Mike Matthews issues education video from his bunker #netDE #edude

The following is Wireless Generation’s Employment Ad for Delaware Data Coaches  and Mike Matthews explains what is actually going on in the real word of education with these data coaches.


Wireless Generation creates innovative tools, systems, and professional learning services that help educators teach smarter. With its professional development, coaching and mobile assessment software, the company has supported efficient use of data to make effective data-based instructional decisions. Wireless Generation also builds large-scale data systems that centralize student data and give educators and parents unprecedented visibility into learning. Wireless Generation currently serves more than 200,000 educators and 3 million students. More information is available at www.WirelessGeneration.com

Wireless Generation seeks dedicated and experienced educators ready to transform Delaware’s schools from “data rich” to “data driven” and to implement a flagship Race to the Top program. Successful candidates will be part of a corps of Data Coaches who will bring Wireless Generation’s Taking Action with Data methodology to every school in the state through a two-year program of intensive onsite support.


  • Coach small groups of teachers and/or instructional coaches in analyzing data and using data to differentiate instruction.

  • Facilitate meetings of Professional Learning Communities.

  • Observe teacher practice and provide feedback to individual teachers.

  • Train and support teachers in the use of state and local data systems.

  • Support school-based data coaches and school and district leadership teams. 

  • Travel to schools to deliver services and build strong relationships with several schools and hundreds of teachers throughout the state.

  • Provide written status reports to project management team regularly.

  • Participate in Wireless Generation’s consultant certification process before becoming eligible to support her/ his schools.


  • 5+ years of K-12 classroom teaching experience required, 10+ years of diverse experience preferred.

  • Masters of Education preferred.

  • Cognitive coaching and meeting facilitation experience preferred.

  • Instructional leadership experience preferred.

  • Adult training experience preferred.

  • Mastery level knowledge of effective instructional strategies and practices, including methods of differentiating instruction and fostering student engagement.

  • Ability to model effective instruction for whole class and small groups.

  • Demonstrated data analysis skills.

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint strongly preferred.

  • Passion for education and ongoing personal learning.

Wireless Generation is an Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/D/V.


I can only say to Mr. Matthews, if you are going to question the data coaches and Race to The Top you must include Governor Markell in that concern. Also, the teachers’ labor unions did vote to support the RTTT MOUs as well as DSEA.  We all know the Markell deal that couldn’t be refused and what would happen if the unions and district didn’t sign the RTTT MOU! Markell would have slashed state funding to inflict $$$ pain. But knowing Mr. Matthews, I know he is sincere and speaking from the heart and I would fight to have my kid in his class. He represents the new generation of teachers and the teachers who will bear the pain of misguided education reform. Mr. Matthews is part of a generation that is adapted to the latest technologies and doesn’t need too much hand-holding in that department. I think we’re at a crossroad to where we give students less homework allowing teachers more time to student and formulate individual student plan using the data. But obviously teachers like Mr. Matthews don’t have to wait for the test data for many students because they can see student’s daily engagement to know which students might be off track and need intervention. Also, RTTT / DCAS can point to which students need intervention and to what level but the reality RTTT a short term federal grant did not provide extra teachers or paraprofessionals nor did Governor Markell. Not even for schools unable to meet the class size cap laws?  


One response to “Mike Matthews issues education video from his bunker #netDE #edude

  1. I wish I had some information about WHAT hard data is being reviewed in PLCs. That would help me form a judgment about PLCs. Despite Mike’s obvious passion, I still don’t know specifically what data PLCs are looking at, and what types of reports are used. I am certain though that whatever they are doing, there is likely an easier, less time-consuming way to do it. That is, if it needs to be done at all.

    I know the Teacher Dashboards are DOA, because they only track four major pieces of data: Attendance, Discipline, DCAS scores, and marking-period grades. None of this data is timely or granular enough to support a useful intervention strategy. To support an intervention strategy, you need daily classroom data, and tools to analyze it. Despite claims that teachers know how to use data, they sure do balk at capturing daily classroom data.

    But daily classroom data isn’t even collected in many of our districts, and even if it was, the Dashboards don’t even accept it into their database, so it will be a long time before Delaware builds something useful for this purpose.