Red Clay poised to put DMA on review

UPDATE 8:15 p.m. 

BREAKING: Red Clay Board just authorized a procedural and financial accountability committee for Delaware Military Academy

Red Clay added action item on tonight’s school board meeting in regards to DMA state audit finding.  The board could vote to setup a charter school accountability review committee. Odds are they will.  

The best thing for all charter schools and traditional public schools is to limit reimbursements to travel related expenses and to use state issued P-card / credit card for all other purchases. And in case you didn’t know, just like the online checkbook registry there is Delaware Online Credit Card Transactions  Governor Markell made this an executive order in response to complaints (yes from Kilroy too) to make this feature available because credit card transactions wasn’t on the checkbook registry because the state does an internal debit back to the districts for their credit card purchases.

Transparency folks! Don’t be a Publius and let schools do what they $$$ want as long as students are meeting the standards!

My hunch is you’re going to see some command changes at DMA next year.   

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  1. Troubled by attitude of DMA leadership.


  2. Kilroy, if you put the web address for the tweet into wordpress it will embed the tweet.