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More on the Charter School of Wilmington and Pencader connection #netDE #edude @governormarkell


February 11, 2013 

2. Board Outreach Initiatives
The new Board has also reached out to top performing charter schools to assist in the school’s turnaround. Pencader Board President Frank McIntosh is in close contact with Charter School of Wilmington’s Board Chairman, Irwin Becnel, board member Henry Clampitt, and President Chuck Baldwin, all of whom have generously agreed to volunteer their time to assist in Pencader’s turnaround. Pencader board members, Daniel Young and Rebecca Faber also separately met with President Chuck Baldwin. President Baldwin has also pledged support in all areas including best practices, charter rules and regulations, policy, discipline, and student motivation

The results of these meetings are clear wins for PCHS.
Mr. Becnel and Mr. McIntosh talk frequently about the issues of charter schools and best practices, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Mr. Clampitt is an expert in Brian Carpenter’s training methods for Charter Schools and will be conducting regular workshops to assist the Pencader board of directors. Mr. Clampitt has been quick to offer helpful observations and has attended the school’s parents’ meeting.

As mentioned above, Henry Clampitt will be working with the school on an ongoing basis to increase our knowledge of charter school  boardsmanship. We are gauging our strategic objectives in a vein similar to Charter School of Wilmington from a conceptual standpoint. Of course, their school objectives differ from ours in some ways but their pursuit of excellence does not. It is our intention to create an atmosphere at Pencader that is modeled on the Charter School of Wilmington. Through board member Jacalyn Beam, we are introduced to a nationally known Charter school expert, Dr. Gary Miron – who acted as her dissertation advisor and can also provide insights for us.

As you see above, Charter School of Wilmington and Pencader have been working together long before CSW came to bat for Pencader at the DE DOE public review meetings. I am not sure if CSW offer and obvious participation was voted on by the CSW or if the board members and school leader are volunteering personal time. I assume they do have the blessing of CSW’s board and that of their Charter Authorizing Agent Red Clay School District. One could raise concern that Red Clay local dollars transferred to CSW as required by law is now benefiting a school beyond approval Red Clay local taxpayer. This could be in conflict with tax levy laws re: for specific purpose clause. I am not suggesting actual monies are being transferred. However, the pay of the school leader while on duty during CSW school hours and meals or other misc expenses so forth are being expended beyond CSW and Red Clay may be questionable. Really no big deal but funding for CSW is just that for CSW! Perhaps some CSW’s corporate sponsors are picking up the tab. CSW involvement in another charter school is unprecedented and one could perceive CSW involvement is more about the advancement of the charter school agenda whereas helping other charter schools not fail or be forced closed helps maintain the charter school movement in Delaware.

I don’t feel CSW has to inform Red Clay School District of such an outreach mission. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Red Clay superintendent and a few Red Clay pro charter school board members weren’t aware. I guess stepping back and really looking at this unprecedented move on CSW part, one could ask does this involvement change the mission of CSW approved charter application. Since Pencader was open and upfront about this relationship being that is noted in the response to DE DOE, DE DOE seems not to have objections.  

Pencader Charter supporters make their case to remain open

Pencader Charter supporters make their case to remain open

Pencader Charter supporters make their case to remain open By Larry Nagengast February 13, 2013 WDDE 91.1 FM

Lois Lane files report re: Pencader charter school public accountability meeting #netDE #edude

Pencader Charter leaders plead case at hearing Changes touted at Pencader Charter Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal Feb. 13, 2013 11:55 PM

“I cannot change the past, I can only affect the future and if you give me and the new team at Pencader the opportunity, we will together make the future a very bright place,” said Frank McIntosh, who started in November as the new Pencader school board president.

Very  true Frank and you are not to blame for past faults. However, were is the board approved FY2013 budget and a financial positioning report based on actual approved final FY2013 budget? We are you at with the yearly internal required audit? 

McIntosh, who is known for his work with Junior Achievement, said the school has earned support from successful charter and traditional public school leaders, including those at the Charter School of Wilmington, former state Secretary of Education Iris Metts, former district superintendents and the state Parent Teacher Association president.

Wonderful organization Junior Achievement and solid leadership by Frank! That is a given! Iris Metts??? Pencader wasn’t even in existence when she was DE Sec of Ed. When did she become internally involved with Pencader to justify support? Former district superintendents with an “s”? Can’t be Red Clay’s former super can it? Didn’t Red Clay fall into financial disarray causing a state financial bailout and DE DOE FRT oversight?  PTA? Pencader has a PTO! Shit! I get it! PTO stood-by and did nothing to demand transparency! Perhaps a PTA organization might be in order for Pencader. Who was the other district superintendent? 

About 150 people attended the hearing at the Delaware Tech Stanton campus. It was the final step before the state Board of Education takes up the matter at a Feb. 21 meeting in Dover. The state secretary of education and the state board members will review documents related to the formal review process, including a transcript of the public hearings.

More like Governor Markell will ask Sec of Ed Murphy and the state board of education to give a favorable report and vote to keep Pencader open! Hey what they hell! Frank has been busting his ass trying to keep Pencader open! Ask him to produce an accurate board approved FY2013 budget with a supporting current financial positioning report and IRS 990 form status before voting to keep open. I can’t see how the state board could support a yes vote not knowing the actual financial status of the school?

Many students and parents spoke passionately about caring teachers, academics and the bonds they have formed. Many said they have been hurt by negative attention on the school, and they encouraged people to come see them in action.

The DE DOE charter school office has seen them in action and ordered a full review that produced a damning report that calls for closure! Are parents suggesting DE DOE’s process is negative and unfair? They did use the new world-class framework! Well one thing for sure, Sec of Ed Murphy failed to address obvious structural deficiencies in the DE DOE charter school office that is long overdue for a “review” themselves. 

“This school is my other family,” said Pencader junior Farah Lynn.

Indeed it is and Pencader mommy and daddy leaders were poor parents and Uncle Frank might be hiding a bad financial report based on a actual budget.

At least three state board of education members were in the audience, at least one state legislator and the executive director of the Delaware Charter School Network.

And Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy was a no show! Perhaps he was home watching Ghost Hunters visit St Mary’s County Maryland! He should of been there for the sake of the kids. At least look them in the eye and give them their day!  

To persuade them to keep the school open, Pencader leaders have proposed solutions to concerns raised by a January report by a state charter accountability committee that recommended closure. They have also laid out their case for what they have changed in a lengthy document submitted Monday to the Department of Education at another public hearing.

Did that document contain answers needed to satisfy the review committee concerns? Did it contain a board approved FY2013 budget and accurate fianical positioning report? An audit for SY-2011-2012? Is this document on the school’s webpage?

The school had a failure of leadership, and those in charge have been replaced, according the school’s current officials. They want more time to improve the school.

Will the state board say, been there done that? But they’ll vote Markell’s vote. Don’t stop now Pencader parents and students! Let Governor Markell know how you feel! 

McIntosh, who came on board Nov. 11, recruited five other new members join the board. The school also has a new assistant principal, Frank Hagen, whose tenure in public education includes working at Newark High School and as interim leader of Charter School of Wilmington.

Why is someone with all that experience an assistant principal? The school stills has an interim principal? Damn! I think I just answered my own question. 

No win situation for Delaware Secretary of Education #netDE #edude

Follow up from previous posts:

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Lois Lane @ Pencader Public Meeting Tweeting ! Posted on February 13, 2013 by kilroysdelaware 

The Delaware State Board of Education will be meeting next week Feburary 21, 2013 and will be voting the Pencader charter review, to close or not close the school. According to a late-night E-mail from a school administrators, Pencader pretty much put the naysayers in their place! Sound like Pencader is putting thier ass in the face of the DE DOE Charter School Accountability Committee. I can tell you this, the committee’s decision had zero to do with calls from a “few” in the community calling for Pencader’s closure. Most of the concerns of the committee were way beyond the knowledge of many. Most of the public support for closure was due to the events of the former school leader leading to her termination and the fact Pencader seems to be in a black hole of no return. The DE DOE committee use their “Framework” and usual review process and deemed many areas of deficiencies leading to the vote to revoke Pencader’s charter. I am wondering if the Pencader board approved the administrator’s E-mail that pretty much includes DE DOE in the naysayer equation? Though technically they are I don’t think running a victory lap or a quick bitch slap by the administrator is wise. Pencader being a corporation I wouldn’t be surprised if once past the vote and Pencader is to say open the board brings in a seasoned school leader to takeover leadership. Also, there still is some tweaking of the board of directors needed. Bottom-line is, you can’t start fresh with stale drags on the school.

As for Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, next week’s state board meeting will be a defining moment! Pencader Frank did bring in some power hitters and politically well connected people. Hats off to Frank. We all know Murphy wouldn’t make a recommendation to the state board without Governor Makrell’s approval. It will be Markell’s thumbs up or down for Pencader. My guess is, being the power-hitters Frank brought in are all connected to Rodel in one way or another it will be a thumbs up from Markell. As far as the state board of education, they take their marching orders from Markell who appointed them. If Pencader is spared so be it and we must remember those of us that support Pencader last time used the same tactics drowning out the naysayers even DE DOE re: DOE Dan. But remember if the public didn’t speak out to at least bring attention to the concerns, Pencader would still be under the old guard! So if Pencader survives (they will) and Frank brings change don’t you think it’s for the better. As for the school leader acting tough now that there is momentum in favor of Pencader, I wonder where that toughness was when needed to confront the former leader! I have no doubt Frank knows good leaders must show tact at the same time follow professional protocol. Pencader will need DE DOE’s help and patience to move forward and can’t do that with school leaders sticking their ass in the face of DE DOE. But then again, Frank wouldn’t of have this most challenging job of his life if it weren’t for the failures of others and the concerns of the so-called naysayers.  Back to Mark Murphy, I am sorry for drifting as of Murphy didn’t really matter!