Smarter Balanced Assessment,”Item difficulty based on student responses” WHAT ? #netDE #edude

Smarter Balanced Assessment, Summative and Interim Use of  Computer Adaptive Technology see page page 9 ” Item difficulty based on student responses”

I get it, as the student takes the test and is able to answer the question they’ll be challenged re: difficulty of questions. Somewhere built-in is the break-point re: meeting the standards. So the standardize test isn’t like test of yesterday where all student are handed the same grade appropriate test with same questions for all to answer. So now we have true “assessment’ test that measure what a student knows along with the growth model via multiple yearly testing. Now we get into how the student “assessment” tests is used to measure the teacher’s effectiveness.

In Delaware’s case. DCAS is the assessment test used and it did not start-off aligned to the state adopted Common Core Standards. Therefore, there is a good argument that DCAS data from year to year is not apples to apples. Starting next year Delaware is shifting into gear to use the Smarter Balanced Assessment that is aligned to the Common Core Standard but has a cut-score defined be the consortium of states who adopted the Common Core Standards and it’s sister the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Not the individual states because if that were the case the assessment test who be severely skewed and would have no validity in contrast to measurements against other states. Also, if Delaware is not allowed to apply state level cut-scores there is a possibility of a short-term downward trend in student achievement data and a distortion in the means to use data to hold teachers accountable. In my opinion, I feel we need five full years of Smarter Balanced Assessment results to consider using data results to hold teachers accountable. Let’s call it the Obama Factor. It has been four complete years Obama has been president but yet all the problems are still being blamed in George Bush. And the same could be said about Markell vs Minner. So what I am saying is, we need to be going is the right direction with stable reliable data before we can turn the screws on teachers. We also must find a way to correctly weigh the impact of disengaged parents and students moving to the next grade level not proficient at previous grade level. Social promotion needs to end or be readdressed. 

The world is evolving into this so-called competitive global economy where at no fault of teachers who didn’t set standards and curriculum and who where wired to produce a post World War II blue-collar workforce are being held accountable. If structurally we need to change our education system let’s do it and realistic. Parental engagement is and always will be the key factor of the academic success of their children and must be a serious part of reform.

The teacher survey TELL is CRAP and an acknowledgement that egotistic education managers do retaliate against teachers teacher and administrators who dare question the system structurally. Something is seriously wrong when we formulate teacher surveys in a way to protect teachers from repercussions for being honest and concern.


3 responses to “Smarter Balanced Assessment,”Item difficulty based on student responses” WHAT ? #netDE #edude

  1. lastDEconservative

    “So now we have true “assessment’ test that measure what a student knows along with the growth model via multiple yearly testing.”

    Are you sure, Dr. Kilroy? Do the child who gets 90% of the ever increasingly difficult questions correct and the child who gets 90% of the ever decreasing (?) or steady degree of difficulty questions correct both come out with 90s?????

    I am of the belief that this is no more and no less than another scam, principally birthed because the prior testing scam was coming unraveled, or should I say, has come unraveled. “Relax, folks, that’s not failure over there in the corner, that’s some old fashioned system. This here, this here’s the real deal. Now we’ll get some good results. Oh, yeah, of course, we expect scores to go down until this program takes root, of course!”

    Same line as with the previous introduction, and the one before that, and the one before …

    Back to the hypothetical two 90s. If ‘yes,’ then this regime has to be the most pernicious yet. If no, how will the ‘curve’ be administered? What of the self esteem of the testee whose 90 is scaled down to his actual lower knowledge level? How am I made aware that my child’s 90 represents knowledge a grade level or three ahead?


    • ” Do the child who gets 90% of the ever increasingly difficult questions correct and the child who gets 90% of the ever decreasing (?) or steady degree of difficulty questions correct both come out with 90s?????”- It does not work like that. Please someone confirm that it does not work like that


  2. lastDEconservative

    Aaaaaaand, give me a trust factor twixt 0 and 10 on the measurement capability of the “adaptiveness” of the test … “computer adaptive” is of course one verse of the establishment’s siren song, and those lulled to a near sleep state won’t or can’t stop to *think* that that shiny machine only reacts as it has been instructed by some faceless, likely childless, programmer — not even an educrat! NEA folks? Protecting the members by ensuring growth scores? Pick any other one of the stake holders (how I despise that term) such as the test creating company — do you think they have a vested interest in the scoring?

    Let me think, who used the ‘c’ word the other day? Here’s another good place for it.


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