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School duck-tapes Down Syndrome student’s socks to shoes

Indiana parents irate over daughter’s duct-taped shoes by Bill McCleery and Jill Disis, The Indianapolis Star

But what Nate and Elizabeth Searcy found when their 8-year-old daughter returned from school Monday sent shockwaves well beyond their Westside Indianapolis home. Shaylyn, who has Down syndrome, had her socks bound tightly to her shoes with duct tape in her classroom at Westlake Elementary School in Wayne Township, Ind: Read more here …………..            

OMG! Sec of Ed Murphy adds a second public meeting for Pencader WTF #netDE #edude

Follow up from this post Delaware State Legislators need to call for the firing of DE Sec of Ed Murphy #netDE #edude @govenormarkell Posted on February 5, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

Lois lane of the Delaware Daily Planet NJ reports this; Aka Nichole Dobo News Journal 

Update: There will be two hearings held by the state Department of Education for the review of Pencader, department spokeswoman Alison Kepner said. The first meeting will be Feb. 11, and you can find details of that meeting posting on the state’s website. The second meeting will be Feb. 13, she said. The Pencader school website has details about that meeting posted here. The school’s board president, McIntosh, plans to be at the Feb. 13 hearing.

WTF the February 11, 2013 is the official DE DOE public meeting which is listed on the state server and now this “new” second meeting is on February 13, 2013 and not listed on the state server! Yep it’s quite evident that Markell’s little lunch meeting with the state board of education and DE DOE officials had something to do with this second meeting!

So whatever happened to the open meeting laws in Delaware? No offical public notice on the February 13, 2013 meeting?

Here is part of the report by DE DOE to the state board of education at their January 17, 2013 meeting.

10/17 Initial Meeting of the Charter School Accountability Committee with Pencader Representatives
11/26 Preliminary Meeting of the Charter School Accountability Committee
12/6 Preliminary Report Issued
12/21 Deadline for school’s response to the Preliminary report
1/4 Final Meeting of the Charter School Accountability Committee
1/11 Final Report issued by the Charter School Accountability Committee
2/11 Public Hearing – if necessary based upon final report by the CSAC
2/21 SBE Meeting – action on Secretary’s recommendation

Does anyone see a meeting noted for 2/13? So it looks like Secretary of Education Mark Murphy might be bending like a willow tree in the wind! Perhaps Markell is holding him down by the neck? File a complaint all you want with DE AG about violation of open meeting laws re: no public notification! It doesn’t matter! Laws and rules were made for the people not government!

I swear, isn’t time we start electing state board of education members and the Delaware Secretary of Education? Such breach of public trust and power! 

Delaware State Legislators need to call for the firing of DE Sec of Ed Murphy #netDE #edude @govenormarkell

From Pencader Charter School website

*****Please note we have been able to change the meeting that hearing to the 13th at 6:30 PM. Location remains the same Collette education resource Center 35 Commerce St., Dover 

Something is very fishy here! It appears this note on Pencader’s website is referring to the charter school review meeting “still” listed on the state’s official meeting notification website

February 11, 2013

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Meeting Location

John W. Collette Educational Resource Center

Public Hearing for Pencader Business & Finance Charter School


Meet with representatives from Pencader Business & Finance Charter High School to discuss the school’s formal review, to take such action thereon as relative from the Final Meeting of the Formal Review.

So either Pencader’s new notice is in error or Sec of Ed Murphy did change the meeting and didn’t update the state’s meeting webpage? Either way its further proof Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy needs to be fired! Also, it proves communicating between Pencader and the charter review committee is taking place outside the scope of the committee! Perhaps this has something to do with Governor Markell’s illegal meeting with the Delaware State Board of Education and the Department of Education. See here a post from Transparent Christina:

***UPDATE*** Did @DEStateBoardEd have a quorum at this meeting? It was not posted if so. #netDE

Is the governor personally trying to direct the outcome of the fate of Pencader Charter Schools review where the committee has already recommended closure? Is Markell cutting a backroom deal to bring in K12.Inc like he did with Moyer Academy?

Governor Markell has some nerve trying hold teachers accountable but fails to hold his appointees accountable.

Arne Duncan is standing in the way of school choice

AM News: GOP Leaders Pressure Arne Duncan on D.C. Voucher “Roadblocks”

GOP Leaders Press Arne Duncan on D.C. Voucher Program PoliticsK12: Top GOP lawmakers on K-12 issues in the U.S. House of Representatives—including U.S. Rep. John Kline, the chairman of the education committee—are worried that the Obama administration has been throwing “roadblocks” when it comes to student participation in the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, which helps low-income students in the nation’s capital cover the cost of private school.

It’s hard to believe the United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is trying to derail D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program. He claims to be all about innovation and school choice but wants to railroad any form of school vouchers to protect charter schools and the Wall Street ponzi scheme called Race to The Top. As far as U.S. Rep, John Kline, he needs to be voted out of office! Talks tough but take no serious action.

As far as Delaware seeing Opportunity Scholarships it’s not going to happen due to the interference of the CRI right-wing extremists with the Delaware Teabag Godfather in tow! I am for giving Opportunity Scholarships to promising children of poverty. Why entrust the education of our most neediest children at the hands of Wall Street profiteers and their local puppets like Jack Markell?