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Is DE DOE asleep at the wheel again? Re: Emergency Teaching Certificate #netDE #edude

“Emergency Certificate” means a temporary credential issued to an individual who has obtained employment or an offer of employment with an employing authority and holds a valid Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced License, but lacks necessary skills and knowledge to immediately meet certification requirements in a specific content area. The temporary credential provides the individual with a limited time to meet the requirements for certification in the specific content area.

Reviewing DEEDS I noticed many teachers with “Emergency Certificates” expired and don’t give me shit about DE DOE  hasn’t updated DEEDS! Just more evidence DE DOE has loss the capacity to be effective leaders.

Since we’re on the subject of Emergency Teaching Certificates. I must say why are we hiring teachers not prepared to teach? This makes no sense! One would think students graduating from college would have their teaching certificate which should be part of graduation requirement. Sure so students come from out of state! Perhaps they need to take teaching certification test in their own state fine but too bad! Or perhaps let them submit is a teaching license from their home state. Perhaps they can take it on Spring break. There is no reason for anyone to teach in Delaware on an emergency basis! If Markell wants us to stop lying to parents and students about the condition of our public schools perhaps he should stop cheating them with unqualified teachers.

Delaware should honor all out of state teaching certificates Common Core States. Parents, I am telling you, check your teachers credentials. Don’t allow your child to be a lab rat for someone that isn’t fully certified to teach.

Now back to this mess with DEEDS! There is no excuse for seeing expired teaching certificates. Also, no one should teach until all college degrees have been verified.

If we are going to raise the bar on students and classroom teachers we need to raise it DE DOE and require them to do their jobs!

I wonder if Pencader adopted Wilmington Trust mode of operation?

Wilmington Trust loans questioned Lawsuit: ‘Egregious practices’ started from top officers down

Top bank executives balked at downgrading some bad loans, ordered subordinates not to keep files on others and lied to shareholders about the bank’s health, a civil lawsuit filed last month in U.S. District Court in Wilmington argues.

The more you look at Pencader’s board’s reluctance to call for an audit and provide a copy of  their line item budget, the more you wonder if the organization structure is a bit seedy like Wilmington Trust. The sad part of it all is the head hog at DE DOE charter school unit sits on Pencader’s CBOC as a DE DOE representative required by law. No doubt if Pencader stays open despite the shroud of darkness one has to believe the good old banking type boys pulled a power-play. And then the red file goes to key state legislators. 

Comments closed on this post folks. Frank I know you put Publius in timeout and I know you know that I know that you know! Wink! Wink! And if you think there is a mole on your board talking to Kilroy, you need to think twice! The mole is taking intel back to the old rat.  


Kilroy lambasted the Caesar Rodney attempt to stir up sentiment towards Charter Schools in rural Smyrna Delaware.

The News Journal played along too, here.

The meeting was attended by the following.

  • Jim Hoseley, the Caesar Rodney Institute’s director of the Center for Excellence in Education.
  • Priest of St. Polycarp Roman Catholic Church.
  • A woman in the middle of the room wearing a purple knit hat.
  • “Honey Bun”.
  • The Rev. Thomas Flowers.
  • One woman in the crowd who wondered aloud “where are the black people” as she looked around at a crowd of white faces.
  • Mike Matthews, a Red Clay Consolidated special education teacher and union supporter,
  • And one man who blurted out,  “Does he also believe in Santa Claus?”

Which would leave 25 others also down there, with the backdrop of the room filled with American flags and images of Jesus….

One would assume, except for Mike Matthews, that all…

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Delaware labor unions line up like ducks in a shooting gallery

Port of Wilmington must adapt or die News Journal 02/03/2013

First, the state of Delaware owns the port. That has a feel-good sound to it, but the reality is the state government does not know how to run a port. Neither do the taxpayers have the money to pay for the hundreds of millions of dollars of improvements that are needed. Today, no state or city has that kind of money.

Delaware is negotiating with Kinder Morgan, a huge energy and port company. No deal has been reached. Some of the early talks look productive. However, questions remain and they need to be answered.

Well let’s clear the air as far as ownership of “Delaware”. Somehow when Jack Markell won the governorship back in 2008 the union support sent him a mix message, we’ll give you Delaware if you give us unconditional love. Markell is a self proclaimed proud card carrying capitalist. He is in business to make money not friends. I once went to a sales seminar /convention where the guest speaker commented, “your job is to make sure your competitors don’t earn enough money to buy their children Christmas Present”. Folks when Jack Markell moves onto his next self-serving agenda his love of unions will be revealed! There is no love! As for my teacher friends, who do you think Makell sits with when discussing education reform? Education reform is driving by extreme right republicans and their democratic silent partners like Jack Markell. Markell makes a RTTT deal teachers “can’t” refuse when they should have.

The state government does not know how to run a port”. That’s because Jack Markell rather farm-out the port Wall Street so he can collect political dividends and I wouldn’t be surprised if his stocked portfolio didn’t get a $$$ boosted. You know as a matter of fact, state government can’t even run state government. Maybe they should outsource DEDOT. 

Markell pays the utilities for Fisker yet can’t buy new cranes for the port! The Port of Wilmingon has been a gem for year waiting for someone to make is shine and obvious Markell wasn’t the man for the job!

I am telling all you union members across the state and across the trades, now is the time to stand together. You  don’t need to strike but do need to protest! If you all united as one just as reminder of solidarity you would shake the Earth. Just call it solidarity day an investment in the future! 

Nothing is certain in this world. That is why demands from stakeholders, those working at the port now or elected officials, should keep in mind that fundamental point.  

So the legislator must just sit back and trust Jack Markell’s card carrying capitalist skills? I am sorry but that’s kind of like allowing Charles Manson to babysit your new born.