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Public education shouldn’t be an industry or a Wall Street feeding troff #netDE #edude @destateboarded @governormarkell

Markell: Tough choices coming $17.8 million on line in sequester talks Written by Jonathan Starkey The News Journal Feb. 22, 2013 11:22 PM,

After a meeting with President Barack Obama on Friday, Gov. Jack Markell said the $85 billion in forced budget cuts scheduled to take effect on March 1 would have painful effects in Delaware, and he wouldn’t rule out layoffs

Delaware could lose $17.8 million in federal discretionary funding without congressional action to avert the sequester, according to federal and state budget estimates. The biggest cuts would come in education funding for the state, about $6.6 million, and health and social services, $4.6 million.

Well let’s hope if we loses federal discretionary funding they lose their grip on local control! Improve transparency of our public school system add fines to school districts and charter schools who don’t follow the transparency laws and give control of public education back to the public.

Govenor Markell signed Delaware up for the Smarter Balanced Assessment test using federal seed money but didn’t tell you after the federal seed money is gone Delaware taxpayers will foot the bill. Same goes with Race to The Top!  Appo and Colonial are leading the way for unreasonable tax hikes via referendums that will break the backs of local business and put more pressure on struggling families and seniors.

It is time to reduce the over-bloated staffing at the Delaware Department of Education and perhaps decentralize it.

All during the recession school administrators got yearly raises! Stop, I mean traditional school administrators whereas charter administrators don’t makes as much. Local school districts were forced to up their contributions to pension funds keeping up with the state contribution increases. Local school board claims they have not choice! We’ll if they had no choice why were they ask to “vote” on that action item?

Public education in Delaware is about to get a rude awakening! Extracurricular activities might have to be reduced!  School district spend millions on EPER. Perhaps it’s time for parents to volunteer for some of these positions!  

Jack if you keep raising taxes you’ll slow job growth in the private sector. Where are the Fisker jobs? What’s up with Bloom? How many jobs did we gain after you and Alan handed-out the corporate welfare?

There are many people currently laid off, underemployed, unemployable because of age and many who will never see a prosperous career again. Many whose quality of life is near null! Share the pain they say! Bottom line is there are those who aren’t willing to share an ounce of pain.