Pencader to pull blitz on DE DOE

I just received some intel! As you know DE DOE charter school review committee is allowing two final public meetings, One in Dover on 2/11/2013 and at DelTech in Stanton on 2/13/2013. Strong rumor has it that Pencader is calling on all their supports to speak at board meetings:

Please attend the Department of Education public hearing (1) on February 11th at 6:30 PM@ Collette education resource   Center 35 Commerce St., Dover or Department of Education public hearing(2) on February 13th at 6:30 PM @ Del-Tech Stanton Campus. All parents and volunteers are urged to attend at least one of these two hearings!! Also volunteers please come to our school to make telephone calls to support  the”Save Our School”effort. We will provide bus transporation to Dover, buses will leave no later than 5:15 PM and parents and students should call the school and secure transportation to Dover with Debbie Delledonne or Judi Kennedy

Don’t you think its odd that Pencader cried the blues that having the meeting in Dover was a transportation hardship and inconvenience for parents? Yet as you can see Pencader is providing  bus transportation. Word has it Pencader is going to get as many “supporters” as possible to speak at both meetings. Will Markell’s idiots allow this blitz? Damn, they won’t even see it coming. Do you think Delaware Secretary of Education is smart enough to keep a list of the those who spoke at the first meeting and not permit them to speak at the second meeting? Nope ! I’ll bet the coach will let the Save Pencader SOS Supports take another free foul shot. And you know what? Markell is the mastermind behind this scam! Like I said many times, laws in Delaware are for the people not the government. 


32 responses to “Pencader to pull blitz on DE DOE

  1. Kilroy – how is this different than when a district builds a referendum campaign? You get out your base and hope the opposition doesn’t mobilize.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Well one would think DE DOE and Markell Murphy who have better sense of ethics. By allowing “Pencader” two public meetings it open’s Pandora’s box to all the next charter school under such review the have the same benefit and if not it would make a good court argument.. The claimed a hardship but yet they are providing bus transportation to the first meeting. Coach Murphy was rolled under the bus. But this is not a referendum vote or a vote of the people! DE DOE says Pencader failed to meet condition of review and are calling for closure. So a Pencader blitz of complaining parents and students satisfies the failures notes in DE DOE report? Changes in the charter law is coming! And a power base is growing that will call for Murphy’s resignation! But first changes are coming to the DE DOE charter school office. .


  2. Arthur, Pencader’s response really is no different than when any group of citizens who mobilize to fight for their cause. I don’t think anyone really begrudges them that right.

    I do think that Kilroy is has a point about the decision to hold two hearings. It initially stirred up confusion and now seems to set a new precedent. The real issue is that the process is already defined by practice and in writing and DOE has gone off script which has re-awakened those all too familiar feelings of distrust between some members of the public and DOE. And then the students at Pencader have been trapped someone in the middle of all the political maneuvering…


  3. The DOE Formal Review process sets up the Public Comment session to give the stakeholders an opportunity to speak. In 2011 when we had our Public Comment we also transported people to Dover. What is wrong here, and wrong is the right word, is that because Mr. McIntosh could not make the meeting set for the 11th he asked DOE to change the time/venue of the meeting. We initially asked DOE if the meeting could be held at school and we were turned down and that was why we hired buses. The idea that because an individual, one of a board of 9, could not attend, he feels it is proper to ask for a full scale change I find just arrogant. The fact that DOE bowed to it is precedent setting and gives authority to his request. He should, as the demonstrated business leader his resume portends, stick to the same rules and regulations as everybody else.
    These Public Comment sessions are just that. This one, like ours, will probably become an emotional testimonial to the school. And that is okay to give that opportunity to people. It is expected. However, all should remember that this is not at the heart of this particular Formal Review. This is about the depth and quality of school governance and leadership at the local level, it is about financial viability, it is about accurate documentation fo special education students, it is about student perfomance as measured by state of Delaware student performance data. Monday night and Tuesday night will be pep rallies. How many pep rallies win football games?


    • Your right Minnehaha its about failed Governance and failed leadership under your watch my dear, this FMR. is because you failed to monitor the school and your failed at securing your fudiciary duties as Board President. If given one more stay by the powers that be, we will definitely prevail this time around. We finally have someone at the helm who actually knows exactly what he needs to do to move PCHS in the right direction, a postive direction. Please go feed your papa he might be hungry….


  4. Correction: the meetings are Monday and Wednesday night. I don’t know what’s on tap for Tuesday night!


    • More bitchinbg and crying from you and your two sad little babies from CSD. Don’t worry you will have more to bitch and complain about after all is said and done minehaha…… Stay tune…..


    • So Sad…

      Let me start by saying, you have no clue or idea what you are talking about…blame shifting is what my parents used to call it, and it was never tolerated in our home.

      My guess is that you are one of the “remaining” SB members that sat there and allowed the stupidity to continue long after HEM left the SB. She worked her butt off to save that school, and she did….what happened after the “B” incident was what set that school back downhill. You can thank AL and those that would not stand up to her.

      HEM could only do so much when she did not have the support of the SB (who was OBVIOUSLY in support of AL). The letters and behavior of JK were apparent!!!

      Furthermore, you can ultimately thank the Delaware DOE for not stepping in and managing/overseeing the circus and the bleeding of educational (tax) dollars due to the stupidity.

      While I truly, truly HOPE the school can be saved….I am disgusted at the way things have been handled with AL and the current lack of budget reports and transparency of millions of tax dollars. The arrogance that this shows (by not being transparent and following the law) is disturbing.

      If the DOE would do their job and provide someone to go in there and help clean up this mess and you would get some really dedicated/quality people to be on the SB (no offense to Frank or Steve Quimby-they could stay in my opinion)…you just might saved this school.

      From “all appearances” the current SB/Circus has not done what it was asked to do….according to the reports by the DOE. Do you really think this school needs a FIFTH chance to waste millions of dollars?

      IF that happens, the public expects the DOE to watch every nickel and dime. IF they approve it to stay open then they are responsible to make sure it is sustainable and our tax dollars are not mismanaged. I don’t care what laws they hide behind or what excuses they make….they approve it…they own it.

      Honestly, you must be one of the remaining SB members bc they are the only ones that I know of that have no clue, class, or education to know right from wrong.

      If you can blame people like HEM, ES, or JY for being “whistle blowers” (for lack of a better word), your a complete idiot. Where would this school be if it was left unchecked and the idiocy was allowed to continue? Do you really think it would have survived long term? Do you really believe it was in the students best interest to allow the arrogance and deceit to continue? Is that what you want for our children?

      Someone who cheats the state? Has a fake degree? Takes out her anger on a boy bc he videotaped her husband cursing? Do you really not get that she gave that boy punishment far stricter than even the school code called for? Do you not get that she refused to pay bills and honor contracts that were enforceable in a court of law? Do you not get that she refused to honor a contract that was endorsed by the Office of Civil Rights…..aka the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT??? Do you not realize the amount of money that was thrown away in legal fees due to pure arrogance and stupidity? The money wasted on legal fees was more than what was owed to the BUS company and the other contract she refused to honor????????? IS that SMART?????

      HEM did not know this……bc your SL hid it from her. GET your act together and spend your time reading these blogs and comments by people that have EXPERIENCE and KNOW what they are doing.

      If you have people (here) complaining about things that need to be done to improve this school’s chances of surviving….than why are YOU not doing something about it? I have read over and over people saying that the reports need to be on the website as required by LAW.

      WHY the heck have you not demanded that PENCADER get it on there??????????????????

      Because you are what they call a “blooming idiot!”


    • Okay, I am going to walk away from the computer…..and take a nice hot whirlpool bath!

      There is just no cure for stupidity.


    • While the water is running, I meant HEM did not know the specific details (ie. mismanaged record keeping etc) of the other contract ( not the Bus company).


  5. So sad: I hope you can convince DOE, so far you’ve not done it.


  6. So Sad = FYI more than likely

    I see the spell check still does not function correctly on your computer and you still are enjoying the taste of the glorious Kool-Aid. I tend to agree though that another life vest may be thrown your way but it is NOT because it is deserved, rather that Murphy does not have the stones to close you down. Either that or a back room deal is being worked up. It certainly does not change what is and has been going on at Pencader. You will call it a victory though and happily complete your second year of teaching.



    • Is there a reason you like to point out the number of years experience of teachers? Is there a way for a teacher to start out with multiple years experience? I can’t figure out how that could happen. And, did you have a problem with that last year??


    • Well for one I’m not a teacher nor a Board Member for PCHS. Kathy u must be a housewife, I can hear your vacumm running and the kids screaming. You can say what you want about the Board who fired AL, something that the great HE. could not and would not do. JY. and ES. need to go attend to their children and stop worrying about PCHS. ES. is a scorned Ex. employee who was fired from what I heard b/c she would not stay in the cafeteria and do her job, serve the students their chow. You on the other hand are an idiot who probably have wished you would have done something better with your life. Stop tooting the horn of past failures and form your own opinion. You know nothing about whats going on at PCHS. all you know is the lies that are told to you by idiots who are clueless like you. Go prepare your dinner for the night Mrs. Clever…..


    • So Sad.

      Child, you know little of what you speak. But, that’s not your fault.
      Former employee – yes.
      Scorned – not even remotely.

      Thank you for your concern for my children. They are well attended to and deeply loved.


  7. To So Sad aka FYI, your comments have been going to spam. The comments you are making about Gus is sending up Red Flags. Please go back to using FYI and stick to it and places be careful of your mix of words.


  8. No problem Kilroy, I’m not FYI, other people are using this computer besides me. Also I didn’t use Gus real name so why does it matter what I have said. No one knows who he is by myself and people who already know who Gus is. This is a public forum and I should be allowed to speak my peace like everyone else. Unless Kilroy you believe in sensorship,is this a democracy or a dictatorship??


    • kilroysdelaware

      It was going too far!!!!!!!!!

      “This is a public forum and I should be allowed to speak my peace like everyone else”

      Pencader is a public school funded by taxpayers shouldn’t they follow the laws regarding transparency! No so re: public form it is a personal blog that screens those who want to comment and you know my rules are near null! I don’t like sexual stuff , dragging family members into the conversation that has no relevance to issues and what you wrote. I know what you know and they system deemed them unfounded. I am “trying” myself to hold judgment when certainly things are reported in the NJ.of such personal matters! I’ve communicated to the NJ about follow through.

      “Unless Kilroy you believe in sensorship,is this a democracy or a dictatorship??”

      I guess we’re alike as you protect Pencader’s lack transparency. And honestly that is what pisses me off about Pencader and if the $$$ were on the table I could have been more supportive! After-all, I was part of the drive to save Pencader last time and did know HE or AL. I did for the kids and if they took my advise meetings would have been recorded! I dare Frank to make that public commitment at the review meeting.

      Just meet me half way on this one and go back to your “tactful” bitch slapping! And do look very very close at my responses, very seldom I attack those commenting.

      You comments are being trapped in spam and I have to release one at a time! So can you meet me half way?.


  9. PM: teachers start with as many years of experience as they have, those years are not structured on the particular school. If you go into a school with 12 years of experience you are now on level 13. Simple. Gus was not out of line in his comments. So Sad/FYI always is.


    • So Sad you failed a school of students that you promised to protect, that you swore you would do a better job than the past leadership which you completely failed at. And of course you blame everyone but your sorry self. Its okay everyone knows you were in way over your head, you get a pass minnehaha. But your grade as BP is a F…..


    • LMBO

      So sad…

      You have no idea what I do, what I know, and what I have accomplished.

      And my information is not second hand. If you are for this school, I wouldn’t push me to set you straight. I know more than enough and the only reason I do not say it now is bc I don’t want to hurt the kids at Pencader – there is already more than enough dirt out there on this school to shut it down.


    • I do not know of any other instance of a parent accomplishing what I accomplished in this entire state in reference to PCH.

      I KNOW what I know~ and no one had to tell me.

      By the way, I think a stay at home mom is the most important job in the world – shame on you for thinking that line is an insult.

      Your saying I got my info mixed up and I don’t know- is what fires me up. Granted, I don’t know 100% of everything and I’m sure you don’t either SB member or not.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Kathy, “there is already more than enough dirt out there on this school to shut it down.”

      I think there is plenty of dirt in all schools and as for me it is the transparency thing and the fact there is no board approved fy2013 budget presented to the community and they have not produced the IRS 990 forms as required by law. If all the $$$ cards were on the table good or bad I would have given Pencader’s new board respect, Personally if I were on the board I would make a motion to call in the State Auditor. Pencader is going through the lawyer $$$$$ to keep themselves in the $$$ dark.

      It is all about the kids and adults Pencader adults continue to fail them and for the sake of public education the school needs to be closed.

      “By the way, I think a stay at home mom is the most important job in the world – shame on you for thinking that line is an insult.”

      Amen to that ! Many of the problems with kids these days is related to dysfunctional families which in most cases are a result of reduce quality family time! We’re all in the is rat race and the kids suffer! So good for the mom’s who can stay home!


    • ha ha, I wouldn’t expect you to think Gus was out of line. You don’t need to explain what experience means, I’m not an idiot. Maybe you didn’t understand my comment. A newly certified teacher most likely STARTS with the experience they had student teaching.


    • PM: No, a new teacher does not get experiential credit for student teaching. On the state scale a first year, non-teaching experienced teacher starts at line 0, completes a year of teaching and in their second year is on line 1 meaning they have finished ONE year of teaching. When you ask a question I try to answer based on things I know and I don’t get why you always, always have to come roaring back with a comment bordering on derogatory. I don’t get that. I’m not talking to you like that. Please stop.


    • because I get frustrated when you answer questions or explain things that I never even asked or talked about. Gus was being derogatory and you didn’t even catch that. I was replying to his derogatory statement putting down someone because they don’t have a lot of experience.. that’s all. I didn’t need or want a lesson on teaching experience because it had absolutely nothing to do with what I was talking about. that’s all


    • PM: You asked if there was a way for a teacher to start with multiple years of experience. All I was trying to explain is that yes, there is, but student teaching which you referred to, doesn’t count. I “got” Gus’ comment. He was simply saying that So Sad is finishing his second year of teaching….that’s all. I don’t think he was being derogatory but you must admit So Sad goes way beyond the pale with his insults and fabrications. So Sad claims he knows Gus so I can assume Gus knows So Sad….that’s all…


    • I never said student teaching ‘counted’ for anything. We obviously don’t understand each other so maybe we shouldn’t try to answer each others questions. by the way, Gus was not ‘simply’ stating that anyone was finishing their second year teaching. He was either saying it to narrow down who the person is and let them know that he knows who they are, or he was trying to belittle them by pointing out they are new to teaching… or both


  10. PM, I understand your comment and sorry for any confusion. I was eluding to the fact that there are some teachers there that either have no actual certification or in one case someone that has no degree whatsoever. This information is available by going to deeds through the DOE site. Staying at a Holiday Inn Express does not qualify you to teach students.


    • In my comment (the one Ms. Minnehan did not comprehend) I was simply referring to your sentence “enjoy your second year teaching” as I felt you said it in a mocking way, mocking someone who does not have a lot of experience teaching. People do not start out right out of college, with experience (obviously) and I don’t think it’s ok to mock them. A recent high school graduate was talking to me about how many teachers she had who were very young and didn’t have a lot of experience, it can be common in a lot of schools (she wasn’t at Pencader).
      I don’t like the fact that what you just said, a teacher with no degree, but I guess it would depend on the person.. there are people who can be great teachers, without a degree, and people with a degree who suck at teaching. Unless it has changed, I thought that charter school teachers did not need a degree? but I could be wrong about that. Kilroy just recently did a post about DEEDS, teachers input their own info. I did not know that. Now that I do, I won’t bother checking it, since I don’t even know if it’s right or not.


    • ” I was eluding to the fact that there are some teachers there that either have no actual certification or in one case someone that has no degree whatsoever. ” – not sure how you were eluding to this. You said “enjoy your second year teaching”.


  11. All info in Deeds gets put in via teachers but is not posted for public consumption until backing paperwork arrives or is verified through district HR departments. It is not a wikipedia like environment at all if that helps reduce any apprehension as to the validity of the information.


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