoc on the city. The two say they are committed to promoting changes in the way Wilmington children attend school, even going so far as to advocate consolidating the four districts currently serving the city into one or two.

The pair sent letters to school officials last month asking for answers and action. But the truth is neither Williams nor Gordon have the power to make any changes to the current school structure. They hope, however, they have the influence.

When they injected wanting Doc (a good man) to be the consultant they done lost creditably. That call was premature to establishing the concerns. Blaming board members like John Young who doesn’t hold to fucked-up political and professional protocol when engaging the issues is very refreshing. Jea Street does his radical thing and is some kind of community icon! John Young was instrumental in addressing the the negative impact of zero tolerance that impacted far more black than white students. But Young is a near racist because he doesn’t kiss Jack Markell’s ass or hold to the Rodel method of reform. As far as that letter, why did the News Journal wait a month to write this piece! Because the blogs rolled that letter up in a blue blue-ribbon and shoved it up their asses! Message to Jimmy, don’t call me or E-mail me anymore! 

Gordon said the letters that he and Williams signed marked the start of “a long, intense process” of fixing the city’s schools.

What are they waiting for, Markell to be President of The United States or money from Rodel?

“We are still in the early stages. We know what the problems are and we think we know what some of the solutions are, but we want to have the facts in front of us,” he said. “I can tell you that this isn’t going to go away, though.

So what you, want the Delaware bloggers to do your research for you and the News Journal to be your wet-nurse?

Williams and Gordon say in a March 20 letter sent to local district officials that urgent action is needed to address an alarming dropout rate in Wilmington.

“We believe that the dropout rate, specifically of African-American males, is both contributory, as well as rudimentary to a majority of the sociological challenges of both our city and our county,” the pair wrote. “These include unemployment, teen pregnancy, crime and incarceration, homelessness and others, too great to mention here.”

Yep! I am right, they don’t have a clue.

In the 2011-12 school year, 1,527 students, or about 3.7 percent of students, dropped out state-wide, a slight increase from last year. Of those students, about 43 percent were black and almost 60 percent were male

So the concern is an African-American concern! What next the KKK writing a letter the superintendents? 

Delaware Education Secretary Mark Murphy said he also is concerned about dropouts in the state, and cited ongoing efforts to improve graduation rates and college preparation.

The graduation rate is not the same as the dropout rate and the changes in the curriculum adding more high school credit graduation requirements puts more weigh on the backs of at-risk students. Delaware’s dropout rate 3.7% is one of the lowest in the nation and yet Murphy buys into Arne Duncan’s turnaround concepts? Arne Duncan was CEO of Chicago schools before going to D.C.!  Shall I say more?

 “We welcome the chance to continue the dialogue with our elected leaders and the community at large to discuss these and other proposals to meet our students’ needs,” Murphy said in a statement released Saturday. “We also recognize there has been interest among some in our community to develop a Wilmington school district, and see this letter as another part of those on-going discussions.”  

Typical white response after they get their face rubbed in their dog-shit! Makell knew of the concern when he ran for governor back in 2008 and delivered another false campaign promise.  We don’t have time to educated Murphy and bring him up to speed! 

“Throughout the Wilmington community, there is a perception that student busing is a ‘one way street’ – namely that busing is viewed as the outflow of urban-based students to suburban-based schools versus the supposed exchange of suburban public school students being bused into urban based, inner city schools,” the letter said. “The concern is that there are very few white students being bused into Wilmington.

It’s not a perception it’s a fact! Many Wilmington students are bused past their closest school like those Wilmington kids assigned to Dickinson whereas A.I. High is much closer! Red Clay adds onto A.I. High to accommodate in district choice students yet didn’t see a need to address the one way busing! Sure we have school choice but no preferential transportation for address this immoral imbalance. If it were White students being bused into Wilmington it would have been addressed. Shit ! Wait ! It was addressed!

By raising the issue of busing, the two officials are wading into a longtime conflict over school district lines in the city. A desegregation order split Wilmington into four districts in the 1970s. Today, the city doesn’t have its own high school.

About time they join those of us that are concern! I’ve been like a fucking broken record on this issue! 

“These kids are getting bused far out of the city,” Williams said. “I would like to sit down with Red Clay and Brandywine to see if we can come up with a two-district or even a one-district system.”

You knew that when your were a state representative with legislative power and now you want to address it with limitied power! 

Gordon said he agrees.

“You’ve got kids getting bused from the city all the way up to the state line,” Gordon said. “The parents aren’t getting involved. The students are spending hours on a bus. It’s just not good for anybody. It’s an outdated system, and we need to fix it.”

Some why doesn’t the NAACP weigh in?

Bebe Coker, a longtime activist in the Wilmington area, said she thinks changing the district lines is a good idea.

“I believe we’ve reaped the residuals of a bad desegregation plan that took place 20 years ago,” Coker said. “We tried to tell people it would cause problems, but they didn’t listen. I think if we can undo some of that damage, that would really help.”

Coker cautioned, however, that fixing district lines would not be a cure-all. She said education leaders should focus on bigger changes, like “completely rethinking” how teachers are trained.

Right on they didn’t listen re: Neighborhood Schools Act ad in fact the legislators action was to let DE DOE handle it 

New Castle County Councilman Jea Street has been fighting to reduce the number of Wilmington districts for years. He said he was pleased to see two high-ranking officials join the fight.

Somebody better tell Jea they are taking over the fight and didn’t want him included in the letter.

I’m grateful the two executives at least care about the issue, because too many people have been playing hide and seek on this issue for years,” Street said. And who has been

Beating the drum blaming school board members for  the ills of Dover? Who has been protecting the White Knight Jack Markell? Markell wraps his arms around minorities for photo ops like they are trophies!  

Such an effort would face hurdles. The state Legislature must approve any changes to school districts, a move that Street said would require serious political muscle.


Williams and Gordon said they believe a “citizen coalition” will help address the problems . The coalition, which would include veteran educators, business leaders and activists, would recommend potential solutions.

I’ll be your Huckleberry! Snap! I am just a misguided parent and community member. 

Williams and Gordon have asked the school districts to work with a consultant they’ve chosen, the Wilmington-based firm Pritchett Associates, to develop detailed data on dropout rates and busing specific to the city. The county has committed $21,000 to cover the consultant’s cost, while the city will pick up the remaining expense, Gordon said.

So break the law re: contract bids! Nice way to address the education laws! Doc is a good man and I support his work! But it  the issue here re: the anointment!

 “He’s been an educator in the system. He wants to fix these problems as much as I do,” Williams said. “I’ve known Mr. Pritchett since I was 10. He’s somebody I trust will give it to me straight and won’t fudge the numbers. 

Do you think he realized what he just said?