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Holy crap! Looks like Pencader’s webpage was high-jack and they know who is behind it

Pencader has lost control of its own website? #netDE #eduDE by Transparency Christina

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After the changes were made and then reviewed by Mr. McIntosh, he went on the site again to be sure all was well and it was. Two days later, the changes disappeared and replaced by distorted information. A call to “Go Daddy”, informed us that the owner of domain name is Adam Lewis, son of the former Head of School, who is the only person who can allow us to have full access to our site. Mr. Lewis has thus far been unresponsive to efforts to reach him. Addressing this issue is legally difficult. If the domain is not voluntarily turned over to the school, it will budget for and create a new web page

Pencader needs to build a new website with a new host and get up and running and shut the other site off! Hopefully DE DOE can get their heads out of their ass and help Pencader with this issue. Parents of Pencader, please do a fundraiser and donate to help with this need! And see what I mean about transparency! The webpage should have never been in an individuals name and webpage addressed should be property of Pencader. Come on Coach Murphy ! 

I was just telling Lois Lane today that Kilroy’s has been getting a lot of spam crap on my blog and E-mail. This has been going on for about a month. 

Kilroy to put up the sandbags ! Pencader pulled a hat-trick on Sec of Ed Murphy #netDE #edude @governormarkell

Follow up from this post Lois Lane @ Pencader Public Meeting Tweeting ! Posted on February 13, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

Well folks looks like Pencader Frank called in some political poker chips! He did an amazing job at the DE DOE Charter School Accountability Committee public meeting tonight! The U.S.S Pencader is up-righting herself. Many powerful people stepped up for Pencader Frank and more importantly the kids. I have a hunch once the state board of education get’s the thumbs-up from Governor Markell to vote to keep Pencader open under probationary terms, Franks will go around with $$$ hat in hand and plug the $$$ deficit. Frank, my invoice is in the mail for motivational fees :). 

To all: bitch about Pencader staying open all you want but it’s time to end the attacks on each other commenting. You all know how it works in Delaware and if you are unhappy that it appears Pencader is staying open go bitch to Markell or run for public office! 

To the parents of Pencader students! Blame who you want for this nightmare and kick Kilroy around all you want! However, Pencader’s mess after mess is partly your fault for not demanding transparency and having a real voice on the board protecting your interest and that of your child’s. You don’t need to go through this bullshit every two year! Your school has a webpage and their in no reason not have meaningful information regarding finances and board governance online and in a timely manner! Your fight is heading down to the finish-line! Keep the pressure on the state board of education who will be voting next week and on the governor who controls that vote! But more importantly step up and take you place at Pencader! 

Lois Lane @ Pencader Public Meeting Tweeting !

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Tonight’s hearing of Pencader Charter School regarding the state review. It is standing room only

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Photo by Nichole Dobo

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Board president talked about partnerships he’s secured to help improve the school. Well known names in charter & trad public schools

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Charter School of Wilm leaders are helping, pencader board prez said. Also helping: state PTA, former Red Clay super & form state sec of edu

State PTA ??? Pencader has a PTO?

Yep there it is again ! Charter School of Wilmington! Did the CSW board approve this mission? Who knows CSW might want to counsel-out their undesirable applicants and refer them to Pencader 

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Many students and parent-aged people in the crowd. Silence as they listen to speakers including teachers, board leaders and parents

Yo folks got some political power hitters in there! Looks like a Pencader save in the makings! 

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo The state board member I see is sitting in the front row with the public. He’s not in a special seat. Could be others, doing best to look

Any sign of Sec of Ed Murphy?

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo  Board prez: ” .. I can only affect the future and if you give me the opportunity, we will together make the future a very bright place”

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Student speaking now. “The 400 students here are a family”

Looking good for a Pencader save! Markell might be boxed in the corner with all those education heavy-weights coming to Pencader aid! 

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo  Several students said are saying they love school, and they hope people will come see the great things happening in classrooms

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo @KilroysDelaware it was a student speaking generally. So, no, do not use 400 as enrollment count.

Got it student was being a spokesperson not 400 hundred students at the meeting.

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo @teelehman crowd estimates are difficult. to estimate I’m going to try to count chairs and also ask later if there’s an official count

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Charter School of Wilm leaders are helping, pencader board prez said. Also helping: state PTA, former Red Clay super & form state sec of edu

OMG ?? You don’t think CSW is planning on being school leader of Pencader? OK by wait? CSW leaders are helping ??? That might not mean CSW is helping? But what about the needs of CSW? 

John Young ‏@ED_IN_DE @nicholedobo missing lots of #edude tags.

John Young in the Tweeter house !

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Dad talking now about how he chose pencader because he wants better school for children than Philly school he attended. Wants safety.

Damn Dad, Ferris is safer than Philly schools !

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Parent of special edu student speaks in support of school. says she’s worked through years to find school that fits child’s needs.

Looking good Pencader !

Folks the stars are aligning for Pencader! Pencader Frank has some political pull! And his new supporter are the ticket to Markell the education czar of Delaware. Sec of Ed Murphy is just an understudy! 

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Just spotted Kim Williams, state rep, sitting in crowd

State Legislator in the house ! Looks like no Sec of Ed Murphy!

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo  Alumni of Pencader are talking now in support of the school. First speaker telling of her personal experience, says was prepared for UD

Another good sign! 

Hey Publius , do you have any good recipes for Crow Pie? I like mine with brown gravy 🙂 You might be cornering me into Checkmate ! 

Nichole Dobo @nicholedoboParent who had two other children at CSW says chose pencader for another child, and it has good academics despite leadership shortcomings

It was never the Pencader teachers being the problem!

ElizabethScheinberg ‏@Montagnebeau@ED_IN_DE@nicholedobo@KilroysDelaware School’s counsel says there has been a “modest” increase in enrollment since count.

Lizzy is in the Twitter House

Nichole Dobo @nicholedobo Pencader had two statewide BPA reps, speaker says

OMG !! U.S Sec of Ed Arne Duncan just walked in! Wait !!!! My bad just some big goofy guy with a horse face! 

OK it’s 9 p.m.! looks like show is over! Good job Pencader ! Franks pulled in some power hitters! But please demand better transparency so you don’t have to go through this crap every year and a half!

Delaware Department of Education handing out free soap on the rope #netDE #edude

Charter School Law and Practices Meeting

February 28, 2013 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Cabinet Room, 2nd Floor, Townsend Building

401 Federal Street

Dover, DE, 19901

Kent County


John Carwell 


401 Federal Street 

Suite 2 Dover, DE 19901

“Purpose : The purpose of the meeting is to share the potential areas to strengthen our charter law and practices with the public, and to solicit feedback”.

WTF! Of all departments wanting to involve themselves with reforming the Delaware charter school law! This department has made a mess of charter school approval and oversight process. Let’s start there ! Clean house and filled the capacity gap! 


Last public meeting for Pencader is tonight! Pencader parents please read!

February 13, 2013 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Second Public Hearing for Pencader Business & Finance Charter High School Delaware Technical & Community College, Stanton Location


This additional hearing is held to assist the Department of Education in its decision whether the criteria for remedial action against the Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School have been satisfied; to give the school an opportunity to respond to the final report of the Charter School Accountability Committee; and to give the public the opportunity to comment.

Pencader parents please understand the mission of this meeting and help the Delaware Department of Education get the answers needed to keep Pencader open.  DE DOE knows students and parents will come pleading to keep Pencader open but they need to hear how the concerns were addressed by Pencader’s school board and school administration.

Things to do:

Call or E-mail the Delaware Secretary of education Mark Murphy 302-735-4000: mark.murphy@doe.k12.de.us and respectfully ask him to attend tonight’s meeting. Your kids at least needs full attention of the Delaware Department of Education.

Ask your school administrators for a copy of Pencader’s board approved budget for the school year 2012-2013. Get it and when addressing the DE DOE review committee hold it up and say we have a FY2013 budget. Ask school administrators for a copy of the IRS response to Pencader’s IRS 990 forms. Ask your school administrators for a copy of the 2011-2012 audit completed by Pencader’s legal accountant. 

Ask your school administrators for documentation on how they resolved the areas of concern noted on DE DOE Charter School Accountability Committee’s final report:

The new school board is bringing the Pencader ship upright (slow but for sure) but DE DOE needs to see proof Pencader is financially stable to move forward. Parents and students need to see that proof! The board approved budget is the foundation for such proof. The is no reason for Pencader not to have a board approved budget for school year 2012-2013. If they don’t ask why? 

IMPORTANT The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at DelTech in Stanton. Traffic is a hell in that area known as Churchman’s Crossing. Parking is insane with the number of evening students attending DelTech. Also compounding traffic is the weather. Rain around 6 p.m. and the rain/snow mixture starting around 7 p.m. Changing to snow around 8:00 p.m. Leave early to get through traffic and to be safe.

If I were to attend I’d bitch at the Delaware Department of Education who has failed to provide technical assistance to help find solutions and direction for the board and school. Remember they are “partners” not police! DE DOE had a representative on the Pencader Citizen Budget Oversight Committee for over a year and yet that person failed to inform the other committee members and  the Pencader administration they were in violation of the laws that govern charter and public schools. Why didn’t DE DOE send in auditors to perform a full top to bottom audit? Yes Pencader has made mistakes after mistakes and there is no excuse. However, DE DOE was too busy collecting evidence to put Pencader on review whereas they should have help put Pencader back on track. In a nutshell, part Pencader’s so-called failures are a result on the DE DOE inability to be supporting partner. Pencader gets closed and those dropping the ball at DE DOE keep their jobs? As you can see I would have harsher words for DE DOE. But the facts remain Pencader does have structure internal problems that hurt kids and great teachers. Sure, Maybe Kilroy didn’t help things but let’s not forget, parents did nothing to demand transparency which lacking. Transparency is the root cause of all Pencader’s current problems. You need the secretary of education at tonight’s meeting!