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Breaking!! Delaware Governor Jack Markell getting bitch-slapped on Facebook

Delaware Governor Jack Markell puts this on his Facebook

“Research confirms what parents know – nothing contributes to student learning as much as a quality teacher. We have many excellent teachers in Delaware and, as Bill Gates mentions in this piece below, we continue exploring ways to retain those educators and recruit others”.

One person fired back on Markell’s Facebook

“Jack Markell : have you even looked at the Core curriculum that Gates endorses that will be fully implemented in our state next year? Based on that alone, you clearly care nothing about a child’s education and freedom of learning. Your brainwashing them to be government lemmings.”

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Markell is such a douchbag  🙂 🙂

OMG Jimmy Olsen has the scoop ! Re: Charter School of Wilmington

Charter must forfeit 2010 quiz bowl wins Student on team had access to questions in advance Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

Last week’s national quiz bowl cheating scandal that caused Harvard University to vacate four championships and the University of Michigan to give up wins in one tournament also has snared a Delaware charter school known for academic excellence.

Charter School of Wilmington has been forced to forfeit six wins in a 2010 national tournament after the organization that runs the events said one of the school’s students accessed questions before competing.

Officials with the National Academic Quiz Tournaments announced the sanctions against the schools last week and also revealed competitors’ names it said violated the rules.

Joe Brosch, a member of a 2010 Charter School of Wilmington quiz bowl team, was one of those NAQT said exploited a loophole in its computer system to see questions that would have appeared on quizzes in which he competed.

Read the entire article here ………………………………

Damn! Hey Lois Lane, buy the boy (Jimmy Olsen) a bucket of crawlfish!

Available now: Digital recordings of Red Clay school board candidates #netDE #edude

The follow is a link to Red Clay Consolidated School District’s March 20, 2013 pubic session of their school board meeting.

As you may know, Red Clay is one of three school districts in the state of Delaware to “voluntarily” digitally records public session of board meetings and post on their website to enhance transparency and communication to the parents, public and state legislators. 

Two Red Clay School Board Candidates for school board representing Board Seat A District Adriana Leela Bohm and Bryan P. Tracy were present and spoke during public recognition. It appears the third candidate  Robert L. Cooper, Jr. did not address the community at this meeting.  

This is the amazing example of why I support and strongly advocate for recording all traditional school districts, votech districts and charter schools to be required to record the public session of their board meetings.

Got to this Red Clay link to hear board candidates Adriana Leela Bohm (slide the recording time bar to 9:00) and for Bryan P. Tracy (slide the recording time bat to 17:41). * after you listen to these two candidate go back and hear the parent addressing the boar immediate after Bryan and of course listen to the entire meeting. Without these recordings you may not of had any opportunity to hear board candidates speak. Here is a link to information on how to contact a board candidate running in all school districts within New Castle County

Will education data dashboard be a curse or blessing? #netDE #edude

Why This $100 Million Student Information Database Is ‘A Godsend’ For Education Startups Megan Rose Dickey | Mar. 4, 2013, 11:20 AM

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently led a $100 million investment into a controversial project that will collect and sell student information.

Startups and educators are excited. Parents, on the other hand, aren’t so happy.

The foundation teamed up with the Carnegie Corp. and school officials from various states to create the new  database, Stephanie Simon of Reuters reports.

The database, which is now operated by a non-profit organization called inBloom, went live about three months ago. It includes information like learning disabilities, test scores, attendance, student hobbies, social and career goals. It ties that information to individual students.

Local education officials will have all legal control over their students’ information, and will be able to share that information with private companies selling educational products and services.

It’s “a godsend for us,” Jason Lange, CEO of education startup BloomBoard, told Reuters. “It allows us to collect more data faster, quicker and cheaper.”

Some might suggest Kilroy is yelling the sky is falling and big brothers will collect student personal information far beyond what is relevant to learning. However, historically Delaware parents sit-by and drink the kool-aid and then become outraged after the fact. I just love it when I hear these responses to concerning issues! “Why didn’t someone tell us” , “when did they do that” or “no body tells us anything”. Gets better! School board member say, “we just heard about ourselves” or “you need to contact your legislators because out hands are tied”. 

My point about raising concerns about student data collecting is to review the possibilities and determine if there needs to be policy changes or new laws to head-off the what if!

Feeding every tip-bit of student information into a database such as social security numbers, student ID numbers, attendance records, behaviors, disabilities. parents marital status, if parent is incarcerated, test schools, hobbies, health related information and any information the schools and state decides to collect is concerning! Gee Kilroy, how do you know if they’ll collect all that information? My response is, how do you know they won’t? Yea yea the servers are secure ! The point is, there is needs to be policies and laws regarding what data can be collected, who has access and for what purpose it will be used.

Raw data is one thing and may be helpful in comparison between test cell grouping re: standardized test! However, when you create an individual “profile” of students tying personal information with testing data you are creating a “profile”. And don’t forget teachers, your names will be tied to all these “profile”. The data dashboard may extend beyond student academic assessment related needs and for what purpose?

I feel school boards should review policies regarding student information far beyond who has access. The policy should include what information can be collected and what information can be entered into a data system beyond the districts own intranet system. 

Programs like Race to The Top a federal grant not mandate, Common Core Standards a collaboration of states not law or mandate and the Smarter Balance Assessment not law or mandate should restrict transferring and sharing of information identifiable to student by name, student ID or social security number. The system can maintain sharing usual cell information as we see now. However, creating profile identifiable to students is nothing more than “profiling” and a civil rights concern!