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Pencader parents stay away from Moyer !

Moyer still living in the dark re: transparency

DE DOE & SBE turning a blind-eye on the New Moyer charter re: transparency #netDE #edude @dedeptofed @destateboarded Posted on February 22, 2013 by kilroysdelaware |

Pencader parents OMG PLEASE DON’T enroll your child in the New Maurice J Moyer Academy ! PLEASE check out the website of the schools you are thinking enrolling your child in and this goes for all parents not just Pencder! If the transparent isn’t there your child shouldn’t be there! Make sure the webpages have updated financial information, school board meeting dates, agendas and minutes, Citizen Budget Oversight Committees with members names, meeting dates agendas and minute, and make sure the school’s (charter) IRS900 form is posted. 

Don’t count on Secretary of Education Mark Murphy going after these schools that don’t follow transparency rules.  And OMG, look a Laurel School District who inaction tells state legislators kiss my ass re: financial transparency. Murphy’s FRT walked away leaving transparency in a school board’s hands who don’t give a shit! 


Charter school parents will be out in force to vote on Colonial and Appo’s referendum #netDE #edude

Why are charter school parents getting out the YES votes for Colonial and Appo’s referendums? Because charter schools received 90% of the local per student operational share of $$. So a 25% increase operational funds for Colonial and Appo school district equates to a 25% increase in local share going to charter schools where Colonial and Appo’s resident students attend. And it get’s better! Those charter schools will take that money and expand drawing more students away from the district taking more local money!

Markell back-fills his Ed Agenda by increasing school taxes on those who rent homes and apartments #netDE #dedue @governormarkell

Only property owners in school district should vote Opinion 

  • Letters To The Editor
  • Appoquinimink School District Rick Shriver

Should non-resident property owners really be allowed to participate in the Appoquinimink School District referendum vote? These votes, unlike elections for representative candidates, affect the people who pay the taxes. Why not let only the residents who will have to foot the bill decide if the plan that the school board has put forward is a good thing or not?

Rick, not only those who own homes are getting scewed with Appo and Colonial’s referendum request for up 25% increase on local school taxes, renters will share in paying for local tax increases caused by Governor Markell and weak-kneed local school boards.

The four-year federal “grant” called Race to The Top will be in it’s last year next year and Markell put no funding provisions in place to sustained RTTT programs which were buried in new state education legislation. Same goes with Common Cored Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment test that will be replacing DCAS! Those programs only received seed-money from the feds and all funding will default back on the state. Govenor Markell claims he is investing more money and resources in Delaware schools but fails to tell the local taxpayers they are Peter in his rob Peter to pay Paul education scheme tied to the Wall Street Ponzi sxheme. Markell refuses to put is personal stock portfolio out there for all to see because he knows it’s enriched with Wall Street education related companies investments. There should be an investigation to insure there is no conflict of interest with the governor and those ed companies he wines and dines with. 

The Wilmington residents and businesses residing and operating within the Colonial School District side of Wilmington will pay more EVEN RENTERS! Landlords just pass school taxes onto renters through the rent. You don’t see it but it is factor in the RENT! The Wilmington’s poor will see their rents go up! Wilmington’s struggling middle-class is being pushed back into poverty by increases in energy, food and now local school taxes. With a near 25% local school tax increase it’s going to HURT!  

Were are the righteous community leaders in Wilmington claiming to be civil rights leaders?  

Appoquinimink and Colonial’s referendums will cost jobs in the private sector #netDE @governormarkell

Folks I  am tell you, if Appo and Colonial’s operation referendums are successful local businesses will feel the impact of a near 23% increase in property taxes! It will cost some jobs and slow job growth. Many business are running a 3% to 5% profit margin. Working capital is very low for many small business! Many will bear addition cost of the interest on loans to stay afloat.

Appo and Colonial both needs to scrap their plans and reduce the scope of their referendum to address short-term needs rather than want to create a major budget surplus and but it in the hand of those that can’t management public funds.

The cowardly board members hiding in the corner like timid mice crying, it not us blame Jack Markell’s buget cuts best grow some balls! Markell hands Appo and Colonial a jar of $$$ Vaseline and into they Appo and Colonial passes it onto the the taxpayers! I don’t think so!

Folks, these referendums will cost jobs in the private sector and the soulless school board members will have no problem sleeping at night! They voted for private sector job cuts because the are cowards that can’t confront Markell for taking part in the Wall Street ponzi scheme.