Pencader Frank’s kids on good behavior to save Pencader

Update !!! Rumor has it 4 Pencader girls kick three Pencader staff’s ass! Get this, DE DOE was in the building doing a walk through! 

Police respond to fight at Del. high school  Friday, February 08, 2013 Action News

NEW CASTLE, Del. – February 8, 2013 (WPVI) — Police were called to a high school in New Castle County after a fight broke out.

Officers were called to Pencader Charter High School in New Castle at 11:44 a.m. Friday.

Investigators say the fight involved students, teachers and the school resource officer.

I know, the previous board is to blame! Time to take down the Pencader circus tent! We all pitched in and demanded a third chance in 2011 and Pencader couldn’t get up! Damn shame Frank refuses to post board approved FY 2013 final budget and IRS 990 forms as required by law. We cannot support schools that want to operate in stealth mode!


21 responses to “Pencader Frank’s kids on good behavior to save Pencader

  1. Timing is everything!


  2. 170 Lukens Observer

    The founder’s never had a teacher/student brawl. This is a school?
    We drank coffee and watched the melee from across the road and melee it was.


  3. Last I checked they did not have an SRO and actually used this as a bragging point!


  4. 170 Lukens Observer

    No charter’s have a SRO and as result a MOU must be established before the school can open. This means New Castle PD got the call and Chief Derby does not play. Wonder how many arrests were made?


  5. It was girls. The teachers were trying to break it up.


  6. 170 Lukens Observer

    Wilmington Charter and DMA never get this. The founders never had this either. Time to close it.


  7. Well I guess you would have to close NHS just about every week!


  8. Girls fought at a high school? No way.


  9. 170 Lukens Observer

    I hear NHS is a disaster.
    Give the building to NCS.


  10. “Rumor has it 4 Pencader girls kick three Pencader staff’s ass!”

    Very professional, Kilroy. Very professional.


  11. 170 Lukens Observer

    Too funny Gus!


  12. Pretty sure pencaders motto is “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. And sadly too many abide by it.


  13. By being a student at pencader if you experience the environment it is peaceful most of the time. this things happen in other schools too but they didn’t have to shutdown last few years but journalists are trying to make a exaggeration of what happens just to get a good article.


  14. Kathy what is it that you do for a living beside washing ironing and cleaning? Please let me know what school your many children attend I’m very curious to find this out.


    • wow. really? I don’t know Kathy or what she does with her life but looks like you have a problem with stay at home moms. Why is that?


  15. So Sad: you have gone over the line. Time to back off. Kathy is a highly trained, very intelligent professional. These blogs are a place for everyone to express their opinion on a particular topic but not a place to fling insults, call out names, tell lies, and create fabrications about anybody you disagree with. If you believe your stance is helping Pencader’s position I would suggest that you re-think that. Many others read this and to think that you represent the school does not bode well. It is long past time to ask you to stop. No more.


    • Please Minnehaha, you speak to people as if your better that them NOT!!!! degrade people whenever you want, you called out a teacher at Pencader by name. This is something you never should do, so please you hypocrit save your b/s you are the most negative pompus arrogant person I have ever come across, from what I hear you have never accomplished anything accept allowing this debacle to fester at PCHS. Who do you think you are to tell someone to stop, GO POUND SOME SAND!!! Your bitter and you will deserve everthing that is coming to you…..


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