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No civil rights when it comes to students personal information! #netDE #edude

Local School boards need to stop the data mining of our children and their family’s personal information! Parents you need to watch this video!

More information from the New York Daily News

New York parents furious at program, inBloom, that compiles private student information for companies that contract with it to create teaching tools

Concerns have arisen that the information could be sold to other companies, which officials deny. The system contains names, attendance records, disciplinary histories, addresses, test scores and learning disabilities. New York joins eight other states that have adopted it. Read More …………..

OMG Jimmy Olsen stoking the Street vs Christina board flames #netDE

Letter from NCCo’s Street stirs controversy with Christina School Board Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal Mar. 29, 2013 6:13 PM

A letter from a New Castle County councilman has outraged members of the Christina School Board, leading some to say they feared for their safety and causing the board to hire security for their next meeting.

Jea Street might rattle some nerves with his rants but one thing he not is physically threatening! 

Councilman Jea Street sent a letter last week in which he called for Christina Superintendent Freeman Williams and several board members to resign over the district’s dispute with the state over teacher bonuses and Race to the Top funding.Damn we should gibe Freeman and the board members opposing teacher bonuses a standing-ovation! Do county councilman get bonuses for doing “their” jobs? 

The letter was sent to dozens of district, state and NAACP officials and was re-circulated on Facebook, blogs and other social media.

Yep to blogs Councilman Jea Street calls three Christina board members & super “obstructionists” and wants them to resign! #netDe Posted on March 18, 2013 by kilroysdelaware.

Saffer and fellow board member Elizabeth Scheinberg said they felt threatened because the letter was forwarded to many people they didn’t  know.

All the cc: on the letter is nothing more than throwing darts hoping can sucker someone in that feels teachers should get bonuses for doing their jobs!

“The language in the letter was incendiary and totally uncalled for,” Saffer said Thursday. “With some of the lunatics who are out there, who knows what they might do if they saw this letter?”

I think they would say, what the fuck! This guy supports giving teachers bonuses for doing their jobs!

Saffer said she talked to several people who said they were similarly concerned for her safety and suggested that the board no longer hold meetings in the city of Wilmington.

Come on Shirley let’s not take it out on Wilmington! Stay kool and stick to your principles on the f’ed up Race to The Top bonuses!

“We were told that it was not in our best interest [to hold board meetings in the city] because it was sent to so many people and it has gone viral,” she said during the meeting. “They [people she talked to about the letter] have said for our own protection and because of the Sandy Hook shooting and all the other shootings that perhaps we would not be safe because of this letter that was sent out.”

Too extreme! I’ve seen nothing or heard nothing in outrage towards the board! If somebody wanted to do something stupid it wouldn’t matter where the meetings were held. 

“If you have problems with this letter, then you need to address Mr. Street,” Evans said, “but you’re not going to disenfranchise the citizens of Wilmington.” 

“Sir, were you threatened in this letter?” Saffer fired back. “Were you called a ‘weapon of educational mass destruction’ and a racist? No. 

“‘weapon of educational mass destruction’ and a racist?” Not in the letter I read! 

“I’m not threatening anybody. I’m promising that I’m not going to go away,” Street said. “What they’re trying to do to me is the same thing they do to children every day.”

Just give Jea his 3 minutes to address the board just like any other public member! 

Saffer suggested and the board voted five to one to hire a security guard for their next meeting at the Sarah Pyle Academy in Wilmington. She asked the superintendent to look into the cost of security at all future board meetings.

Security is long overdo at board meetings! But don’t think you are going to try to throw Jea out when he goes into a rant! Jea is Jea and that’s his style! 

Saffer made another motion to ban Street from future meetings, but board members said they thought such action would violate public meetings law.

If you want to do education any justice ban Governor Markell from board meetings. And yes it would violate public meeting laws and would piss off Kilroy. 

Street was addressing the board’s ongoing feud with the state Department of Education over a bonus program for high-performing teachers who serve in schools that score low on state assessments. The state has threatened to withhold more than $2.3 million from the district if it does not come up with a state-approved plan to dole out the bonuses by month’s end.

The bonuses should go to the most improve schools and allow students, parents and teachers within how to spend it! If teachers require a bonus to perform at their best than we really have a problem! What happens to the under performing teachers if the district goes to fire them! I’ll bet Jea will be yelling foul and unfair! 

Polaski said the board is still negotiating with the state and said district staff will meet with state Secretary of Education Mark Murphy on Monday. State officials have said the $2.3 million could be reinstated after the deadline if a deal is reached.

Maybe Mark Murphy will shift that money to Hilltop for some early pre-K intervention programs!  Can’t you image the work that can be done with $2.3 million dollars infused into Wilmington Pre-K programs? Screw the teacher bonuses!

 Street said these and other problems justified firing   Williams and board members he believes are “obstructionists.”

The only obstructionists I see is those who turn a blind-eye when Markell and even Christina school district defaced Title 1 Section 1118. Jea did Title 1 parents under the provision Section 1118 approve those bonuses, Race to The Top, PZ Schools, Common Core Standards or the Smarter Balanced Assessment. If there is any lawsuit filed it should be against DE DOE and Governor Markell for not adhering to Title 1 Section 1118. 

“Collectively, the matters of fiscal impropriety, broken promises and bad faith, ongoing discrimination and exclusionary race-driven practices must be viewed as weapons of mass educational destruction and dealt with accordingly,” the letter said.

Yikes ! I see “Weapons of mass education destruction”. What about the NAACP not standing up for Title 1 Section 1118 violations? There is the real social injustice! Taking the voice of parents is total destruction! See my point sister?   

NJ’s Jimmy Olsen exposes toxic scum at Cab / CSW #netDE #edude

Pakistani diplomat gives students critical insight Pakistani gives students critical insight Written by 

Matthew Albright

The News Journal Mar 28, 2013

High school students seldom get to listen to lectures on India and Pakistan, the war in Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden from someone like Touqir Hussain.

Hussain has served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Japan, Brazil and Spain, and is an expert and published scholar on U.S.-Pakistani relations and conflicts in the Islamic community.

When asked what he thought the best solution to terrorist extremists is, Hussain criticized the U.S. military campaign.

“By creating these wars, the U.S. amplified the voice of the jihadists. People in the larger Muslim community, which is progressive and reasonable, began to listen to them,” he said. “To me, the answer is to invest in good government and economic improvement, so that these radicals are isolated.”

So the U.S. created these wars!!!!! What the Fuck! I am sure Jimmy Olsen had to stick to the NJ’s script but DAMN! He could have questioned Touqir Hussain on that bullshit response! How many students at Cab/CSW were traumatized on 9/11 when the war was started on American soil by bin Laden? The war could have been over years ago if Pakistan didn’t help protect bin Laden, How many America troops died needlessly while bin Laden’s location was being protected in Pakistan? Amazing Merv and Chuck! We can’t talk about God in our schools but can allow outsiders to come in and defend the Devil who created the war!


Delaware; Does passing grade level mean student is proficient?

Title 14 Education

200 Administration and Operations

 Authenticated PDF Version

230 Promotion

1.0 Each Local School District and Charter School Shall Have a Promotion Policy for Kindergarten Through Grade 12

1.1 Local school districts and charter schools must follow, at a minimum, the requirements for promotion as defined in 14 Del.C. §153, titled Matriculation and Academic Promotion Requirements and 14 DE Admin. Code 925, Children with Disabilities Subpart D, Evaluations, Eligibility Determination, Individualized Education Programs.

1.2 The promotion policies for grades 1 to 8 must also, at a minimum, include the following:

1.2.1 Students in grades 1 to 8 must receive instruction in English Language Arts or its equivalent, mathematics, social studies and science each year as defined in the Delaware Content Standards.

1.2.2 Students in grades 1 to 8 must pass 50% of their instructional program each year (excluding physical education) to be promoted to the next grade level. One of the subject areas that must be passed is English Language Arts or its equivalent. English Language Arts or its equivalent includes English as a Second Language (ESL), and bilingual classes that are designed to develop the English language proficiency of students who have been identified as LEP. Classes in English Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies include those which employ alternative instructional methodologies designed to meet the needs of LEP students in the content areas.

2 DE Reg. 1248 (1/1/99)

7 DE Reg. 928 (1/1/04)

12 DE Reg. 932 (01/01/09)

2.0 Policy Reporting Requirements

2.1 Each local school district and charter school shall have an electronic copy of its current promotion policy on file with the Department of Education.

2.2 Each local school district and charter shall provide an electronic copy of its promotion policy to the Department of Education within thirty (30) of any revision(s) regardless of whether said revisions were made as a result of changes to Federal, state or local law, regulations, guidance, or policies.

12 DE Reg. 932 (01/01/09)

So in Delaware a K-8 student can be promoted if they “pass” 50% of their instructional programs! Why not change the requirement to “must be proficient”?

The so-called failures in Delaware public school system is rooted in this provision in the law. We move students from grade level to grade level even if they are not proficient! Then we want to hold the next teacher accountable for students who are performing at grade level of the prior school year.

If we want to have honest conversations and stop lying to parents and cheating children perhaps we need to address the promotion laws. 

School districts and charter schools can set promotion standards hire than the state minimum and I am sure most do!  

Some say the the promotion requirement set so low is to minimize civil rights concerns when it comes to student promotions. So I guess the state feels it’s best to push students through via social promotion than address the real needs. Yes and DE DOE response would be that’s why we apply and won Race to The Top!  You can’t move the car until you fix the flat tire! Or perhaps you can and just bump along!

Notice the promotion provision applies to grades k-8 and when students get to grade 9 the have to tow a heavier requirement. 505 High School Graduation Requirements and Diplomas

All this talk about the global cogency and how China and Finland educates their students you would think Delaware would follow their k-8 model re: promotions.

We sent the bar low during the K-8 years and put the students through the academic grinder 9-12 and wonder why students dropout! We’ve set them up to fail and lied to parents via social promotion! Just another reason we need to explore school vouchers and scholarships!  

Appo get’s it right re: retry on referendum @netEd #edude

Appoquinimink to have second referendum Written by The News Journal

After voters rejected a tax increase last month, the Appoquinimink School Board will try to pass a second proposal about half the size of the failed effort.

The new plan seeks to raise about $3 million by increasing property taxes by 15 cents per $100 of assessed property value. The vote will be May 9.

The proposal passed 3-2, with school board members Edna Kale and Norm Abrams voting against the measure.

Kilroy gives this new plan a thumbs up! We need to support our schools but need not bow-down to support federal intervention in local control via a “proud card carrying capitalist” Governor Markell. Appo’s board needs to confront Governor Markell on his state budget cuts and support for federal intervention on local control! School district supers and boards need to stop kissing Governor Markell’s ass!

The failed proposal would have raised $7.2 million, phased in over four years. It would have cost the average taxpayer about 29.5 cents per $100 of assessed value.

News Journal has it wrong re: 29,5 cents. The following is from the referendum ballot that failed

Part I: Restore Operating Funds and Protect the Learning
This item asks for your approval to raise local school taxes for current
operating expenses as follows:
• an additional 24.0 cents per $100 of assessed value effective
July 1, 2013
• an additional 4.0 cents (for a total of an additional 28.0 cents) per
$100 of assessed value effective July 1, 2014
• an additional 4.0 cents (for a total of an additional 32.0 cents) per
$100 of assessed value effective July 1, 2015
• an additional 3.0 cents (for a total of an additional 35.0 cents)

NOTE: I am concern the News Journal may have not communicated Appo’s referendum request beyond the first year. So I reserve the right to change my position after actual referendum request is available, 

House Bill #23 moving forward re: recording public sessions of school board meetings #netDE #edude

47th General Assembly
House Bill # 23

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Peterson


Reps. Dukes, D. Short, Miro, Peterman, Wilson, Baumbach, Bennett, Mitchell, K. Williams; Sens. Hocker, Lavelle, Simpson, Townsend

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This bill requires that all public meetings of the boards of education of traditional public school districts, vo-tech school districts, and public meetings of charter schools’ boards of directors be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the districts’ and charter schools’ websites within seven business days. The recordings will not be considered the official board minutes.
Currently the Red Clay Consolidated School District, Christina School District, and the Capital School District on a voluntary basis approved by their boards of education have been providing the public digital recordings of their board public session meetings via the district’s websites.
The Delaware State Board of Education is required by the State Board of Education to make available within one business day digital recordings of its board meetings on the Delaware Department of Education’s website.

Current Status:

Out of Committee   On   03/27/13

HA 1 to HB 23 – PWB

Mar 27, 2013 – Reported Out of Committee (EDUCATION) in House with 6 Favorable, 4 On Its Merits

Fiscal Note


This Act is fiscally effective 90 days after signature of the Governor.

This Act requires all public meetings of the boards of education of public school districts, vo-tech school districts and public meetings of charter schools’ board of directors to be digitally recorded and made available on a district’s or charter school’s website within seven business days of the meeting.

There are three school districts digitally recording their public meetings and making the recordings available on their websites. These districts include the Red Clay Consolidated School District, Christina School District and the Capital School District. In order to implement the provisions of this Act, it’s assumed the remaining 16 school districts and 22 charter schools will be required to purchase a digital recording kit, including the appropriate software, to record public meetings and make the recordings available on their websites.

While there are many options to digitally record a public meeting, based on an assessment of the equipment purchased to digitally record public meetings at the Red Clay, the Christina, and the Capital School Districts and the State Board of Education, the cost for a portable digital recording kit, including software, can range from $4,000 to $16,000. (Given the number of districts surveyed purchased the digital recording devices closer to $4,000, it’s assumed that the cost is $5,000 for portable digital recording equipment and software. The standard replacement cycle for the digital recording hardware and software is 3 years.)

Recording and uploading to each district and charter school website will be accomplished by the district and charter school within existing resources.

Cost:    Local Districts

Fiscal Year 2014: $5,000 for each district and charter school ($190,000 all charters/districts)           

Fiscal Year 2015: $0 (assuming no equipment/software replacement)        

Fiscal Year 2016: $0 (assuming no equipment/software replacement)        

Office of Controller General  

(Amounts are shown in whole dollars)

March 07, 2013



confirmed NJ’s Lois Lane reassigned out of K-12 to higher ed

Comment high jacked from blog the seventh typeRealignment at the News Journal education desk

Hi Mike,

Yes, you are correct about the beat changes, and thanks for the kind words. I can confidently to speak for all involved and say this was a welcome change. We each requested a new assignment. This is not unusual for reporters.

I now cover higher education and religion. Stay tuned for an upcoming story from me about a new Sikh gurdwara opening in Delaware. I think I tweeted a picture of it a few days ago, so check that out.

Wade Malcolm covers banking, real estate and entrepreneurship. Matthew Albright will cover K12 education.

For those who have story ideas, please do get in touch. My email is on my comment here. I’m looking forward to learning something new. This is Delaware so I’m sure I will see many familiar faces on my new beat.

– Nichole

Well it looks like the News Journal was concerned Lois Lane was getting too knowledgeable in the dark side of k-12 public education. Lois was very engaged with the blog community helping keep facts and fiction straight! She had a edge not seen since the days of Beth Miller’s involvement in the education issues. Good straight reporting with a twist in moving the conversations deeper. She’ll be a hard act to follow! And we’ll miss her wing-man Clark Kent! Personally I think the News Journal made a mistake with the new assignments! I would have given Lois and Clark team-status and free run of all the education news in Delaware.

I am not sure about this Matthew Albright fellow! Elizabeth indicated he’s from Louisiana. Perhaps we’ll need to have a Crawlfish boil with Matt and put on some Doug Kershaw tunes

Kilroy needs to find a nickname Mr. Albright! Crawlfish Daddy is taken (Bec)!


Colonial super puts gun to school board head! #netDE #edude

BREAKING NEWS: Colonial punches taxpayers in the face with a haymaker. @GovernorMarkell, @DEDeptofED are left bloodied after Linn sucker punch! #netDE #eduDE  by Transparent Christina March 27, 2013

This just in, from a dumpster out behind George Reed Middle School. 

Go read here…………………………………….

WTF !!!!!! The Colonial super sent out an “embargo letter” to the media  outlining all the budget cuts if the next referendum fails “BEFORE” the board voted on the new referendum!

It appears the Colonial superintendent took one out of the Markell playbook by putting out a hit piece of doom and gloom painting the board into a corner for a yes vote!

Why did the super send out this hit piece before a board vote? INTIMIDATION !!!!!!!!!!! Just like what DOE Dan did with the Race to The Top MOU! INTIMIDATION BY MANIPULATION!

FYI folks! All eyes are on Colonial to pass this referendum that will cripple small and large businesses with higher school taxes! All for kissing Jack Markell’s ass! Speaking of Jack Markell, ask him if he has investments with Wireless Generation subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s New Corporation where Joel Klein is VP! Seems Joel Kline is spearheading selling E-tablets to schools. News Corp. Has a Tablet for Schools. I wonder if Colonial’s need for technology funding will be used for feeding Markell’s Wall Street butt-buddies! After all, Governor Jack Markell is a self-proclaimed “proud card-carrying capitalist”. More to follow on this subject.


Colonial school district pours another round of Kool-aid re: referendum #netDE #edude

Colonial to try smaller tax hike in new referendum Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

The district board hopes residents will favor the $9.6 million proposal announced Tuesday more than the $13 million plan, which residents voted against nearly 3 to 1 on Feb, 28.

“We need to do a better job campaigning for this,” Superintendent Dorothy Linn said. “We need to learn from our mistakes and make sure people really understand what’s at stake.”

I urge Colonial taxpayers to say no to another attempt to back-fill governor Markell’s state budget cuts to the school districts and charter schools AND ask Colonial to denounced Race to The Top an underfunded unsustainable federal grant.

Colonial’s superintendent needs to show some courage and confront the issues that constrict local control to a point local funds must be used to serve personal political agendas of the governor and his Wall Street bandits capitalizing on the Wall Street ponzi scheme known as Race to The Top.

If approved, the funds would cover increasing personnel and operating costs, while also replacing and maintaining computers, improving network capacity and implementing national Common Core standards. But school officials say without the funds, some jobs and programs will be lost.

There you have it, National Common Core Standards, a baby sisters of Race to The Top that moves local control further from local school boards. Colonial’s superintendent fails to understand the process that delivered Common Core Standards that failed to follow the provisos of the law under Title 1 Section 1118. As far as replacing and maintaining those computers, Colonial needs to come clean on the Smarter Balance Assessment coming next year that puts greater demands on technology needs at the school level.

Hear again local taxpayers are ask to fund reform agendas deep seeded in Markell’s personal political agenda and Race to The Top.

The average taxpayer’s bill would rise by $197 a year, compared to the $265 sought in the failed plan, based on district figures. The new request amounts to 35 cents per $100 of assessed property value.

The cost to local business properties are way more than $197.00 as year and fallout to “jobs” is concerning! However, for sure we can’t rule out the need to increase taxes but even at the new propose rate it’s unwarranted! Perhaps 50% of what was asked for during referendum round-one is realistic.

The new proposal drops technology updates, an elementary school reading series, a world languages program in middle schools, a Chinese immersion program, several Race to the Top initiatives and expansion of pre-K classes that were part of the initial request.

Somehow is it possible Colonial can “drop” several Race to The Top initiatives and not get bitched slapped by Jea Street? Wouldn’t dropping those programs caused DE DOE to come in with threats of pulling RTTT funding? As you can see with the reference to Race to The Top my point how local school district will be asked to back-fill these programs. Local school boards need to wake up and purge Dover ass-kissing supers! Race to The Top is only a federal grant not a federal mandate! As far as elementary school reading series, the word of the day is supplement! The “supplement, not supplant” requirement ensures that children participating in Title I programs receive their fair share of services from state and local funds. Section 1120A(b) of the statute requires that the SEA and LEA use federal funds received under Title I only to supplement the amount of funds available from non-federal sources for the education of students participating in Title I. The SEA and LEA cannot use these federal funds to supplant (take the place of) funds that would, in the absence of Title I funds, have been spent on Title I students.

Even should the smaller tax pass, the school district would still make cuts, administrators said. As many as 29 employees would lose their jobs, including eight to 12 teachers. Middle-school and ninth-grade students would likely lose in-school sports. Graduation ceremonies would be moved back to the stadium at William Penn High School. 

How many would have loss their jobs via state cuts? How many would lose their jobs once RTTT grant funds expires next year? How many teachers and employees are retiring in this year and next?

School officials say that, without the increase, they will be forced to make even more drastic cuts to staff, extracurricular activities and some instructional programs.

Well its about time the school boards of Delaware and supers start having an honest conversation about school funding and the political impact of personal political agendas like Jack Markell’s and the pressures of federal $$$ intrusion! I am getting sick and tired of hearing board members and supers cry their hands are tied! I just love it when they tell the community to call and write their legislators at the same time they run to D.C. as good little puppets! Some think it’s political incorrect for board members and school supers to challenge Dover and Washington! If every board member had an ounce of the courage Elizabeth, Joanne and John has we would have real local control! School board members are elected by the public to be the public voice on all issues no puppets of their supers, other local elected officials, the governor, DE DOE, USDOE or the president! 

 “We have some hard decisions to make either way this goes,” said Board President Joseph Laws. “Honestly, this is the last thing in the world we want to do. We value our Colonial family too much, but it’s a cold hard fact.”  

Well Joe, when are you going to tell the governor to go to hell? Far too law those who oppose referendums are referred to naysayers and people who hate kids! When are we going to be honest about how Markell and Race to The Top Wall Street ponzi scheme feeds the capitalist! Poverty in public education has become a vehicle for profits taking way too much money out of the classroom! $10,000 added cost over and above teacher salaries and benefit for each Teach for America Teacher! Come on Joe! Why doesn’t Colonial record their public board meetings? I know, why be transparent when the law says you don’t have to!

 “It’s expensive to get those buses up and running. It’s a real hidden cost for us,” Linn said. The district has a total budget of more than $142.5 million.

Markell didn’t care when he cut transportation funding to the districts and charter schools! So what you are saying, passing this referendum will have the local taxpayers back-fill Markell’s budget cuts! Here again more proof Kilroy is correct! 

Several parents spoke at the meeting, saying they didn’t appreciate how the district was approaching the referendum.

Pam Lane, a mother of four students in Colonial schools, called announcement of proposed cuts “scare tactics.”

“You purposefully took this away to punish us for not approving the tax,” Lane said. “It was already approved.”

Exactly! Blame those who question the referendum rather than stand-up to Markell and Arne Duncan! Colonial shifted monies to cover Markell cuts to local school districts and charter every year Markell since Markell has been governor. Also, Markell was a Minner support where she cut local funding for four straight years! Markell didn’t say one word!

“These aren’t scare tactics. They’re reality tactics,” Linn responded “They’re not tactics at all, in fact. They’re just us facing the facts.”

To the public it sounds like lies covering weak-kneed Colonial leaders who can’t call Markell for what he is! FAILURE!

“You probably knew we were having financial issues at the beginning of the year. We could have had fundraisers, or paid something or something like that,” said Gabriella Rodriguez, a William Penn senior.

Amen Gabriella! Why not ask parents and students pay activity fees for some of the extra curricular activities? Ask Markell how China covers after school sports and yearbook clubs!

Colonial voters keep voting NO! It’s time the community says enough is enough! Let’s get Dover and Washington out of local control and the local community back in the driver seat! Why have local school board if the want to kiss the ass of the likes of Jack Markell?

the seventh type

Is this what it appears to be? Just noticed – Nichole Dobo is now the religion and higher education reporter, Wade Malcom is looking for stories on real estate, and Matthew Albright is the K-12 education reporter.

I always appreciated the quality of Nichole’s and Wade’s work as well as their professionalism as journalists, and their courage in tackling online journalism head-on. I am looking forward to reading their new stories. I am not familiar with Matthew’s work, but I am also looking forward to reading his K-12 coverage. I’ll warn him though he’s got a tough act to follow. Best wishes to all, and here’s hoping everybody got what they wanted. Remember the blogs are your friends 🙂

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Bill Gates wants your child’s Social Security number and more!

Bill Gates’ $100 million database to track students By Michael F. Haverluck /Wind Education

Over the past 18 months, a massive $100 million public-school database spearheaded by the $36.4 billion-strong Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been in the making that freely shares student information with private companies.

The system has been in operation for several months and already contains millions of K-12 students’ personal identification ‒ranging from name, address, Social Security number, attendance, test scores, homework completion, career goals, learning disabilities, and even hobbies and attitudes about school.

Claiming that the national database will enhance education, the main funder of the project, the Gates Foundation, entered the joint venture with the Carnegie Corporation of New York and school officials from a number of states. After Rupert Murdoch’s Amplify Education (a division of News Corp) spent more than a year developing the system’s infrastructure, the Gates Foundation delivered it to in Bloom ‒ a nonprofit corporation recently established to run the database.

Read more——————————

Parents really need to wake up! Student personal information needs to be private and not used for tracking! 

“Turning massive amounts of personal data about public school students to a private corporation without any public input is profoundly disturbing and irresponsible,” New York Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Donna told the Daily News. 

Well one thing for sure, proud card carrying capitalist Delaware Governor Jack Markell will handover student personal information for a few political points to the Wall Street money-bags. Delaware legislators need to pass a law forbidding student personal information from being released to private corporation and make it a criminal offense in doing so!  

Delaware needs to pilot school vouchers /scholarships

Ind. court upholds broadest school voucher program CHARLES WILSON, AP

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the law creating the nation’s broadest school voucher program, clearing the way for a possible expansion.

In a 5-0 vote, the justices rejected claims that the law primarily benefited religious institutions that run private schools and accepted arguments that it gave families choice and allowed parents to determine where the money went.

The court said the law did not violate the state constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom or a ban on the use of state funds for religious institutions. It noted that while the Indiana Constitution does not allow direct spending on religious institutions, it doesn’t prohibit them from receiving indirect government services, “such as fire and police protection, municipal water and sewage service, sidewalks and streets.”

Delaware’s school Choice law sucks if you’re poor and at-risk! Lack of state funded Choice transportation locks poor students out of school choice within traditional schools and being at-risk academically locks poor and at-risk students out of high performing charter schools.

The time has come to provide our most neediest and at-risk students others options such as school vouchers and scholarships.  

I can assure you education will be at the forefront of the 2016 Delaware gubernatorial race! This time Title 1  parents of need rise up and be counted! This time Title 1 parents need to rise up and not be led those civil rights leader who talk but don’t walk! Governor Markell with the righteous city leaders who claim they are civil rights leaders looking the other way stripped Title 1 Section 1118 away from Title 1 parents. Its time for the likes of Markell to stop pouring the kool-aid and the civil rights traitors to stop turning the other way! Its time to empower parents with school vouchers!   

Perhaps a Wilmington school district could be a voucher / scholarship  district where a voucher could be used to attend a charter school or a private school.  Currently charter schools are like vouchers where the money follows the student! Let’s expand those choice option to private schools!  

Delaware needs to end social promotion not play games with the standards

Teachers get to core of overhaul; More rigorous standards noted Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

DOVER — More than 700 teachers recently crowded a ballroom at Dover Downs focused on meeting performance expectations for students, known as Common Core Standards.

Common Core Standards outline specifics for what students nationwide should know in each subject based on their grade level. State officials say the new standards will push schools to reduce education gaps between states and better prepare students for life after high school.

“You are on a journey. I’ve been in over 200 classrooms and seen you making that journey,” state Education Secretary Mark Murphy told the crowd. “Now it’s time for us to take things to the next level.

So is the Common Core Standards the first step towards ending social promotion? Will teachers in the Common Core States be evaluated equally?

Because the standards are often more rigorous than what students are being taught, implementing them has required schools all across the the U.S. to overhaul what and how they are teaching.

More rigorous standards? Does that mean DCAS scores will fall and perhaps high school dropouts?

Delaware adopted the Common Core in 2010. Since then, schools statewide have been gradually revising their curricula.

But good enough to give teachers bonuses?

“Our goal with this is to give those teachers the support they need so that they can find out where they stand and get the knowledge they need to really master this material,” Murphy added.

Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation’s data coaches?

“Standards don’t raise achievement,” Shanahan said. “But we can address the the standards with energy and wisdom in ways that can raise achievement.”


“Only 1 in 5 of students who graduate from our high schools is ready for their college or career. Our expectations need to be higher,” he said. “Moving to higher standards isn’t easy, but it’s necessary, and our students are up to the challenge.”

So are we going to end social promotion ?

How to obtain voice with your Delaware local legislator

Many times we hear, “no one is listening in Dover”. I’ve been communicating with legislators since near day one of getting directly involved in the education issue going back to 1995. Same goes with school board members. The do listen in Dover but open two-way communications takes work and respect.

I’ve learned the following over the years:

Golden rule number 1, to build trust and real partnership you must keep your E-mails to legislators confidential. Getting a response from a legislators to some is like winning a lottery! Rare ! LOL :). Some of Kilroy’s pocketful of college credits are in communications such as interpersonal communication. The usage of I-messages are very important. It’s no good to start conversations with legislators with, “you people in Dover”. That is a good way to set the roadblocks in communicating.

Keep E-mails short and to the point! Save the ranting for the blogs! If there is an issue you’re concern with try to offer a solution / suggesting in addressing!

Know which legislators are on which committees relevant to your concerns such as education. Visit and study the Delaware General Assembly’s webpage    Study the law and if it’s education this is the place to start Title 14 Education. Here is a link to all the Delaware Codes / Laws

Get to know your local legislators. Study what laws laws they introduce and weigh in with your feedback. Waiting for new legislation to become law to weigh in is a lost cause! You missed the boat! This website is a road map to legislative process in Delaware and a connecting point to legislators 

Get involved in your local political parties and attend social functions and when you see and talk with legislators in attendance don’t talk their ears off! Same goes for when you see legislators in public!

On important issues, lobby legislators one by one! But again  keep it short and to the point!

Biggie here, don’t let your political party affiliation prevent you from building relationships with legislators of opposite party than your’s.

I started Kilroy’s as my personal soapbox and have done my share of bitch-slapping legislators and other elected officials. Like President Obama I am a student of  Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radical. I’ll even twist-in some wild photo-shop pictures. Much of what I do is cryptic for a purpose. Many know this!

Change does not take place overnight and trying obtain change sometimes hits roadblocks. Perseverance always prevails! I could run for school board or elected office. However, I would be giving up great power and be forced to follow professional and political protocol. Real power belongs to the people and the concept of free government was intended to require elected officials to serve the people! Not the other way around! Our public schools are the way they are because we allowed government officials networking with business roundtables to reengineer public education that further divides communities (thank you Pandora) causing greater inequities and creates a de facto segregated public school system. I didn’t choose taking on the education reform issues as it chose me! I don’t have all the answers but I know one thing, if a guy with a GED and a pocketful of college credits can comprehend something is very wrong with the direction of public education whereas those with PhD’s are responsible for many of the failures our system is in worst shape than ever! The issues are very complex where even state legislators can’t grasp! But the light is rising and the Wall Street ponzi scheme is being exposed! Giving the community greater transparency tools over “their” public schools will expose more of the truth and counterproductive players within. Government should not and cannot be it’s own watchdog! Giving the public the owners of public schools the transparency tools will return local schools to their owners! Poverty in public schools has been a profit center sucking money out of the classrooms and into the profiteers with the help of local agents claiming to be civil rights leaders! Our legislators need to know this!