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Delaware Governor Markell extends TELL Teacher Survey by 10 days! data now skewed!

TELL Delaware

Survey DatesJanuary 22 – February 25, 2013

The TELL survey was to end today 02/15/1013 but only 53% of educators responded far below Governor Markell’s fantasy of 80%. So Governor Markell decided to extend the deadline for taking the survey until February 25, 2012 allowing him more time to “pressure” educators who refused to take the survey. He is doing what school districts do, keep having referendums until the voters say yes! 

“Teachers” were told the assignment but nearly 50% refused to do their homework! Now I don’t blame them because Markell is asking for input long after “he” decided to reform Delaware’s public education. I wonder how many teachers would give their students 10 extra days to compete a final exam or report? So now Markell will go around pouring is Kool-aid which is nothing more than his piss and that of the Delaware’s Secretary of Education.

Please continue to encourage colleagues to complete the anonymous survey. Every school that reaches the 50% minimum threshold will have its own data- based on what educators in the school are providing– to use in school improvement planning.

So if a school reaches a minimum 50% response on the survey they can earn some of  their local control back! Brooklyn Bridge for sale step this way! 

Folks as far as I am concern the TELL Teacher Survey is invalid and skewed! What Markell has done is equivalent of a Chicago cop beating a confession out of suspect

Such a sad sad day for Delaware’s public education and for Delaware’s school children!

See Transparent Christina for their spin on this dark day in Delaware Jack Markell and Mark Murphy succumb to reality, the TELL DELAWARE survey has been extended 10 days

Lizzie weighs in Can One Blogger Make a Difference? Hell, YES! Telling results!

Pencader’s Annual Financial Report Yr Ending June 30, 2012 is in

I haven’t reviewed one word of this report as I just received it. I don’t know why Pencader hasn’t posted this report on the website “as required by law”! But here it is!

What did I tell you ? Wall Street ponzi scheme going on in public education #netDE #edude @governorMarkell @dedeptofed

The first point I want to make is to note the origin of the mechanisms which have encouraged Wall Street Banks and others to push charters – something done during the Presidency of Bill Clinton. We need to remember that the Clinton administration was very cozy with Wall Street, with the like Robert Rubin and others from companies like Goldman Sachs. We should also note that the organization driving Democratic educational policy in recent years, the to my mind ill-named Democrats for Education Reform, has a board dominated not by educators (there are none) but by financiers.

This administration continues to push charters – one of the criteria for states to receive funds from Race to the Top was that they lift any caps on charters, even though at the time what evidence there was showed that charters performed no better than the traditional public schools from which they drew and there were no requirements for quality – even by the flawed measurement of test scores – for charters to continue their existence. In part this can be traced to a decision the Obama campaign made in 2008 at a time when they already knew they had the nomination. In March, even though a key advisor on education was Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford U, the campaign decided to move away from her ideas on education and move towards those advocated by DFER in order to secure Wall Street money for the general election.

OMG Lois Lane is turning into a real blogger re: Christina teacher bonuses

Behind the scenes: Check out letters sent in Christina School District teacher bonus dispute Posted on February 15, 2013 by Nichole Dobo

So, what’s the problem, the average reader might ask? Why can’t Christina just use its own plan? And who would turn down a teacher bonus?

Well, that depends on how you define the problem.

What follows is an analysis of what’s at work in Christina based on interviews and arguments presented on both sides, along with a bit of history. Ive tried to provide balance by providing arguments I hear from the different sides. I am not claiming these as opinions of my own, or as an all-inclusive list. But it does help to step back and look at what each side is saying. Go here to read the entire post ……………

I know newspaper reports report on the facts without much personal injection unless they are one of the News Journal columnists. I’ve often wonder if reporters had personal opinions on their topics. When I use to attend many of Red Clay’s school board meetings I would see Antonio Prado of the Hockessin Community News taking his notes. I almost feel off my chair during one board meeting where he filled out a green slip and address the board. I guess we tend to forget news reporters are people too. Lois Lane’s blog post on her Delaware Ed blog associated with with the News Journal seems full of life today. Now she doesn’t use half-truths or cryptic message to push debate like me. I am not a reporter or journalist, But Lois is trying to provoke questions and debate in regards to DE DOE bitch-slapping Christina School District. She didn’t say bitch-slapping, I did :). Good stuff today Lois! Check it out………..    FYI you don’t to have an online News Journal subscription to read their blogs (I wonder which one of their jackass 6 Sigma clones came up with that idea)

Something for Pencader Charter School parents #netED #edude @governormarkell

Attach is East Side Charter School’s “required” Annual Financial Report with “required independent audit” school year ending June 30th 2012 This “is” what Pencader Charter School is required to complete by the end of 2012 . I am just using East Side’s for an example and educational purposes for Decadence parents. (Thank you East Side for meeting this requirement and providing East Side parents, community and taxpayer’s this report required by law) 

Pencader parents I can’t see how the Delaware State Board of Education can vote in favor of Pencader not knowing what Pencader’s actual financial position is. Pencader did not complete this require (if they did where is it) and Pencader board didn’t approve an FY2013 budget (if the did where is it). Your asking the state board of education to look away as Pencader’s “new” board may be violating state law.


Kilroy has a new DE DOE Mouse! #netDE #edude

Things aren’t going well down at DE DOE and employees can’t wait to retire and others are bailing! I am being told DE DOE is like a ship without a rudder and Murphy is nothing more than Markell’s first-mate on a ship destine for the rocks.

Anyhow, new DE DOE mouse told me that someone call in on the tip-line and there is a charter school is being subjected to an audit.

As far as Pencader, DE DOE mouse tells me Markell has involved himself in the Pencader decision. The mouse is coming to me highly anonymous but questions I posed for sure makes mouse the real deal. 

Delaware Governor Markell sent his DE DOE agents to attacked CSD because two board members are bloggers

District faces losing $2.3M Christina, state disagree on teacher bonus program Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal Feb 15, 2013

For the second time, the state Department of Education has threatened to withhold millions of dollars from the Christina School District over a disagreement on plans to improve struggling schools.

The district stands to lose about $2.3 million next year over whether it is required to participate in a bonus program meant to reward top-performing teachers at high-needs schools

So if Christina teachers don’t take the bonuses the district will lose other Race to The Top money?

“We will work with DOE to resolve this question so we don’t lose the funding,” said Christina school board president Fred Polaski. “We have no intention of forfeiting that money.”

Way to go Fred, surrender more local control to the Wall Street Ponzi scheme!

In a letter sent Thursday, the state Department of Education says the district declined to take part in the statewide program and has failed to come up with an approved alternative. The district contends it never committed to taking part in the state-run bonus plan, and that the district has a solution.

There was nothing in the Race to The Top MOU requiring any charter school or district to take part in giving teachers a bonus for doing the job they get paid to do.

The money in jeopardy is the district’s fourth year of funding from the federal Race to the Top grant. In the spring of 2011, the school district and state sparred over how to best select staff for high-needs schools, forcing U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to weigh in on the matter.

Fourth and final year for RTTT! Arne Duncan weighing in on a local issue! RTTT is not federal law and the Delaware RTTT MOU does not make it federal mandate to give bonuses.

Frederika Jenner, who as president of the Delaware State Education Association oversees the largest union representing school employees, said her organization is troubled by the strong language in the letter sent to Christina.

What’s more troubling is the odds are Markell is behind this! Also, Red Clay isn’t participating tin the teacher bonus plan so why no letter to Red Clay?

I guess they are under a fair amount of pressure from the U.S. Department of Education to pull this off,” Jenner said.

More federal intrusion! 

State officials say Christina is the only district threatened with grant revocation that promised to take part in the bonus program or develop a comparable local plan. Christina has done neither, they said.

What about Red Clay School District who also isn’t participating?

The Christina decision to not take part in the state bonus program was made by the current superintendent and the local union president.

Union president Dave Davis, of the Christina Education Association, said he was willing to talk to state officials to try to find common ground, but he was prepared to “draw a line” in the sand over how much a teacher’s ability to improve student test scores should matter when determining who gets a bonus

Can you believe it, even the union turned away bonus money! Fuck drawling the line in the sand! Call Governor Markell out on the carpet! He is behind this to get back at two local bloggers who are school board members.

The local Christina plan submitted Thursday differs significantly from the state-run program. The district plan would give a yearly $1,000 bonus to all teachers given a job-performance rating of “effective.” The state program rewards teachers rated “highly effective” and the bonus is up to $20,000 over two years.

More intrusion on local control! Also, crazy bull shit wanting to give up to $20,000.00 to a teacher whose students do better on a standardized test.

Neither Christina Superintendent Freedman Williams nor state Secretary of Education Mark Murphy was available for interviews Thursday.

Just like Murphy, hiding under a rock as he did with the Pencader public review meeting! If he doesn’t have a Markell scripted response in his back pocket he can’t respond . 

HERE IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!  Two Christina board members are local blogger who speak and blog as individuals not board members or representing their board or district. John Young of Transparent Christina and Elizabeth Scheninberg of Children and Educators First who both oppose the bonus plan. The have been known to bitch-slap Markell, Murphy, Duncan and DE DOE. Scheninberg is up for relection and this latest attack on CSD is most-likely a political laced attempt to turn voters against Scheninberg. Remember last time DE DOE went to withhold money was when the same two board members  whp supported teachers who were victimized by board unapproved plans for Glasgow turnaround. That set off a media attacks against these same two board member down to a point there were called racist indirectly even by the mayor.

Why hasn’t Red Clay been threaten with the same as Christina?    

It is time to get Washington and Dover out of local district and school control! Race to the Top is heading will be in it’s last year next year and the bonus money will be gone! Those district that bought into the fool plan will be using local tax-dollars to continue the bonus plan!