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DE Sec of Ed can be 3 year gym teacher, TFA’s don’t need to be an Ed major but all else needs to bow before Markell #netDE #edude


Scores to reflect back on colleges Divisive teacher program planned Written by Nichole Dobo and Wade Malcolm

Gov. Jack Markell’s administration will move forward with a plan to measure how well colleges prepare new teachers for the classroom, despite objections from all of Delaware’s teacher preparation programs.

Yep , just like a lame duck politician, drives one in the back of those who supported him! 

The new system would rate the quality of each college by looking at the standardized test scores of students taught by its recent graduates.

The assessment process will be used this fall, and the results of how each college performed will be available to the public on the state Department of Education’s website.

By it’s recent graduates? Markell is in his fifth years as governor and still can’t get it right! Does that mean his mentors at Rodel should be ask to pack their Vision 2015 and move to Arizona with the rest of the delusional family?

The development comes several years after the DOE attempted to create a similar system in cooperation with higher education. That effort fell apart because leaders at Delaware’s colleges argued the state could not use student test scores in a way that would be fair and accurate, higher education and state officials said.

I think what Jack Markell is trying to tell Delaware colleges now is BITE ME ! 

State officials say they will listen to the colleges’ concerns and consider modifications to the assessment system accordingly. But the overall goal of using student test performance to judge the quality of teacher preparation programs is not up for negotiation.

I think What Jack Markell is trying to tell Delaware colleges now is BITE ME! 

In January, an education reform advocacy group released a report criticizing the state’s teacher preparation policies. The National Center for Teacher Quality said Delaware and many other states should tighten admission standards for teacher education programs, raise requirements for licensing teachers and use standardized test results to hold colleges accountable for the performance of teachers they train. 

Yep if you want to be a teacher and attend a Delaware college you’re going to need at least a 3.5 high school  GPA . 

“There are too many variables that make it difficult to accurately correlate teacher preparedness with standardized testing,” said Raython Sianjina, chair of DSU’s education department, in a statement that reflects concerns voiced by all of the colleges. 

 I don’t think you got the memo for Jack Markell that said BITE ME

A program might graduate a large number of highly capable teachers that end up teaching in other states, and the college won’t get to take credit for their performance. Some teachers also might get assigned to teach subjects they did not study in college. Higher ed officials said they should not be held accountable for those teachers’ shortcomings.

“That’s where things kind of stalled,” said Nancy Brickhouse, interim provost at University of Delaware and former dean of the College of Education and Human Development. “It’s very complicated. It’s complicated by the fact that we’re a small state and we hire a lot of people from other states, and our graduates go to many other states.

I don’t think it was that long ago Arne Duncan then Joel Klein did the U of D Rodel gig! You aligned yourself with Satan and now he’s come soul collecting.

Markell’s advisers say the state and colleges need to find a way to make such a system work, while accounting for those concerns. Other states have managed to implement similar systems, and using student achievement to measure how well colleges have prepared teachers is part of a national trend.

In another words, Markell had his advisers hand deliver the Vaseline!  

The teacher told Markell about one of his students. She wanted to be a nurse, but she decided her grades weren’t good enough. The student said she probably would go to college to study something easier – education.

“This is a perception we need to dispel,” Markell said. “Teaching is a demanding profession, and our admissions requirements for teacher preparation programs should reflect this.

But it’s OK to hire a three-year gym teachers as the Delaware Secretary of Education and appoint a U.S. Secretary of Education who never wrote a lesson plan, taught a class or was a school administrator, Beam me up Scotty!

“You want to make it a profession that has a higher standing in the community and society, and then teachers will be afforded the pay and respect that you see in other countries where the best and brightest go into teaching,” Brickhouse said.

You think we cam change the standards for those who want to run for governor? Markell is a Rodel windup puppet! 10’s of thousands of Rodel founder’s dollars went into Markell’s campaigns! And Markell is a former Rodel Foundation board member! 

Teaching students at Wesley College must maintain at least a 3.0 grade-point average. DSU sets the bar at 2.5. UD has a minimum GPA that ranges from 2.5-3.0, depending on which subject or focus the student picks for their teaching degree.

Sorry good brothers and sisters at Del State, you ain’t getting on the bus! So I think Markell wants a 3.5-4.0 to be on his team! Thank God for Teach for America! 

Wilmington University did not make any of its faculty or administrators available for an interview on the topic of teacher preparation, but it outlined its criteria for teaching candidates in a statement.

Hey Professor Merv are you still are you still moonlighting ?

In addition to maintaining a passing GPA, WilmU students must complete the Praxis I licensing exam in their freshman year to enter the education program and pass Praxis II in their senior year in order to student-teach and subsequently graduate with certification.

“In this way, the university sets its standard of attainment for our students and ensures that each one meets or exceeds Delaware’s standards for teachers in our schools,” John Gray, dean of the university’s College of Education, said in the statement.

Sounds fair but don’t all who want to teach have to pass the exams! Is this a way to weed out the weak? No bad! Does that include those Teach for America corp members 🙂 ?

Taber said the administration does not plan to push a uniform minimum standard – meaning criteria for admissions into teacher training would be raised for every college but could remain different for each institution. For example, Wilmington University, an open enrollment institution, has a different mission and serves a different type of student than UD, which is more selective.

Sorry to change the subject Ms. Taber but could you tell me when those Fisker cars will be rolling out of the Boxwood Pant? 

State government does not have direct control over teaching colleges here. But the state does have authority over approving which teacher preparation programs can operate in Delaware. The Markell administration could use that power to force a college to adopt higher admissions standards.

Yep Jack “Obama” Markell is the change agent like it or not !

Administration officials do not expect it will get to that point. They hope to figure out changes that make sense through discussions with individual colleges.

“I don’t see this as an issue of us imposing our belief system on the higher eds,” Taber said. “It’s something that will be a high priority for us, but as far as any immediate action, we’d want it to be a collaborative conversation.”

Hey Matthews are you buying this shit? “Collaborative conversation” LOL 🙂

Ruszkowski said Delaware endorses the “general direction” of the report’s findings. Paul Herdman, CEO and president of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, a nonprofit that advocates for education reform, said he believes improving training for teachers would compliment work being done on the state’s K-12 and early childhood school system. That should include making teacher colleges more selective, Herdman said.

Yep there is that Rodel guy! Is Markell really going to run for VP in 2016! He really doesn’t need Delaware’s votes but he is the best Republican the Democrats have! Might just pull it off!

“I think we could do ourselves a great service as a state if we have tough conversations,” Herdman said.

Is this one of those Rodel events where we must turn in the questions in advance so the naysayer can be screened out?

Ralph P. Ferretti, director of UD’s School of Education, said admissions numbers provides further context. In 2011, UD accepted 53 percent of applicants to its teacher education programs, which was lower than its overall acceptance rate of 58 percent.

Can we get that down to 25%

“We have a lower acceptance rate for teaching students than for the university overall,” he said. “Based on that, I think you could say we have a pretty rigorous standard for teachers.”

I don’t think you are comprehending! Markell is saying the teachers the U of D produces suck for the most part! 

While agreeing on the importance of high admissions standards, UD’s Brickhouse cautioned against making those requirements too rigid. Colleges need flexibility to consider a range of factors when deciding whether to admit a student, she said.

What happen to Harker? Still on the phone crying to Markell? 

Frederika Jenner, president of the Delaware State Education Association, said she felt unprepared in the 1970s when she was in her first year as an educator, a common feeling among new teachers.

“Now it’s you all by yourself with 27 third-graders – other people’s children,” Jenner said. “Those children have a number of expectations, and, certainly, their families have expectations.”

Before making changes to teacher colleges, the state should decide what first-year teachers should be able to do, Jenner said. From there, colleges should craft their curriculum and student-teaching programs. And that must include a look at programs like Teach for America, which places graduates from top colleges without requiring a degree in education, she said.

OMG Jenner, you didn’t take a pot-shot at Teach for America? I think we’re back to, if a gym teacher can be Delaware Secretary of Education an ivy leaguer can teach without being an education major! Thank God Red Clay’s TFA contract has run it’s course! Did anyone ask the parents of Title 1 student if they were OK with teachers who don’t have a degree in education? Nay, that don’t matter because the system sees them as dumb uneducated parent who don’t even know their rights under Federal Law Title 1 Section 1118. Makell has the good Wilmington brothers in his $$$ pocket and they ain’t going to squeal!

Veteran educators must be included in conversations with those who are training the next generation of educators, Jenner said. That will help link college preparation and classroom reality, she said. 

Just like with Pencader parents, he’ll put you through the motions but it doesn’t matter as it’s all predetermined 

Right now, the state requires about 90 days of student-teaching. Some say more could be done to make it more meaningful. For instance, Jenner said teachers often receive little training on how to help the student get the most out of the experience. Also, there’s no uniform process for selecting what teachers will be paired with a student-teacher, and that means there’s no guarantee that master teachers will provide oversight.

But maybe we should go with the accelerated 5 week program like Teach for America teachers who seems to walk on water! 

DSU officials say they are moving toward making their student-teaching a full year before graduation, more than state law requires. Wesley requires a full year of student-teaching, and students must pass an exam used for teacher certification before entering the classroom.

Sounds good but 2.5 GPA isn’t going to cut in this war on the global economy! Just saying, Markell wants the best and brightest and the GPA is important !

A new partnership between DSU and Red Clay Consolidated School District brings college students into schools beginning in their sophomore year.

Red Clay Superintendent Merv Daugherty said the district is eager to partner with teacher colleges. Over time, the district gets to know potential teachers, which helps them with recruitment. And on the other side, college students get to spend a more significant amount of time in the district’s schools getting to know what they are in for when they are given the keys to their own classroom.

Good move Merv! But at the same time the district will know which ones not to hire! Fair trade off!

“I think it would also help with retention of teachers because they have a full understanding of what they are walking into,” he said.

Yep and they know when to walk if it’s too much!  Fair enough re: right fit for everybody!

Jack Markell is sowing some seeds to capitalize on down the road! After all he confessed to the nation his is a “card carrying capitalist”


Laurel School District has a candidate Christie Shirey ready to fight for transparency #netDE #edude

I would like to announce that I have filed to run for the Laurel School Board. The Laurel School District and our community is at a wonderful turning point. We have always been blessed with great students, dedicated teachers, and supportive community. We are in the process of providing new beautiful buildings that will surround all of our students with the resources needed for a topnotch education. We need the leadership to pull it all together. Our schools need more transparency as well as updated policies. We need to provide every opportunity for all of our children to not only succeed, but to be proud of where they made this accomplishment. If elected, I will always be an advocate for the students and a voice for the community. I hope I can count on your vote. If you would like to discuss any issues, please contact me at 302-280-6825 or cshirey88@gmail.com

Thank you 

Christie Shirey