NJ’s Our View is wrong! TELL survey results are coming in and it’s bad news #netDE #edude

The TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning) survey has been sent to each school’s representative with the Delaware State Education Association, the state’s largest school employee union.

Thanks to a comment (Prop Joe) on the previous post, the NJ’s Our View piece is slightly inaccurate. All Delaware public school teachers were invited to take survey even charter school teachers. Our View mades sounds like only DSEA member teachers were taking survey.

Our View did say the following but the reference to DSEA making it look like only DSEA members were taking survey made things confusion.

Delaware educators and their administrators have less than a week to tell state officials what they need to perform their jobs better.

Also again thanks to Prop Joe here is a link to Tell Delaware Survey Index claiming to tracking % of surveys by districts schools. Friday February 15 ,2013 is  last day for survey and 35.46% of Delaware eligible educators so far completed survey. 

Update!!! Go to the survey link page and at the bottom you’ll see Rodel’s logo. Why? This survey is being paid for federal RTTT dollars not private. Just goes to show you how Jack Markell is Rodel’s lapdog with a leash reaching all the way to Wall Street.  


29 responses to “NJ’s Our View is wrong! TELL survey results are coming in and it’s bad news #netDE #edude

  1. Pigeon on the Green

    We here on the Green are told a CA consultant got 5 million for this boondoggle which no teacher takes seriously. I bet within a few days districts will be offering incentives to schools to fill them out.


    • Approximately 4,000 teachers have completed the survey. Did you do your own survey, where all 4,000 said they didn’t take it seriously? Or did you just drop more pigeon shit, like you usually do?


  2. Well, given the general amount of half-truths and utter nonsense that is shared around on the Green, I wouldn’t take what you’re told too seriously. Everything is a boon-doggie when it’s not something you came up with or think is valuable.

    However, the survey is well-constructed and is aimed at gathering data and information about the current working conditions that teachers/educators operate under. If voicing their opinion about the conditions of their work is important enough to teachers, they’ll do the survey. If they don’t want to be bothered, then they should keep complaints about that stuff to themselves, because this is one of the first times I can remember the state doing a survey of this size.

    You can pee all you want over the way the survey was funded, who is collecting the data (New Teacher Center is operating the survey, in case your cronies in the Green want to know), or what will be done with the results. What you likely have no real grasp of is whether it’s valuable to teachers (are you a teacher?) and you certainly have no idea how the data will be used since the survey results haven’t been published yet.


    • lastDEconservative

      ” … the survey is well-constructed … ”

      Since I paid for it, can I also see it and have the opportunity to render judgement as to its value? I’m not too concerned about its margins and syntax.


  3. Who is administering the survey: http://www.newteachercenter.org/about-ntc

    Who endorses the survey: DSEA, DOE, Delaware School Boards Association, Rodel, State Board of Ed, Delaware Association of School Administrators

    Now when was the last time that group of organizations agreed on anything?


    • lastDEconservative

      “Now when was the last time that group of organizations agreed on anything?”

      Probably the last time Jack blew the whistle.

      My $00,000.02 about the survey and its progenitors is that the list of supporters tells one all one needs to know about it.

      That and my first hand experience with a teacher who said (paraphrased) “we all want to kiss you because you said what we all think but cannot say” following a meeting wherein I posed a particularly challenging question to a dear departed district administrator telling a big room full of (mostly) teachers that what they were about to have to do with respect to data, data coaches, PLCs, and myriad other Plunge to the Bottom requirements including surveys, was, contrary to all evidence and logic indicating otherwise, going to improve e.v.e.r.y. thing.

      They knew better, and they knew better than to say so.


    • prop, the tall question is when have those six organizations last done anything to actually help a teacher? the survey should be boycotted. saying nothing IS saying something


    • Prop Joe –

      The last time? Likely Race to the Trough.


  4. Pigeon on the Green

    DSEA had their arm broken to send the survey’s out to the building reps. No teacher trusts this nonsense as despite having a secret password, the fact is the teacher’s feel that their names will be matched with their password.
    As for who designed the survey, you mean there’s no group or person in Delaware that couldn’t do the same thing?


  5. lastDEconservative

    Can someone help me out here?

    “Delaware educators and their administrators … ”

    I thought everyone was now an educator? In the same vein as that of nobody being a secretary any more. You know, gentle coercion of the language.

    Does this mean that no TELL polling is going on among the folks most directly affected (by line of hierarchy) by the State capital S, the administrators, previously called educators? What about the lunch ladies, er, persons, er, educators? That’s where the rubber really meets the road.


  6. “No teacher trusts this nonsense…” Well, I can name a couple hundred who do, so that statement is bunk…


  7. Pigeon on the Green

    The ones who trust it are new, non tenured and want to give an administrator no reason to become vexed with them.

    BTW: what exactly does RODEL do besides give Markell campaign money?


  8. Write op-Ed pieces, advise Murphy, and lend funding to the likes of Hope Street. In addition, review all the TELL survey data and all other DOE data so they can advise Murphy.


  9. @ Pigeon… The majority of teachers I know of are veteran and don’t give two s**** what their admin would think of them for responding to a survey. Dude… I’m there in the trenches every day, alongside 30-yr vets and newbies alike. I know I what I speak, far better than one who doesn’t live that environment day in, day out…


  10. Pigeon on the Green

    I’m a 26 year member of DSEA and have sat on the Exec Comm for years. Trust me, the terrorism exists. Wait until the lawsuit from hell explodes from a CSD elem school for sexual harrassment.
    Tom Neuberger took the case.


  11. What does a sexual harassment lawsuit have to do with this Tell Delaware survey?

    I’m sure the DSEA voters who elected you to the Exec Board are thrilled to hear you describe the organization as “terroristic.”


  12. Pigeon on the Green

    I still would like to know what exactly RODEL does? As far as we can tell they support Markell’s political ambitions and that’s about it.


  13. lastDEconservative

    Still waiting on directions how to view and comment on the survey I paid dearly for, especially knowing the union is in on it. Glad I did not inhale and threaten to hold … standing by …


  14. Dear Pigeon: You don’t know squat.DSEA VOLUNTEERED to have building reps hand out the access codes. DSEA requested that this specific survey be included as part of RTT. DSEA is pushing participation from every certificated, licensed educator in every school. DSEA wonders why the he** this has become such a lightning rod for everyone. DSEA knows that this entire project will be a bust if participants do not see a direct connection between collective results and meaningful, data-driven changes in one’s school, one’s district, or even across the state. Therefore, DSEA commits to leading the way to positive change.

    Anyone can see the entire survey by going on the TellDelaware.com website, so lastDEconservative can unbunch his knickers. Yes, God forbid that “the union is in on it.”

    Prop Joe and Cindy: I owe you a drink. Tell me where and when, and I’m there.


  15. @lastDEconservative: if you are a credentialed educator in the state, please take the survey… If you are not, then the surey doesn’t apply to you because it’s aimed at educator working conditions…

    I hope that helped clear up your obvious confusion about who is taking the survey. I can certainly understand how you didn’t know who the survey was aimed at, given the confusing posts on this thread, the newspaper articles, etc.


  16. Thank you Frederika! There has been so much discussion online regarding this and some very errant information as well. Thank you for recommending reviewing the survey – the questions address conditions and the environment in which educators are working and it certainly sounds like it has truly protected any educator’s opinions and the fact that they were encouraged to exchange codes within their building clearly shows this. I am interested to see these results but without more participation it will be a pointless state wide effort. Change can only take place with sufficient data to a research based tool. This has been done for many years in other states and been used for policy and practice changes at schools, districts, and even state-wide.
    I really do not see why some have launched such a campaign against this effort.


    • The survey is absolute bunk, IMO. Any educator willing to look into it should be, at a minimum, very skeptical.


    • MHS, please list for me any appreciable evidence that Governor Markell is not just interested, nut has listened to and enacted any teacher concerns during his term.


    • Lastly, the absence of response is just another form of response. what would it say if teachers did not participate and shouldn’t that be just as actionable?


    • John – I am sure we diuffer in these beliefs, but I truly belief the Governor’s budget investment two years ago in improving access and quality of early childhood education is critical to future educational success and economic success for our state. I am a supporter of the Common Core State Standards and as a former educator, I definitely see the strengths in them. I
      The fact that as Frederika spelled out it was actually the Teacher’s Association that requested the school work environment survey and that it was not only included in RTTT but also has been supported by many of the education stakeholder groups in the state implies to me that they are interested in the results. With DSEA as well as some of the others behind it, the data will not be able to be dismissed, unless of course there is less than 50% participation state-wide in which case the reports will not accurately reflect the state as a whole. Districts and schools can get local reports if more than 50% participate and I would think that as a school board member you would use that data in addition to feedback received directly from educators in your district to drive changes to improve the environment in our schools.
      I am sure we disagree, but you asked for my thoughts and I have provided them.


  17. yep, we disagree. 100%.


  18. Also, no answer to the Governor’s track record of listening to educators after a full 4+ years in office


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