Liz Allen has comments on Port of Wilmington / Kinder Morgan

Liz allen, on February 2, 2013 at 5:07 pm said:

Our legislators must hear from all citizens opposed to this Kinder deal. Note: The news journal has refused to present the potential environmental risks with a Kinder Morgan notoriously abusing the Clean Air Act, and were fined millions by the EPA. US Labor Dept, fined them millions for not paying workers. Save our Port Coalition demands an independent audit of the ports finances for at least last 5 yrs, and an environmental impact before any deal is made. There is no rush here, except that Happy Harry is rushing this secret back door deal attempting to shut out any scrutiny of Kinder Morgans past, current violations. First they offered $500M (I am told) and Feb 2 News Journal they are only offering $200M in infrastructure. What they think we dont know is that the Harbor Trust Fund is scheduled to give out $178.5 million for port mainenance etc. So Kinder has no real skin in the game. Kinder had a negative rating from Fitch only a few years ago, but Goldman, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley are giving up billions to buy up every port, energy co., shale, oil, gas and pipelines across the nation.In the ElPaso Tx deal Kinder screwed Goldman out of $20 million and had to sue them. Did Markell and Levin ever do any search on this company before bringing them to Delaware? Appears not. Wonder if Markell or Levin are invested privately in Kinder, Goldman, JP Morgan or Morgan Stanley? The answer to that should be very revealing, dontcha think.

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