Daily Archives: February 16, 2013

Teachers who take the teacher bonuses are BAD TEACHERS! #netDE #edude @governorMarkell

Our Delaware law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day! Do they get a bonus each time they take a murder off the street or take a drunk driver off the road! NO!  They do their job for the sake of community service for way less than some teachers.

The challenge should go to the school as a team and the reward to the school as team.  Let the winning teams decided how to reinvest the bonus in the school. Perhaps we should make pension contributions the bonus! Do PTA parents get a bonus for fundraisers that provides a little extra to benefit the school? No ! What about parents? Do they get a bonus for better engaging their child’s education or school? No !

Shame on Jack Markell for dividing our teachers and schools! Nice job Jack, model schools after Wall Street where it’s all about money! 

Sad day in Delaware when we have to give teachers bonuses for doing their jobs! 

Sorry Officer Jones, the war on education takes precedence over the war on crime.