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Newark Charter takes advantage of open source software for cheaper, more reliable computers

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One aspect of charter schools is that they can be laboratories of innovation, developing new methods that can be replicated for the benefit of traditional public schools. Newark Charter School (NCS) has done just that in one area at least: stretching its computer dollars to make more computers available, with the bonus that they are also more reliable.

NCS runs a significant number of its computers with a system called the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). With LTSP, the connected computers are thin clients. That means they don’t have an operating system of their own (like Windows, Mac, or anything else). Instead, each time you start up the computer it downloads an operating system from its central server (onsite at the school).


In fact, LTSP computers (terminals) don’t even need their own hard drives. The operating system it downloads is a version of Linux, complete with all the…

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Delaware Governor Markell earns Delaware more recognition #netDE #edude

Wilmington’s violent crime pushes Delaware to sixth highest in US; City’s violent crime pushes Delaware to sixth highest in US: Written by Cris Barrish The News Journal

The city’s violence played a major role in Delaware ranking sixth nationally in violent crime in 2011, with more than 5,000 such acts reported, FBI records show. In 2010, Delaware ranked fourth.

Way to go Jack ! Give teachers bonuses for doing their jobs while cops and kids get kill because you’re not doing yours! Honestly Jack, who wants to start a small business knowing they are nothing more that piggy-banks for criminals? The quality of life sucks in Delaware because you suck at being governor! 

“We need to focus on the problem and Wilmington is the problem, if we are candid about it,” Attorney General Beau Biden said. He noted that violent crime in Delaware – while higher than most other states – has fallen since 2007, except in Wilmington and a few other areas.

Beau, last time I checked, Wilmington was part of Delaware! So is this code for stay out of Wilmington and you have a better chance of staying safe?

Former city police chief Michael J. Szczerba, who retired in January after 12 years, complained that the same men keep getting arrested but streets are no safer. Tougher sentences and higher bail would “stop the speed of that door spinning,” he said.

Stop your crying Michael your should have put Surf back in uniform!  

Prosecutor Ipek K. Medford, who heads the New Castle County felony trial unit, agreed.

Too many repeat offenders are “given probation and more probation and more probation and it’s a slap on the wrist,” she said. 

Didn’t you hear, Markell says the war on education will pay off in about 12 years reducing street crime at the same to reducing poverty. Suck it up and hold the fort down General Clusterfuck Markell is in the battle field.

Markell says Delaware’s world class school will attract industry to help Delaware’s economy. Jack knows how bad things are and that’s why he signed the law to allow online gambling. People don’t have to risk their lives driving to Delaware Park.

Bonuses  for teacher and the bone for the rest of us!